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December 2012

Photos from the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society's Annual Holiday Party

Holiday Party


The Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society held their annual Holiday Party on Sunday, December 9th. Members had a wonderfully festive afternoon mingling with friends and neighbors in a historic setting! Click here to see photos from the event.

Carmans River Watershed Preservation Approved, County and Town Partner to Purchase 12.75 Acres of Sensitive Land

Kate Browning


A key parcel of land located within the Carmans River watershed was approved for acquisition at Tuesday’s Suffolk County Legislative meeting in Hauppauge. The property owner, New Hope Revival Church, approached Legislator Kate Browning in 2011 as a willing seller after attempts to build a house of worship on the sensitive land were delayed. Legislator Browning and Councilwoman Connie Kepert (D-Middle Island) worked together to secure a partnership between Suffolk County and Brookhaven Town to purchase the 12.75 acre property.

The 12.75 acres parcel is located at the headwaters of Yaphank Creek, which is the largest tributary to the Carmans River, and is directly across from the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge. Community residents have been advocating for the preservation of the property for years.

“This is another important piece to the larger puzzle of protecting the Carmans River,” stated Legislator Kate Browning. “It is a great example of the Town and County working together for the betterment of the environment and surrounding community.”

"This purchase of environmentally sensitive land is a wonderful way to close out 2012,” stated Marty Van Lith, Brookhaven Hamlet Historian. “It is located directly adjacent to the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge in the headwaters of the still pristine Yaphank Creek, the largest tributary to the Carmans River. Congratulations to Kate and Connie for saving this ecologically valuable treasure."

The purchase is being paid for through a partnership between Brookhaven Town and Suffolk County. The county is contributing 75 percent and the town is covering the remaining 25 percent. The total purchase price is $630,000.

"Protecting the Carmans River and the surrounding watershed area has been a priority of mine since my days as a civic leader,” stated Councilwoman Kepert. “As elected officials it is our job to preserve this wonderful natural resource that is an asset to our town and region. I am especially pleased that the Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County share this goal of preserving vitality of the Carmans River and have joined forces to invest in this valuable parcel which will be enjoyed by generations to come."

Suffolk County has aggressively pursued the preservation of land in the Carmans River watershed as well as other nearby waterways including Beaver Dam Creek. With dwindling funds for the program every purchase is a victory for Brookhaven Hamlet and the third legislative district will continue to be a priority.

“By far, the most effective and least expensive way to protect the Carmans River is to preserve the watershed. This type of land purchase is exactly what the public wanted when they overwhelmingly supported the county program to buy and preserve land. Preserving this river is a legacy that will always be cherished,” said Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment. “A giant congratulations to Legislator Browning and Councilwoman Kepert on a this purchase!”

“Friends of Wertheim thanks Legislator Browning and Councilwoman Kepert for making this happen,” stated Clair Goad, Friends of Wertheim. “It is a big step forward in helping to protect not only the Carmans River but also Yaphank Creek and Little Neck Run. Our hope is that the Carmans River Watershed Plan will soon be adopted to help us protect the entire river.”

"We are so delighted to know that this environmentally sensitive land in the Carmans River watershed is now protected,” stated Tom Williams, Post-Morrow Foundation, & Co-Chair Carmans River Partnership. “These 12.5 acres will enhance the ecosystem along the river that now supports the recent return of a nesting Bald Eagle family, the first seen here in recent memory. Congratulations and thanks to Kate Browning and Connie Kepert for protecting this beautiful river."

Suffolk County will need to conduct a final survey and the property should be closed on in early 2013.


November 2012

3rd Annual Bellport Girls Track & Field Club Road Race Photos

2012 Road Race


The Bellport Girls Track & Field Club's 3rd annual 5K Road Race was held on Saturday, November 24, 2012. Even though the weather was chilly, many people came out to support some great causes and have fun! The race began at the Bellport Gateway Theater and looped through Bellport Village, before finishing at the Bellport marina. The race benefited three worthwhile causes— financial assistance for individuals and families afflicted with leukemia; assistance for wounded veterans; and scholarships to benefit the young people of the community. Resident, Betty Allen provided us with numerous photos from the race. Click here for to see Betty's photos from the race.

Letter From Victor Principe to Mayor Veitch Regarding the Demolition of the Marina Gazebo

Gazebo Demolished


We received the following letter from Victor Principe:

Village of Bellport
29 Bellport Lane
Bellport, NY 11713

November 17, 2012

To Hon. Mayor Veitch and the Board of Trustees:

I write this letter as a concerned resident and Village taxpayer. I ask that it please be read at the public meeting on November 26th.

When I called the Village Office earlier this week to learn of the circumstances that led to the decision to chop up and dump the intact roof of the old gazebo at the marina, I was told that I would get a call back. I never did. Since the roof looked sound to me and to others who saw it, I wanted to know if the Village had sought a professional opinion on the viability of the roof and considered all options before doing what it did.

Like many residents, I was shocked to learn that the Village had scrapped the storm-damaged historic gazebo last week even though it was evident to several witnesses, who pleaded with the Mayor, that this iconic structure was salvageable (see photograph at the Bellport Residents' Facebook page). This vernacular piece of architecture had survived many hurricanes, including the very destructive 1938 storm that demolished the yacht club building (a photograph of the damaged yacht club is also posted on Facebook courtesy of the BBHS; after that storm an enlightened Village Board rebuilt it exactly as it was). While we all realize that this is a very stressful time for the Village, the destruction of the gazebo, which graced the marina since the early 20th century, could be seen as an act of negligence amounting to vandalism if the Village did not bother to get expert advice. From what I and others saw, and as can be seen in the photograph, there was no apparent reason for not restoring it; if the money wasn't there, it could have been raised.

What has become depressingly clear is that the present administration doesn't seem to have a clue about what historic preservation is and has no vision for the future. It's cavalier attitude toward history, toward what makes Bellport special, was demonstrated when harsh lighting suddenly appeared last year on some Village streets to the dismay of many. It was on display again this Fall when the Village Board turned down the proposed South Country Road Historic District that the Historic Preservation Commission had worked on for three years and, contrary to what was reported, had the support of almost all residents. (I know this because Carol Bleser and I canvassed the neighborhood twice and the Commission held two public meetings attended by some Village trustees.) And now this indifference has culminated in the trashing of an historic structure that most probably could have been saved: a simple pavilion documenting our past. This insensitivity is not only shameful but threatens our sense of place. Our heritage is to be cherished, not expediently discarded. It is no way to treat Bellport.


Victor Principe

Mastic Beach Recovering One Family at a Time

Mastic Beach


Hundreds of families in Mastic Beach, Mastic and Shirley have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy. The impacts in the aftermath of the storm have been devastating, but the response to families in need has shown the strong resiliency of our communities, and by working together we will recover. As families begin to rebuild, many are in need of new homes, furniture and clothing. Legislator Kate Browning (WF-Shirley) has been working diligently to help all families that have come to her for help.

One such family, the McInnis’s of Mastic Beach, lost their rental home and all of their belongings in the storm, but through Legislator Browning’s efforts and the goodwill of Liberty Moving and Storage and the Islip Housing Authority, the family has been comfortably relocated in a new rental with donated furniture in Mastic Beach.

“This family has endured the ultimate tragedy, but within weeks the public and private sectors were able to come together and get them back on their feet,” stated Legislator Kate Browning. “Mrs. McInnis represents everything that is great about Suffolk County residents, and I am thrilled we were able to help her and her family so quickly. It would not have been possible without the generous donation of services and mattresses from Liberty Moving and living room furniture from the Islip Housing Authority.”

“I want to thank everyone for all their help during this difficult time,” stated Valerie McInnis. “My family lost everything, but with the help of Legislator Browning and Liberty Moving we are able to start rebuilding again.”

Valerie McInnis is an employee at the JJ Foley Skilled Nursing Facility in Yaphank. Even though her family of six was displaced and living in a local motel after the storm, Valerie still came to work at the nursing home during and after super storm Sandy to assist the 150 plus evacuees the came to the special needs shelter.

“Valerie McInnis came to the aid of those in need even after her own family was displaced by the storm and had nothing,” concluded Legislator Browning. “Her selfless act to put others before herself is a testament to the workers at the J.J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility and residents of Mastic Beach. I knew I had to do all I can to help her family in their time of need.”

The McInnis family is still in need of clothing, kitchen appliances and bedding. Any donations that may be available can be brought to Legislator Browning’s attention at 631-852-1300.

Bellport at its BEST!

Mastic Donations

Mastic Donations

Compared to the communities around us, the South Country area experienced much less devastation from Hurricane Sandy than some of the other towns and villages nearby. Bellport Village Clerk, Katie Mehrkens, wanted to do something to help Mastic Beach, which was particularly hard hit, so she came up with the idea of organizing a collection program at the Bellport Village Community Center to collect Diapers, Baby Formula, Blankets, Warm Clothing, Cleaning Supplies, Paper Breathing Masks, Water, and Non-Perishable Food items for those who needed them so badly.

Frankly, the turnout of donations was amazing. Not only did Bellport residents drop off items they already had around the house, but you could tell by the brand new packaging that many people went out and purchased new items to donate.

You can’t tell from these photographs, but the entire floor of the Community Center was covered over at least four times as trucks took load after load of donated items to Mastic Beach. In fact, so many things were donated that Katie, and her helpers, ended up with more than they needed so they found other local needy organizations who could use some help and delivered items to them too.

A great job very well done Katie!

The “New” Inlet On Fire Island

New Inlet on Fire Island


Click the photo to the left to enlarge it.

On Saturday, November 3rd, two friends, Charles Flagg and Rich Giannotti, had a chance to fly over the “New” Inlet which was formed by Hurricane Sandy. Charles is a Research Professor with the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook and has his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution so he is certainly the man to ask about such things. Rich Giannotti is a great pilot so we couldn’t have had two better people on the job.

Please CLICK HERE for a report and photos Charles sent to us.

Updated Photos, 11/26: Click here to see more recent photos.

We also received photos of Ho Hum Beach and “New” Inlet from the ground taken by Glenn Fujii. Glenn said, “Larry, attached are several photos taken on Fire island yesterday. The bay side looked like it did not have any noticeable damage, the boardwalk across was undamaged. As you approached to the ocean side, the spot where the gazebo once stood, was completely bare. Much of the fronts of the dunes are gone, but the beach looks four times larger. Old inlet has a pretty large opening to the bay. The slips there are basically standing alone in the bay.”

Please CLICK HERE to see Glenn’s photos.

Hurricane Sandy Experiences

Hurricane Sandy


When we first came up with the idea of writing about Hurricane Sandy, we saw one big problem. Because the storm had so isolated everyone, no matter how hard we tried, we wouldn’t be writing about what the storm had been like, we’d be writing about our own unique perspective and experiences in the storm. Most of us had no idea of what was taking place two blocks away so we really couldn’t write objectively about what was taking place in the area.

So, we came up with the idea of telling you about the storm from our perspective and what we experienced and then we’d like you to do the same. Write down what the storm had been like for you and your family and send it, along with any photos you took, to us to share with the community.
You can email it to

Click here for accounts from Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy Photos

Hurricane Sandy


We've started to receive photos from Hurricane Sandy. Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos so far. We have many more to post, so please check back soon for updates to the slideshow in the following link. Click here for the Hurricane Sandy photos

If you have photos that you'd like to share with us, please email them to

More Photos:

Click here for photos from resident Steve Wiencek.

October 2012

A Great Halloween Masquerade Party at “The Bellport”

Halloween at the Bellport

Halloween at the Bellport

Every year, there are many traditional events that take place in Bellport. One of the real fun ones is the Halloween Masquerade Party that takes place at “The Bellport” restaurant. As Patricia and Taylor, the owners of The Bellport, say, “For all of you ghouls and guys out skulking, lurking and genially flitting about... make the evening's haunting all the more worthwhile with us!”

Naturally, if you’re going to The Bellport, you’re expecting a great meal and you wouldn’t have been disappointed this year. In addition to their regular menu, The Bellport featured a special “Prix Fixe” Halloween dinner, but that wasn’t all. The evening started off featuring Skip Bement playing his own unique style of Acoustic Blues and finished up with The Four Guys In Glasses Band who never disappoint. However, the real hit of the evening, as always, was the other revelers who were attending the party with you. It’s a really fun evening!

It’s too late for this year, but mark your calendar to visit The Bellport next year for their 2013 Halloween Masquerade Party. If you’d like to see some of the photos from this year’s party, just CLICK HERE.

The Bellport Village Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade

Bellport’s annual Halloween Parade is very special. It’s a real “family” event that everyone enjoys. Families meet at the Fire House and when everyone is ready, the Parade travels down Main Street. Once the parade is over, everyone “trick or treats” their way back up Main Street to the delight of many of our local merchants who have prepared all kinds of goodies for them. We weren’t able to count, but it seemed like this year’s parade had doubled in size over last year. CLICK HERE if you’d like to see some of the photos from this year’s parade.

Bellport Football Breakfasts

Bellport Football Breakfast

Bellport Football Breakfast

Bellport Football Breakfast

Bellport Football Breakfast

We all know that this is a very special place. When we started we did so because we wanted to celebrate all of the wonderful things that happen here each year. Well, this past weekend we attended one of the most special events of all, the weekly breakfasts at the High School that take place during football season for the Bellport High School Football Team.

For over 25 years, members of our community have donated their time to show their support for our High School Football Team by showing up really early and working really hard to show our students that they really care. The men do the cooking and the women do the serving. And when we say cooking, we mean COOKING! They prepare thirty six dozen eggs, twenty pounds of bacon, ten pounds of sausage, and fifteen dozen rolls.

Who pays for all of this? They do by raising money in every way they can think of. They sell hats, shirts, and cookies. They have golf outings, yard sales, car washes, and pizza parties. The adults and students do everything they can think of to make sure this program goes on. NOT A SINGLE PENNY OF TAXPAYER MONEY IS USED! Each breakfast costs about $500 and sometimes they are even lucky enough to have the aid of local merchants who are happy to help support the program.

The wonderful Blues musician, Keb Mo once wrote, “Everyone likes a party, no one wants to clean.” Well, that isn’t true here. After all that cooking and eating, the adults go to work putting everything back together so that when they leave, you’d never know they had been there!

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy being involved with, give the High School a call and they’ll put you in touch with the right people. In the meantime, CLICK HERE to see the photos we took of this wonderful program.

A Conversation With Congressman Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop

Each fall, Larry and Jane Tierney hold an informal get-together at their home in Brookhaven Hamlet to meet with some of our elected, and hope to be elected, local representatives. This year, they invited Congressman Tim Bishop, Brookhaven Councilwoman Connie Kepert, and County Legislator Kate Browning. In addition, they invited Brian Beedenbender, candidate for Brookhaven Town Supervisor, and Ed Hennessey, candidate for the New York State Assembly.

Those attending had a rare opportunity to informally speak with our representatives and ask them some, at times, tough questions. The topics ranged from the use of “drones” by the military, to the Brookhaven Landfill and its impact on our community. was glad to be invited.

Team Jameson Participates in Buddywalk



October is Down Syndrome Awareness month. Team Jameson, pictured, walked in the 6th Annual Long Island National Down Syndrome Society Buddywalk held in Tanner Park, Copiague on Sunday, October 14th. Team Jameson was formed for Jameson Armann, a 12 year old boy with Down Syndrome, who has been a resident of Bellport Village for the last 7 years. He attends Brookhaven Learning Center in Bellport. His sister, Jasmine, attends Frank P. Long, and his sister, Lexington, attends Kreamer Street Elementary School. Thanks to so many supporters, Team Jameson raised over $1,000 for the walk, which assists children with Down Syndrome with their many special needs. He had 21 walkers on his team. It was a great day and they hope to have even more supporters of Team Jameson next year. The South Country School District has been great in their efforts with special needs children in our District and Team Jameson wants to acknowledge their hard work for all they do for the children who are challenged in our District!

Bellport Fire Dept. Fire Safety Open House

Bellport Fire Dept. Fire Safety Open House


The Bellport Fire Dept. held their Annual Fire Safety Open House last weekend. There were educational demos, fire demos, a smokehouse, and lots of other activities for the children who attended. This is a wonderful event which also featured a Blood Drive and the results of the Poster Contest the Bellport Fire Department recently ran for the children in the community.

CLICK HERE for photos of the Open House. If you’re using a PC, click in the center for an automatic slideshow or click to the right or left to go forward or back in the slideshow manually. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, click the Title Slide in the upper left hand corner of the group and then click to the right or left to go forward or back in the slideshow.

Bellport High School Homecoming Parade

Bellport High School Homecoming Parade


The community came out to support the Bellport Clippers as the Homecoming Parade wound its way through Bellport Village on Saturday. This is just one of the events that make this a very special place. And, we won the Homecoming game! Bellport 38, Eastport-South Manor 13.

CLICK HERE for photos of the parade. If you’re using a PC, click in the center for an automatic slideshow or click to the right or left to go forward or back in the slideshow manually. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, click the Title Slide in the upper left hand corner of the group and then click to the right or left to go forward or back in the slideshow.

Old South Haven Annual Fall Antique and Yard Sale

Old South Haven Annual Fall Antique and Yard Sale

Old South Haven Annual Fall Antique and Yard Sale

Old South Haven Annual Fall Antique and Yard Sale

Every Fall, the Old South Haven Church holds their Annual Fall Antique and Yard Sale. You never know what you'll find and the setting couldn't be prettier in the Fall. This year was no exception and be sure to mark your calendar for next year.

Bellport Village 2012 Scarecrow Building Workshop and Contest Photos

Bellport Scarecrow Contest



Joanne Specht, a wonderful graphic artist by trade, is one of the nicest and most creative people you’ll ever meet. Along with her family, Joanne is a real asset to Bellport.

Joanne is the one who came up with the idea of holding an Annual Scarecrow Contest in Bellport. This wasn’t to be just any old scarecrow contest. Instead, it was going to be a unique scarecrow building workshop for families. After completion, the scarecrows would be displayed on Main Street and a contest would be held to see which family had come up with the best design.

Well, this year didn’t let anyone down. The weather was wonderful, the selection of building materials was great, and the volunteers were there to give a lending hand and instruction with all things scarecrow!

for photos from this year’s event. You’ll find that we’re using a different way to display the photos so just click in the center and the slideshow will run by itself or click to the right or left hand side of a photo to advance or go back manually.


Brookhaven Library Annual Scarecrow Contest Photos

Brookhaven Scarecrow Contest

Once again, this yearly event was great! Contestants are given about 30 minutes to build their scarecrows from materials they bring plus a cross frame and stuffing the library provides. Once built, the scarecrows are judged and then the participants can take their scarecrows home with them. It’s a fun afternoon filled with music, scarecrow building, a wonderful Chowder Contest, and good old fashioned fun.

for photos from this year’s event. You’ll find that we’re using a different way to display the photos so just click in the center and the slideshow will run by itself or click to the right or left hand side of a photo to advance or go back manually.


The Bellport’s Patricia Trainor Struts Her Stuff!

Patricia Trainor



As part of the “Simon Fashion Now” competition at Roosevelt Field, eight students in the Fashion Design program at Nassau Community College were paired up with a “dynamic Long Island woman in the restaurant and food industry.” They were challenged to create a Red Carpet look for their model along with a “food inspired accessory.”

Well, as we all know, when it comes to a “dynamic Long Island woman in the restaurant and food industry,” no one is more dynamic than our very own Patricia Trainor of The Bellport restaurant. Rhiannon Asaro was given five weeks and a strict budget of $125 to come up with the right “look” for Patricia. We think she did a great job!

Patricia Trainor Patricia Trainor Patricia Trainor
Patricia Trainor   Patricia Trainor

Union Theological Seminary Honors Pastor Tom Philipp Of The Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Pastor Tom Philipp



“The Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Awards, established in 1994, bear witness to the faith and perseverance of living Union alumni/ae who exemplify the Seminary’s academic breadth, its diversity and inclusiveness, and the range of vocations its graduates follow. Recipients represent all of the Union graduates who have distinguished themselves in the church, academy, and society across the country and around the world.”

This year, Pastor Tom Philipp, of the Old South Haven Presbyterian Church in Brookhaven Hamlet, was honored with the Unitas Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. “Tom has been in the ministry for 50 years, serving as both a campus minister and as a pastor of a congregation at the same time. Before retiring in 2006 he was Executive Minister of Long Island Campus Ministry serving the several campuses on Long island, and the Pastor of Community Presbyterian Church in Merrick. Since retiring he has been Pastor at the Old South Haven Presbyterian Church in Brookhaven, NY. In 2001 he received the Higher Education Honor Roll Award of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The National Campus Ministry Association has recognized his work on several occasions. He was the recipient of the Rev, Bea Blair Courageous Service Award from Family Planning Advocates of New York for his work with members of the State Assembly and Senate to pass the Right to Choose legislation to make abortion legal in New York. This was prior to Roe vs. Wade. Recently he did similar work to pass same gender marriage legislation in New York State. He was a founder and past President of the Long Island Crisis Center and founded its Pride For Youth program meeting needs of teenage GLBT youth. As a peace advocate he presently serves as President of the South Country Peace Group and convener of the Presbytery’s Middle East Study Group.”

All we can add is that we are honored to have Tom as a good friend and that he is truly a wonderful person.

Breast Cancer Program Saves Lives - Adelphi NY Statewide Hotline Provides Critical Support

Kate Browning


Legislator Kate Browning has joined with the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program in their October breast cancer awareness campaign to encourage women to get mammograms. “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a significant time to remind women to get mammograms,” stated Legislator Browning. “Often women will put their own health on hold as they take care of family members, but we want to send out the message that when you take care of yourself you are better able to take care of your loved ones.”

For more information, call the Adelphi New York Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline at 800-877-8077. Callers can also get emotional support from the hotline’s specially trained volunteers, most of whom are women who have had breast cancer. The hotline has been in existence for over three decades. It is a project of the Adelphi University School of Social Work on Long Island and all services are free. You can also visit the program’s

Skip Bement, “Libby’s Ridge Road”

Skip Bement

Skip Bement

Click on either image
for a larger version.

I ran into Skip Bement while visiting one of our local eateries the other evening. Skip is as close as we come to having a local “troubadour” in the South Country area. You’ll find him playing live in several of our local restaurants, if he’s not running or biking down South Country Road, or out on the bay in his boat. His music is a unique mix of Blues and Traditional music played and sung in his own, very unique, style.

Skip said that he had just produced a new CD and asked if I’d like to give it a listen. I like Skip’s music, but when I heard that Jack Licitra was the Producer and that Skip had been backed up by some top notch musicians on the CD, I was sold.

Well, I have to admit, I love Skip’s new CD entitled “Libby’s Ridge Road.” It seems “Libby,” Skip’s mom, is a very special person and Morgan County, West Virginia even named her road after her. Skip’s CD is very special too. While the individual song titles (except for Skip’s three original songs on the CD) will be recognized as “Blues Standards,” Skip’s interpretation of those songs is far from “Standard.” Each has Skip’s unique feel that makes them standout from the crowd.

Enough of me. Below you’ll find samples of four of the eleven songs on “Libby’s Ridge Road.” If you decide you’d like to buy a copy of the CD, and why wouldn’t you for only $10, you can pick one up at PORTERS on the lane Restaurant, The Bellport Restaurant, or at the South Country Cleaners on Main Street. If you’d like, you can also give Skip a call at 286-8494 and he will mail you a copy. Postage would be an additional $2.

Statesboro Blues, McTell

Riding On That Old B&O, Bement

Libby’s Ridge Road, Bement

Silas Dent, Bement


Swan Realty Announces Top Agent For 3rd Quarter 2012

Swan Realty

Deborah L. Galligan broker/ owner of Swan Realty Corp would like to congratulate their Top Agent for 3rd Quarter 2012, Patricia Trainor, Lic. Sales Agent. Click here for more information.

Swan Realty Welcomes Licensed Salesperson Dana Nardi

Dana Nardi

Swan Realty welcomes Dana Nardi, a US-UK dual citizen and Bellport Village native, who is excited to have moved back to her hometown! She brings with her a thorough knowledge of New York real estate, her most recent position having been with Corcoran in Manhattan and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dana’s exuberant, outgoing nature together with her marketing savvy, excellent follow-up, organization expertise and her familiarity with the local market enables her to make the transaction happen for her clients. Click here for more information.

September 2012

Photos from Porters' 3rd Annual Oktoberfest


On Sunday, September 30th, Porters on the lane held their 3rd Annual Oktoberfest Celebration. To accommodate the huge crowd who attended, Porters set up a tent in the parking lot next to the restaurant on Bellport Lane. There was music, authentic German Oktoberfest beers, and German food for all. There were also many family activities, such as facepainting, pumpkin decorating and a bouncy house for the kids! Click here to see photos from Oktoberfest.

Photos from Avino's Annual San Gennaro Festival

San Gennaro

On Sunday, September 30th, Avino's Italian Table restaurant celebrated the San Gennaro Festival with Italian music, food, and fun! There was a Chowder Contest to benefit Mercy Center, as well as a Meatball Eating Contest to benefit Jac's Pack. Live Italian Music and Games for the kids were held all day long, and everyone had a blast! Click here to see photos from the San Gennaro Festival.

LCPL Mollberg Comes Home!

LCPL Mollberg

It was a beautiful fall Saturday morning and LCPL Mollberg was returning to Bellport. He had just finished his tour with the Marines in Afghanistan and it was time to come home.

This was Bellport at its best as the entire block of neighbors, Fire Department, Ambulance Corp., and U.S. Veterans MC turned out to welcome Devin home. We’re sure the entire town would have turned out if they had known Devin was coming home, but this was supposed to be a “low key” event. Well, there’s low key and then there’s LOW KEY because as the word spread, the turnout grew.

We were honored to be there. Welcome home LCPL Mollberg. OORAH!!!

Click Here for photos from Devin's homecoming.


5K Run For Literacy

5K Literacy Run

On Saturday, September 8th a 5K Run For Literacy was held, which started at Smith Point Park in Shirley. Runners and spectators enjoyed a spectacular September morning as they took part in this landmark coastal run to raise money for the Community Family Literacy Project! The run began on the barrier beach, continued over the Moriches Bay, on the Smith Point Bridge, went north onto William Floyd Parkway, and then back south over the bridge and along the park's inner roadway.

Click here to see more photos from the race.


Murray, Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk Continue Successful Cell Phone Collection Drive

Dean Murray

Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C-East Patchogue) today continued his mission to assist victims of domestic violence by joining forces with the Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS) Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center in its ongoing cell phone collection project. Murray has played an active role in this effort for several years and is encouraging residents with broken or outdated phones to drop them off at his district office. The donated phones are given to at-risk individuals and are recycled in an environmentally-sound way to raise money to pay for victim services such as counseling, advocacy, preventive education and outreach services.

“Domestic violence and sexual abuse are heinous offenses and I have made it my mission to do everything in my power to assist victims of these crimes,” said Murray. “These cell phone donations are just one small way to help women and children recover from some truly terrible situations and I appreciate both the dedication of the staff at VIBS and the outpouring of support from Suffolk County residents to assist in these recovery efforts.”

Assemblyman Murray’s office is located at 1735 North Ocean Avenue in Medford. For more information on the cell phone collection program, please call his office at 631-207-0073.


Suffolk’s Underground Expeditor Network To Be Brought Into The Light

Kate Browning

The practice of hiring an expeditor to navigate the confusing and difficult government permit process became more transparent and accountable yesterday after the Suffolk County Legislative approved Introductory Resolution 1480-12. The bill, sponsored by Legislator Kate Browning (WF-Shirley), requires that expeditors doing business with the county register with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Historically these individuals were not required to have any expertise, nor was there any oversight over their activities which left consumers susceptible to corruption and criminal activity. Click Here for more information.


August 2012

Cocktails on the Bay Celebrates The Bellport Village Program Fund


On Saturday, August 25th, over 100 guests gathered at the home of Roger and Sava Thomas to celebrate the generosity of those who have contributed to all the highly successful projects of The Bellport Village Program Fund.

These projects include fundraising to design and construct the Bellport Village 9/11 Memorial made from a steel beam the Village obtained from one of the WTC towers, the ongoing beautification and improved landscaping of selected areas of the Bellport Golf Course, and this year’s Project Bite Back which has effectively controlled the infestation of mosquitoes and green flies at Bellport’s Ho Hum and Mothers’ Beaches.

The Bellport Village Program Fund is dedicated to working with the Village to preserve and enhance the town’s exceptional amenities, which include a beautiful marina, a waterfront links style golf course designed by the world famous Seth Raynor, 5 har-tru tennis courts, and its two beaches.

The Bellport beach at Ho Hum is a particularly unique amenity for the residents of Bellport Village. Nearly 50 years ago, the Bellport Village Trustees made a prescient decision to preserve a 17 acre parcel of land on Fire Island, now known as Ho-Hum Beach, for use by Bellport residents and their guests. On February 5, 1963, Mayor Harry F. Bedell and the Bellport Village Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the purchase of this then private tract of land that would eventually be situated within the Fire Island National Seashore.

Ho-Hum Beach continues to be owned and maintained by the Village of Bellport for use by its citizens and their guests. Residents can access the beach during the summer season on the Village’s own Whalehouse Point Ferry, which departs hourly from the Bellport Dock.

The Directors of The Bellport Village Program Fund toasted the success of all the projects so far and urged residents to suggest other projects to enhance the quality of life in The Village.

The Bellport Village Program Fund, a private not-for-profit New York State 501(C)3 organization, is dedicated to executing projects that contribute to the beautification and cultural awareness of Bellport Village and to the education and engagement of its youth.

All contributions are tax deductible and the projects are done in cooperation with the Village of Bellport and demonstrate the power and benefit of such public/private partnerships.

Click Here for photos from the event.

Click Here to visit the BVPF webpage.


Huge Success on Saturday Evening Following the Opening of “Rivages et Visage de Long Island” at Pamela Lerner Antiques

Pamela Lerner

Pamela Lerner Antiques

Pamela Lerner

Pamela Lerner

On a perfect summer night in mid-August, a large and exuberant company of 300 gathered at Pamela Lerner Antiques to celebrate the opening of French artist, Cécile Defforey’s “Works on Paper: Rivages et Visages de Long Island”. Spilling out into the adjacent garden, words like “magical”, “joyful” and “Chagall” were in the air, in reference to the Madame Defforey’s charming and witty collages and surreal compositions. Fellow area artists such as Malcolm Morley, Michael Ince and Valta Us joined in the enthusiasm of the festive crowd. The show was a huge success as sales (indicated by red dots) soon appeared. In addition, private commissions for the artist’s works were requested.

Following the gallery reception, the merriment continued at an intimate dinner for 30 in honor of Cécile Defforey at The Bellport Restaurant under the attentive eyes of proprietors, Patricia Trainor and Taylor Alonso and their wonderful staff.

The exhibit Rivages et Visages de Long Island runs from August 11 - September 10.

Pamela Lerner Antiques, 145 South Country Road, Bellport, NY 11713.

Hours 11:00am-5:30pm. Closed Tuesdays.


Please Click Here for photos from the show's opening.


Boys & Girls Club of the Bellport Area Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House

Boys & Girls Club of the Bellport Area

On Tuesday, August 14, 2012, the Boys & Girls Club of the Bellport Area held their official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House for the community. In attendance were our local elected officials along with the staff of the new facility and many of the children who will benefit from this wonderful new addition to our community.

This $5,000,000 facility is fully paid for and was built with funds donated by some very special individuals and groups who recognize the impact this new building and its programs will have on the children of our area. They can’t be thanked enough.

Rather than go on and on, we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Please Click Here.


The Cash Mob "Flash Mobs" The Bellport Marina

Cash Mob

Terri Hall's Cash Mob has struck again! This time, the business being supported was Barbara Mordente’s Brookhaven School of Dance and the target was the Bellport Marina. Here's a message Terri sent out to "The Mob" to bring them up to speed...

"Friends! We are about to embark on Bellport’s Cash Mob 05! Oh yeah! So, here’s the deal…

We are Cash Mobbing Barbara Mordente’s Brookhaven School of Dance in a unique and oh-so-fun way! Barbara has choreographed a Flash Mob in true Broadway fashion! A group of her dancers have been rehearsing the technical part of the Flash Mob – this is the part we get to watch. These dancers are GREAT! I had a sneak peak last Friday…WOW! They will make us look SO good!

Now, it is OUR turn!"

The members of the Cash Mob attended two workshops where they learned their "moves" and then gathered at the Bellport marina to "flash mob" the place.

Click Here for photos from this fun event.


Greater Bellport Community Youth Farmers' Market

We received the following from Regina Crawford, the market's Co-Manager.

"Support Local LI Farmers!! Fresh, Beautiful & Delicious Local Produce for sale! Join us Saturdays, July 7th through October 27th from 11am to 4pm at 685 Station Road, (near the corner of Brookhaven Ave.) Bellport, NY. We gladly accept Cash, WIC, Senior FMNP and EBT!"



Women's Wear Daily Features Bellport In Article


Women's Wear Daily recently published an article featuring Bellport.

Click here to read the article.


Ho Hum Gets A New Work Of Art

Ho Hum Sign

Artist John DiNaro and Village Trustee Ken Budny wanted to create a new sign for Ho Hum Beach, but in addition to wanting a new sign, they also wanted to come up with a program for Bellport students where the students, with the help of John and Ken, would design and create the new sign. As you can see, they created a work of art!

Two local teens, Elfe Marshall and Ean Patterson, were involved in designing, building, painting, and installing the new sign. The work was done at the Post Morrow facility on Beaver Dam Road in Brookhaven Hamlet. Elfe and Ean just graduated from Bellport H.S. and are going on for further education. We all thank you John, Ken, Elfe, and Ean! And, a special Thank You to Mike Ferrigno for taking the great photo of the new sign.


July 2012

The 2012 Clipper Classic 5K Run

2012 Clipper Classic

As usual, the 2012 Clipper Classic 5K run was a huge success with over 600 runners registering for the race. Although the weather threatened all day long, by race time there was a nice breeze and the temperatures had cooled off a little. The race started at the Gateway and then wound its way through the Village finishing up at the marina. Everyone involved should feel really good about how well the race went. 

Click here to see photos of the 2012 Clipper Classic.

To view our coverage of the Clipper Classic back to 2005, Click Here.


Videos From "Just Around The Corner"

Toby Walker

We already told you about what a success this year's "Just Around The Corner" program, which was held on July 4th in the courtyard between Café Castello and Pamela Lerner Antiques, was. But now, thanks to Faith Krinsky, we can show you some of what you missed if you weren't able to visit with us for the three hours of live music which took place. Featured in Faith's videos are Toby Walker, Internationally Acclaimed Blues artist, and his wife, Carol Walker, on bass. Click on the song titles, sit back, and enjoy!!!

My Babe

How Many More Years

Eyesight To The Blind / Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burnin'

She's Into Somethin'

Meat Shakin' Mama



Catboat Association’s 50th Anniversary Rendezvous At Mystic Seaport



Marshall Catboats

Catboats originated in the New York area around 1840. They were working boats rather than the pleasure craft we know them as today and they are known for their wide beams (width), and a large single sail positioned well forward on the boat. Locally, you can always find several catboats either in the Bellport Village Marina or at Squassux Marina in Brookhaven Hamlet.

For the Great South Bay, and Bellport Bay in particular, catboats are perfect. They draw very little water, 18” to 24” depending on the size of the catboat, and they have loads of room for the “Captain” and crew. In fact, four adults will have plenty of room for “day sailing” on an 18’ catboat and if the weather isn’t too blustery, up to six adults will work just fine. An 18’ catboat will even sleep two adults very comfortably in its large cabin.

To celebrate the founding of the International Catboat Association 50 years ago at Mystic Seaport, the Association planned a “rendezvous” at Mystic this year. As the Seaport put it, “The event will be an opportunity to see some of the finest catboats afloat and to meet catboat sailors from around the country.”

As the Bellport area is a hot bed of sailing, we thought many of you would be interested in seeing some of the catboats at the rendezvous and in particular, some of the details of how the boats were rigged. For those of you not as knowledgeable about sailing, we thought you’d enjoy seeing just some of what Mystic Seaport has to offer. It’s a great destination for a day trip either by driving around and taking the Throgs Neck Bridge, or by taking a shortcut with either the Bridgeport or New London ferries.

Just click on this link to see just some of what this year’s rendezvous had to offer.


Just Around The Corner Was A Huge Success!

Just Around The Corner


Toby Walker

The weather threatened earlier in the morning, but by noon on July 4th, the weather was fine in town and the SBAA’s “Artists On The Lane” could go on as planned. Bellport Lane was lined on both sides with artists displaying, and hopefully selling, examples of their work and as usual, there was a great turnout of people wanting to visit this annual Bellport Village event.

In the past, although there has always been a great turnout for Artists On The Lane, the shops at the east end of Main Street, furthest away from Bellport Lane, have been almost deserted because all the activity was on Bellport Lane. Well, all of that changed this year! can’t take credit for all the foot traffic at the east end of Main Street this year, but our “Just Around The Corner” program certainly didn’t hurt! As part of the Just Around The Corner program, eight of the local shops (Café Castello, Eileen Green Realty, LI Kula Yoga & Wellness Center, Pamela Lerner Antiques, The Bellport Restaurant, The Phoenix Gallery, The Red Bench Gifts & Home Décor, and The Village Silversmith Gallery) held special events and sales to draw customers in to see what the shops had to offer. The shops told us that unlike years past where there was almost no foot traffic in the east end of town, this year they were all very busy with lots of people visiting their shops.

The BIG draw was three hours of great, continuous, live music in the courtyard between Café Castello and Pamela Lerner’s Antiques. Featured was the band “Just Good Friends,” accordion player and good friend Gianni Cerri, singer and the originator of the Bellport Village Cash Mob movement, Terri Hall, and the very special “secret” headliner, Award Winning and Internationally Acclaimed Blues artist, Toby Walker, backed up by his wife, Carol Walker, on bass.

Toby was the “secret” featured artist because if his presence had been announced online ahead of time, the Village couldn’t have handled the traffic it would have caused. Toby’s concerts around the country are routinely sold out and he headlined both the Main Stage and Vail Leavitt Theater at the Riverhead Blues Festival a few weeks ago. Toby has toured Europe many times and he can be heard on XM Radio’s “Bluesville” Blues channel. Toby is a good friend and we are grateful that he was willing to help out with the Just Around The Corner program.


Swan Realty Announces their Top Agent for 2nd Quarter 2012

Garry King

Deborah L. Galligan broker/ owner of Swan Realty Corp would like to congratulate their top Agent for 2nd Quarter 2012, Garry King, Lic. R.E. Assoc. Broker.

Click here for more information about Swan Realty.


June 2012

Exploding Myths: The Dangers Of Consumer Fireworks


Bruce Weinberg sent us the following video from the National Fire Protection Association demonstrating why consumer fireworks are dangerous and why people should avoid them. According to NFPA research, there are far more U.S. fires reported on a typical Independence Day than on any other day, and fireworks account for more than half of those fires, more than any other cause of fires. Please be safe this 4th of July!

Click here to watch the video.


Lightning Damage When The Recent Squall Line Hit Bellport



When the squall line hit Bellport at the end of June, our two year old grandson found it very interesting. It seems that having only lived in Los Angeles, California and Scottsdale, Arizona, he had never seen rain! It was fun watching him discover this new, for him, phenomenon.

Well, it wasn’t as much fun for Herb and Frances Bernstein of Brewster Lane in the Village. Here’s part of the email message Frances sent to me. “You might find this interesting. We were hit by the last enormous lightning bolt yesterday. Melted cable input to the house and drove four holes in our plumbing. $1080 later the plumbing was fixed but you have to come over and see what happened in our backyard behind the swing set.”

Well, Frances got my attention so I went over to take a look. First, I looked at the pieces of water pipe that had nickel size holes blown out of them. You could see how the copper had melted and had blown apart forming a crater in each section of pipe. All I could think was that it was a good thing they were home. Otherwise, they would have been bailing out their basement for a week.

Frances then told me that the really strange thing I needed to see was in their backyard so we went out back to take a look. Sure enough, there on the ground was a twenty foot long trench, about 18” wide and 10” to 12” deep that had been literally blown up and out by the same lightning strike. As you can see, it followed the roots of a nearby tree. The water in the ground must have been instantly vaporized and the resulting sudden buildup of steam pressure under the ground blew up and out as if it were a stick of dynamite. All in all, Herb and Frances were very lucky as things could have obviously been a lot worse than a $1080 plumbing bill.


John DiNaro Has Started An Apprenticeship Program

John DiNaro


John DiNaro, is a wonderful local artist known for his Paintings, Murals, Sculptures, and now even his Fences. John is always striving to “give back to the community” and now he’s started an apprenticeship program to teach local students the skills necessary to possibly start on artistic careers of their own. Currently participating in the apprenticeship program are, from left to right, Elfe Marshall, John Golding, and Parker Lyons. We can’t wait to see what these students come up with in the future. Great work John!


Bellport High School Students Shave Heads To Raise Money For Children’s Cancer Research



Three Bellport High School students and one teacher voluntarily shaved their heads to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer charity that funds research to find cures for childhood cancers.

The Bellport High School St. Baldrick’s Day event, held May 31, 2012, raised more than $600 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The event was sponsored locally by The Clipper, the high school newspaper club.

Bellport High School students who volunteered to have their heads shaved to raise money and awareness for childhood cancers were senior Alex Morales, and juniors George Holmes and Dominic Mondi. English teacher and newspaper club advisor Mark Nolan also shaved his head.

“So many Bellport High School students and faculty donated money for this worthy cause,” said Nolan. “The St. Baldrick’s Foundation helps Long Island doctors research cures to childhood cancers. This is an event the South Country community can take great pride in.”

Pictured are (top) Bellport High School juniors Dominic Mondi (left) and George Holmes, and (bottom) Bellport High School senior Alex Morales.


The Red Bench Is “Mobbed!”

Cash Mob


June’s Cash Mobbing of the Village was a little different from past Cash Mob gatherings. Terri Hall, the leader of the Bellport Cash Mob movement, decided to announce ahead of time the “target” of this month’s “Mobbing,” the new shop in town, The Red Bench. It was a “Thanks for bringing your business to Bellport, now we’re bringing our cash to you!” get together and The Red Bench had a lot to choose from. Here’s a link to what The Red Bench has to offer.

After Mobbing The Red Bench, the Mob moved on to Café Castello for an evening of LIVE music and great food. The band, “Just Good Friends” was performing their mix of traditional and contemporary music from Woody Guthrie, to Dylan, John Prine, The Dead, and even Sea Shanties and a capella three part harmonies thrown in for good measure. They’ll be performing several more times this summer at Café Castello. You can find their schedule here.

Photo: L to R, Village Trustee Ken Budny, Cash Mob organizer Terri Hall, Village Trustees Alison Neumann and Dorothy Terwilliger


Murray Urges Those With Special Medical Needs to Enroll in LIPA Critical Care Program

Dean Murray

With hurricane season officially upon us, Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C-East Patchogue) is urging Long Island residents relying on electricity to power life-supporting devices in their homes to register with the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) Critical Care Program.

LIPA customers enrolled in the program receive advance notice of scheduled outages and the potential severe weather that may cause power outages, with the hope of enabling customers who depend on electricity for emergency medical and life-support equipment to make preparations in advance. While Critical Care does not guarantee priority restoration of service, it will help customers to better plan for their medical needs in the event of a power outage.

“Losing power unexpectedly can be a matter of life and death for residents relying upon electricity for their medical equipment,” said Murray. “By enrolling in LIPA’s Critical Care Program, these residents can receive direct communication from LIPA regarding planned outages or severe weather and make the necessary advance preparations. I cannot urge eligible residents to enroll in this program strongly enough.”

Customers wishing to enroll in the Critical Care Program must provide LIPA with a medical certificate from a doctor or the local board of health. Once approved, the customer’s account and meter will be tagged as “critical care.” For more information about LIPA’s Critical Care Program call 1-800-490-0025 or click here.


"A Letter To True," a New Film by Bruce Weber, was Presented by the BBHS and Introduced by Isabella Rossellini

Letter to True

Letter to True

Between 75 and 100 people attended a showing of a new film, "A Letter To True," that was presented by the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society and introduced by Isabella Rossellini at the Society's facility on Bell Street in the Village. The film is the work of Bruce Weber, the internationally known photographer. Weber lived in Bellport in the 70's and 80's and brought many fashionables and friends to the Village. He used Bellport as background for many shoots of both famous personalities (his specialty) and for fashion shoots.

Click here for more information.


Bellport High School Students Win Awards

South Country Schools

South Country Schools

The Bellport High School student newspaper, The Clipper, won 10 awards at the Long Island Press High School Journalism Awards Gala May 22nd at Hofstra University.

“These awards affirm everything that we’ve done with the paper this year,” said Editor Dan Garisto. “They really emphasize the quality that the paper has now, and in doing so, highlight the hard work from everyone involved.”

The following is a list of Bellport High School students who earned awards for their work with The Clipper during the 2011-12 school year:

Best Public Service Story, First Place, Daniel Garisto
Best Humor Column, First Place, Emily Hoff
Best Arts Criticism, First Place, Mark Maranan
Best Lifestyle/Entertainment Coverage, First Place, Mark Maranan
Best Student Profile, Second Place, Sam Hoff
Best Opinion – General, Second Place, Darrell Johnson
Best School Spirit Story, Third Place, Adele Ratje-Mundell
Best Sports Feature – School, Third Place, Amelia Veitch
Best Opinion - School, Honorable Mention, Dan Garisto and Dan Santana
Best Humor Column, Honorable Mention, Darrell Johnson

The Clipper is printed 10 times a school year and serves a population of about 1,350 students.

“So many students worked so hard year-round to make The Clipper an excellent source of news,” said Mark Nolan, an English teacher at Bellport High School and the newspaper club’s advisor. “Every member of the newspaper staff can take pride in winning so many awards.”

Garisto, a senior who will attend Columbia University in the fall, said a solid foundation is in place for future success. “I’m sure The Clipper can look forward to excelling at these awards for many years to come,” he said.

May 2012

Brookhaven Hamlet War On Terror Memorial Dedication



This past Memorial Day a memorial dedicated to those of our community, that served in The War On Terror in Afghanistan/Iraq was dedicated at the Brookhaven Memorial by The Brookhaven Fire District.

They include: Ryan Barnett, Major David M. Butler, Guy Cacase, Chief Petty Officer Andrew T. Darrow, Hudson A. Darrow, Jason R. Kinsella, Lance Corporal Amanda A. Litcher, David McCutcheon III, John D. Muglia, Scott F. Scutari, Clayron J. Stanek

Click on the photo of the plaque for a larger version.

Those present at the dedication, from left to right: Lance Corporal, Amanda A. Litcher, Hudson A. Darrow, Margaret and Anthony, Cacase parents of Guy Cacase, Jason R. Kinsella, David McCutcheon III, Clayton J. Stanek.

**Photos courtesy of Ronald Kinsella.



Brookhaven Hamlet Memorial Day 2012 Parade

Brookhaven Memorial Day Parade

The 2012 Brookhaven Hamlet Memorial Day Parade was a huge success. The day started off a little cloudy, but turned into a beautiful day. There was some confusion due to the parade starting at 9:00am instead of the more traditional 9:30am, but it all worked out just fine. The later starting time was due to a special ceremony honoring Brookhaven Hamlet residents who have either served in the military in the past or who are currently serving. All in all, it was a very special day and parade.

Click here to see more photos from the Parade.


Bellport Memorial Day 2012 Parade

Bellport Memorial Day Parade

As always, this year’s Bellport Memorial Day Parade was great. It seemed like the attendance both in the parade and watching the parade was up from recent years. The perfect weather could have been one factor, but the perfect choreography of the parade and its participants certainly was a factor too. In addition to being a day to honor our past and present military members, it’s also turned into a family oriented day of remembrance and reflection. All of those involved should feel good about what they accomplished.

Click here to see more photos from the Parade.


The Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society's Annual Antiques Show & Sale

Historical Society Antiques Show

Once again, The Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society's Annual Antiques Show and Sale was a huge success. Although the weather threatened at first, the drizzle stopped, the clouds parted, the sky was blue and the sun was warm. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

The Show & Sale was held on the Historical Society’s beautiful grounds under the trees and surrounded by the Society's historic buildings. The show hosted 25 antiques and art dealers showing furniture, jewelry, art, Americana and more! Café Castello provided their wonderful coffee and goodies. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Click here to see photos from the event.


The Brookhaven Free Library Celebrates Its Centennial

Brookhaven Library

One hundred years ago, a small group of women met at 285 Beaver Dam Road to discuss the possible formation of a suffrage club. After discussion, it was decided that a Library Club would be more helpful to the community, and so, the Fireplace Library Club was formed. The club grew and changed with time, was granted a charter, and became the Brookhaven Free Library. It has grown from a private club of 63 members and 500 books, to an active, modern, Public Library with over 30,000 volumes and almost 5,000 registered cardholders. On Sunday, May 20th, the Library held a celebration for their Centennial. There was music, food and drink, as well as historical presentations and artifacts on hand. The community-created quilt was on display, along with lots of other fun events.

Click to see photos from the Celebration.


Assemblyman Dean Murray Introduces Local Hero, Brookhaven Fire Department Firefighter of the Year Anthony Nunziata, at the State Capitol


Assemblyman Dean Murray introduced local hero Anthony Nunziata, Brookhaven Fire Department’s Firefighter of the Year, on the State Assembly floor recently. Firefighter Nunziata saved the life of a man caught in a compactor last September and nine others in November after their minivan was struck by a gasoline tanker. Murray submitted a resolution to officially recognize Mr. Nunziata for his heroism. “It’s not often that most people have the opportunity to save someone’s life,” said Murray. “In the past year alone, Anthony has done that ten times over. He is truly, in any and every sense of the word, a hero.”


LIPA Reduces Rates For Veterans

Kate Browning

Legislator Kate Browning has secured the participation of LIPA representatives at the Saturday, May 19th veterans enrollment event to be held at the Mastic Beach Fire House. The event is being run by Veterans Affairs (VA) in conjunction with Mastic Beach Village and will be one of the largest events of its kind in Suffolk County to assist veterans. Furthering the legislator’s long term working relationship with Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Legislator Browning has been helping the DAV to inform veterans about a little known and seldom used benefit to disabled veterans and surviving spouses.

LIPA’s “Household Assistance Rate” program, which provides a reduction in the Delivery & System Charges portion of the veteran’s bill, is another important benefit that many veterans are unaware of. LIPA has agreed to provide application assistance to qualified veterans that are not currently enrolled in the program.

“This program allows a reduced electric rate for qualified disabled veterans and surviving spouses,” stated Legislator Browning. “It is a shame that this program has not received the exposure necessary to allow access and participation by some of our most deserving veterans. This event will help address the underutilization of the program.”

“I would like to thank Legislator Browning for her continued support of our veterans, disabled veterans and families of veterans,” stated Dennis Krulder, Hospital Service Coordinator at VAMC Northport. “Her current efforts for our veterans continue her tradition of advocating on our behalf.”

Mr. Krulder who is also responsible for the DAV Transportation Program for the State of New York said, “I can guarantee not more than 1% of our veterans know about this program.”

The DAV Transportation Network at the Northport VA Medical Center transport’s over 45,000 veterans every year from their homes on Long Island to the VA hospital at Northport, and has been trying to get more information about the “Household Assistance Rate” to veterans for years.

If you are a veteran or surviving spouse and  could not attend the meeting, more information can be obtained by calling 1-800-490-0025. You can also obtain an application online.


The 4th Gathering Of The Bellport Cash Mob Was Great!

Cash Mob

On Saturday, May 5th, the Bellport Cash Mob was again assembled by Terri Hall on the Village Green before descending on another Bellport business. This time, the Mobbing was going to be a little different because Terri wanted to celebrate all that the Bellport Cash Mob had accomplished both here and in other towns around Long Island. Terri had promised that there would be food, music, and time to get to know each other a little better. She made good on all counts.

Once everyone had gathered on the Village Green, Terri announced the target for the assembled Mobsters, the “Tavern on the Green” at the Bellport Country Club! So, everyone got into their cars and headed a half mile west on South Country Road to the Bellport Country Club’s “Tavern on the Green,” right next to the Practice Putting Green on the golf course.

When they entered the Tavern, they were greeted by music played by the group “Just Good Friends” who had volunteered their services to support the efforts of the Cash Mob. The Tavern had laid out a spread of “finger foods” for everyone’s enjoyment and there was a cash bar where you could purchase the beverage of your choice. The Mobbing taking place at the same time as the Kentucky Derby meant that there were a lot of Mint Juleps being ordered.

After socializing, snacking, drinking, and listening to some great music, many of the Mobsters stayed on for dinner at the Tavern. For most of the Mobsters, this was their first visit to the “Tavern on the Green” and all agreed that it wouldn’t be their last. All of the food, from burgers to fillets, was absolutely top notch. Bellport clearly has a wonderful new choice when it comes to dining out in the Village. If you’re interested, the “Tavern on the Green” is open to golfers, residents, and their guests from Tuesday through Sunday for lunch, Saturdays and Sundays for breakfast, and starting June 1st, they will be open for dinner on Friday evenings. They even have a “Late Day Menu” that’s available 7 days a week from 3pm to 6pm. Click here to take a look!


Listen To Assemblyman Dean Murray’s Discussion With Local Residents At The South Country Library

Dean Murray

NYS Assemblyman in the 3rd District, Dean Murray, spoke to a group of local residents at the South Country Library on May 3rd, 2012. The discussion was lively and covered a broad array of topics. For those of you who couldn’t make it, was there and recorded the event for you.

Click here to listen to the discussion.



April 2012

MSNBC Covers The Bellport Cash Mob

Cash Mob

MSNBC, Your Business just ran a piece on Cash Mobs including footage from the March 24th Bellport Cash Mob!

Click here to see the video from the show!


Bellport's Master Of The Art Of Bespoke Tailoring

Montella Custom Tailor

Montella Custom Tailor

Montella Custom Tailor

Bespoke Tailoring is the male equivalent of “Haute Couture” for women. It is the ultimate in men's custom tailoring where no detail is too small or overlooked by the master tailor practicing the art. Every suit, shirt, tie or any other piece of apparel is designed and crafted to the highest possible standards in Bespoke Tailoring.

You probably already know that there are many fine artists living and working in many different media in the Bellport area, but did you know that we also have a master of the art of Bespoke Tailoring in our community? Located in a cozy shop on Bellport Lane, Master Italian Tailor, Sebastiano Montella, is one of the very few tailors practicing the art of Bespoke Tailoring. With over 50 years of experience, he creates clothing masterpieces for men, and even some pieces for women as well.

On Sunday, April 29th, at 2:30pm in Stony Brook University’s Frank Melville Memorial Library (E4340), Sebastiano Montella’s skills will be honored by a special presentation documenting the history of his many years of experience both here and in Italy. The program will include a short video entitled, “Tailor Made.”

If you can’t make it to the presentation at Stony Brook on the 29th, stop by “Montella Custom Tailor” at 13 Bellport Lane or give him a call at 631.286.2280 with any questions you might have.



Girls Varsity Spring Track Team's 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

The Girls Varsity Spring Track Team held their 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 7th at the Bellport High School. This FREE community event began with pre-hunt games, followed by the actual hunt. The weather was perfect and all in attendance had a blast! Over 250 children participated in this year's event!

Click here for more photos from the event.


SCEF, Inc. Announces First Professional Development Grant Winners


The South Country Education Foundation is pleased to announce that three teachers from the South Country Central School District have won our professional development grants for study this summer.

ThThe three teachers are:

Jennifer Hayhurst Literacy Coach, Grades K-3, Verne W. Critz Elementary School

Susan Gittler Reading Specialist, 4th and 5th Grades, Frank P. Long Intermediate School

Josephine Messina Reading Specialist, 4th and 5th Grades, Frank P. Long Intermediate School

All three teachers will attend week long workshops at the Columbia University Teachers College Summer Institutes for Reading.

This pilot program was conceived to offer grants to Pre-K to 12th grade teachers employed by our district who seek to participate in a professional development program. SCEF board member Dava Stravinsky said, “We want to help teachers respond to the needs of their students and take part in professional development opportunities that will strengthen their skills and translate into stronger student achievement.” Grant recipients are required to share their experiences with their fellow educators and administrators in their schools, as well as with members of SCEF and the community.

“The professional development grants from the South Country Education Foundation help us to develop great teachers with the support and resources they need. Such awards confirm our teachers' work as innovators and leaders in education reform. We thank the South Country Educational Foundation for developing this pilot program, and look forward to celebrating the successes of our teachers with them in the near future." ---Linda Rozzi, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology.

The SCEF committee was assisted in the development of this grant by Bellport High School alumna Kelly Zanazzi (BHS ’99) now a teacher in the Holliston, Massachusetts Public Schools where a similar program is in place. SCEF board members Diane Zanazzi, Donna Esp, Mary Mojallali and Dava Stravinsky served on the committee to develop the professional development grant.

Founded in 1998, the South Country Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving educational opportunities for all students in the South Country Central School District. The mission of the Foundation is to promote and enhance educational initiatives by providing supplemental financial support for projects and programs that are outside the South Country school budget. Since our founding, we have granted over $500,000 to teachers, administrators, students and community groups in our district who have come to us with their innovative and creative ideas.

Click here for more information about the SCEF.


March 2012

Once Again The Cash Mob Descended On Bellport's Main Street

Cash Mob

To celebrate International Cash Mob Day, March 24th, once again, Terri Hall called together the Cash Mob to descend on Bellport's Main Street. To keep it interesting, this time the Mob mobbed three different businesses in the Village. About 60 Mobbers had a choice of mobbing Bellport Liquors, Cafe Castello's Italian Specialties Shop, or Summer Salt. Yet another twist Terri introduced was to ask Mobbers to bring "lightly used" overcoats to be donated to the Lighthouse Mission and the Mobbers came through with a truck load of coats which will be going to the Mission.

For entertainment, the local musical group, "Just Good Friends," donated their time to perform at Cafe Castello and the entire Cash Mob event was covered by MSNBC's "Your Business" TV show. We'll be sure to let you know as soon we know when the show will air.

Once again, we should all thank Terri Hall for all the time and effort she's put into the Cash Mob program. The sales it has generated for our local businesses are certainly important, but even more important is the sense of community it's brought to the Village. Atta girl Terri!!!

Below are photos of the Cash Mob, courtesy of Terri Hall.

Cash Mob Cash Mob
Cash Mob   Cash MOb
Cash Mob   Cash Mob
Cash Mob   Cash Mob



Angela Giannotti Reads To Students At Frank P. Long Intermediate School

Angela Giannotti

Recently, Brookhaven resident, Angela Giannotti read to the children in Mr. Cisek’s class at Frank P. Long Intermediate School. She shared her memories with the class and continues to captivate children of all ages. She will now be an honorary member of the Frank P. Long Annual Read-A-Thon each year. Thank you, Angela!


Update On Nora


Nora Getchell is six years old. She loves kindergarten, and has a talent for ribbon dancing. She also has a very rare autoimmune disease called Severe Aplastic Anemia—a disease of the bone marrow with no known cause. Her marrow is no longer making blood (red, white and platelet cells) and her T cells are attacking her normal cells in her bone marrow. Her body is literally destroying itself on the cellular level. Family, friends and officials will gather for an early birthday present, Nora turns 7 on March 14, to announce she has found a bone marrow match and overcame the barriers to have the surgery covered by her insurance.

Hundreds of strangers from across the country, at dozens of events organized by Nora’s family, donated blood and signed up for the bone marrow registry. Nora recently found a match, but when her family began the process to schedule her surgery at Sloan-Kettering her insurance, Child Health Plus, denied the only doctor with the experience to conduct the special operation because the doctor was out-of-network. The family was devastated. They reached out to Legislator Kate Browning (WF-Shirley) for assistance and the legislator contacted Governor Cuomo to review the case. Within 24 hours the insurance company reversed its decision and Nora’s lifesaving operation has been scheduled for April. Family and friends will join Nora 10 days before her 7th birthday to celebrate her bone marrow match and acceptance at Sloan Kettering.


Once Again The Cash Mob Is A Huge Success

Cash Mob

At the last minute, Terri Hall, the organizer of the Cash Mob movement in Bellport, came down with the Flu, but as they say, “The Mobbing must go on!” We didn’t get a complete count, but it looked like once again, about 100 Mobbers met on the Village Green and then headed out for their target, the It’s Only Natural health food shop on Main Street. It’s Only Natural is the longest continually owner owned business in Bellport Village. The owners, Nick and Lillian Depaolo were delighted.

The Mob lined up down Main Street and then waited their turns to shop. At one point a customer showed up who didn’t know anything about the Cash Mob, he just wanted to pick a few things up. He asked if he would have to go to the end of the very long line, but naturally, as a “real” customer, he was ushered to the head of the line. Afterwards, everyone headed for Avino's to talk, socialize, and relax.

The twist that Terri added this time, making a contribution to a local Food Pantry, was a complete success. Bag after bag was packed and sent to the Food Pantry at the Episcopal church and they too were delighted with the results of the Cash Mob. We can’t wait to find out what Terri has planned for next time.

Please Click Here for more Cash Mob information



January 2012

The BBHS Visits Cuba


The BBHS sponsored an Art and Architecture tour to Cuba in January 2012. Five nights were spent in Havana and two nights in the colonial city of Trinidad. The agency who arranged the trip for them, Insight Cuba, is a non-profit organization with long experience in arranging trips to Cuba. Insight Cuba has a people-to–people license from the United States Department of the Treasury.

Click here for more about their trip as well as photos.
 Visits With Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the nicest, most down to earth people you’re ever going to meet, Bellport’s own Isabella Rossellini. The occasion was a special limited showing of her newest film, “Late Bloomers,” at the Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center (Plazamac) in Patchogue.

Please click here for the complete interview.


Fabulous Fakes

Gianni Cerri

From February 5, 2012 to February 25, 2012, the Phoenix Gallery is featuring a show entitled “Fabulous Fakes.” The work displayed is by local artists who have copied the techniques of the “Masters.”

Good friend of, Gianni Cerri, has tried to master the techniques of many famous painters. For the show, Gianni submitted work inspired by Picasso, Botero, and Hopper which are only a small portion of his collection. Gianni is a very talented painter and we hope he shows more of his work in town.


The Bellport Cash Mob

Cash Mob

The Bellport Cash Mob was started by Village Resident Terri Hall and is not affiliated with the Bellport Chamber of Commerce or Bellport Village Hall in any way. Instead, it’s simply a community group made up of local residents who want to help small, locally owned, businesses survive by agreeing to spend at least $20 each when the Mob gathers to "Mob" a local business. They understand how important these small local businesses are to our community and our quality of life and they want to try to help in some small way.

100+ Bellport Cash Mobbers recently gathered to Mob a local business.

Please Click Here to read all about it and see photos of the Mobbing.


The First Snow Of The Season


We thought all the “Snowbirds” out there would enjoy seeing the first snowfall of 2012. Just click the link below for some photos. And speaking of Snowbirds, the seagulls down at the dock were dodging the snowflakes hoping that we had brought them something to eat.

The last time I bought a new snow blower, it took seven years to burn the paint off the muffler. This year I bought a brand new industrial strength snow blower so I’m hoping for the same results this time. This morning’s snow wasn’t enough to bring out the new snow blower and in two days it will be raining and in the 50’s so we dodged this one. I’m hoping for at least another six years before the paint is off the new muffler.

Click here for photos of the first snow of the season.


GND Home Has A Grand Opening In Bellport

GND Home

Bellport Village's newest shop, GND Home, officially opened to the public with a "Grand Opening" on January 14th. Guests were greeted with delectable treats provided by "Porter’s on the lane" and the "Nakama Steakhouse and Sushi Bar" which are both located just a few steps away from GND Home's new location at 14 Bellport Lane in the Village.

Although the temperatures were dropping, nearly 100 people turned out to welcome GND Home to Bellport. This new shop will function as a working interior design studio for Giovanni Naso, the owner of GND Home, and will also be open to the public with a "plethora" of one of a kind items.


Swan Realty Announces their Top Sales Agents and Contributors in 2011

Swan Realty


Swan Realty


Swan Realty


Deborah Galligan broker/ owner of Swan Realty Corp would like to congratulate their top Agents and Contributors in 2011:

Top Agents for 2011

Gold: Stephanie Bryson L.A.B.
Silver: Christopher Sattler L.A.B.
Bronze: Prudence Brower L.S.A.

Top Agent for the 4th Qtr

Patricia A. Trainor L.S.A.

Top Contributor for 2011

Christopher Sattler L.A.B.

Click here for more information about Swan Realty.