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May 7, 2018

South Country School Board Elections

It is rare that we have such quality concerned community members who are willing to commit so many hours for the sake of improving our area. Regina Hunt is one of those people.

Regina is seeking re-election to her second term on the South Country School board, and has been endorsed by the Bellport Teachers Association.

Regina has her heart and soul in what she does; I have seen that first hand, when we both served on the South Country Library board. She is a community organizer and actively communicates with elected officials advocating for our South Country area.

She is keenly aware of what our district needs and has the ambition and drive to make it come to fruition.

Please join me on May 15th, in re-electing Regina Hunt to the South Country School board.

Joanne M. Long Merrill
Bellport, NY



May 7, 2018

Praise for Village Staff

I was reading the other night, on the Village Residents Facebook page, that a person was in an uproar over the docks not being cleaned fast enough. There was also a complaint that a ticket booth was being built instead of dock work. Well, I do not get out much, but when I do, the Village looks wonderful. The Village’s staff is a group of great people who do an outstanding job.

So, I’d like to thank the Village’s staff and tell them, don’t worry about those who try to knock you. You are all effective and wonderful people.

Christine Barden
Bellport, NY



May 4, 2018

Support for Regina Hunt

Being a community leader like Regina Hunt is something to look up to; that is why it is so vital to have her continue as a trustee on the South Country Board of Education. Ms. Hunt currently serves as the Vice President for the Board, and is seeking re-election for her second term. She is a long-time resident of the district, and mother of children who have graduated from Bellport High School with currently two in the district (Frank P. Long and Bellport High School). Regina believes in representing all of our students, and takes a whole child approach to being a leader in the district. She believes the success of our district begins with mutual accountable from our faculty, staff, administrators, Board members, and students. The Bellport Teachers Association has chosen to endorse her, given her commitment to education. A true advocate for our community, unafraid to speak her mind, and all around wonderful person - this is how we would describe Regina Hunt. We are proud to endorse and support her candidacy for a second term on the Board of Education, and hope you will cast your vote for her as well on Tuesday, May 15th at Bellport Middle School (polls open 7am - 9pm).

Cheryl A. Felice and Jack Nix