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November 30, 2021

Anthony DiDio for Fire Commissioner

I would like to introduce myself; my name is Anthony DiDio, I am running for the one-year term of Fire Commissioner of the Bellport Fire District. I have previously held a position of Commissioner of the Bellport Fire District for 15 years during that time I was instrumental in purchasing the Fire Boat, brush trucks, Unit 3 and 5 and redesigning the current Fire Department building. During my tenure, the Central Exhaust System in truck bays and Commercial Washer and Dryers were also purchased. During those past 15 years, I also held position of Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioner for 2 terms.

Having been an active member of the Bellport Fire Department for 55 years and now a Life Member, I held positions of 2nd Lt,1st Lt, Captain of Engine company as well as secretary and Treasurer of said company. In 1979-1980 I held position of Fire Chief and now am an active member of the Bellport Benevolent Association holding positions of President for 4 years, Vice President for 2 years and currently on the Board of Trustees for the past 15 years and received the George Boyce award for Outstanding Dedication to the Bellport Benevolent Association. 2019 I received the Edward Bishop Award for Lifetime Achievement. Currently I am a member of Brookhaven Town Chiefs Council, Fire Chiefs Council of Suffolk County and NYS Association of Fire Chiefs.

As being retired and an active member of the Bellport Fire Department I feel I can commit the time and energy necessary to perform the duties of Fire Commissioner. With my past experiences I can be an asset to the position of Fire Commissioner now vacated.

I would appreciate the Bellport Fire District residents’ vote for the one-year term on December 14, 2021, 6-9 pm at the Bellport Fire Department.

Anthony DiDio
Bellport, NY



November 17, 2021

Residents of the Bellport Fire District

Hello, my name is Richard Terwilliger. I am currently a Commissioner and am running for reelection for a 5 year term of office that I currently occupy. The Board of Fire Commissioners consists of 5 members that serve 5 year staggered terms and are publicly elected by the residents of the Fire District. The Fire District is a local government taxing authority and is separate from the Bellport Fire Department. The District’s responsibilities are to provide and maintain the buildings, facilities, insurance, and equipment that are used for fire protection.

I joined the fire department in June 1971 and was assigned to the Hook & Ladder Co. I was elected 2nd Lt. in 1972 and rose through the ranks to serve as Chief of Dept. 1983 & 1984. In 1998 I was appointed to the Board of Fire Commissioners and have served since. I have witnessed first-hand how the Department and the District have evolved from “what was” to what we have now. I have always been in favor of upgrading equipment as it is needed. There is no safety equipment that has been requested by the Firefighters that has not been approved by the Board. The Board and I have always been “pro” firefighter when it comes to gear and protective equipment which is inspected annually by authorized dealers and checked by members.

To imply that our district is not up to date is incorrect. I have never heard anyone deny a request saying “it’s been this way 30 years”, as suggested by my opponent. Between 2019 and 2021 the Board completed a major communications upgrade to accommodate radio frequency changes and replace aging equipment that was no longer supported by the manufacturer for repair or parts. This much needed upgrade cost $291,000.00 and was paid with available funds the District had available. A new Chiefs vehicle has been ordered, and plans are being made to replace 2 engines that will be 25 years old in 2024. This should have little or no impact on our taxpayers as the Bond the community approved in 2008 for our building addition will be retired. The current Board has worked very well together to provide what is needed without ever piercing the 2% cap.

While on the Board, I have been able to use my experience and knowledge for the betterment of the District while continuing to be an active firefighter.

I am asking that you re-elect me for another 5 year term to continue my work to protect our members and the community while being aware of the impact to our taxpayers. There are times when years of experience and dedication to the Bellport Fire District are invaluable.

Please vote for me on December 14th at the Bellport Firehouse between 6-9pm.

Richard Terwilliger
Bellport, NY



November 10, 2021

Bellport Fire District Commissioner Elections on December 14th

It’s that time again for Bellport Fire District Commissioner Elections! December 14th from 6pm-9pm.

In this election there are two seats up for grabs: One year term for a vacated seat and a five-year term. Residents are encouraged to vote in this election, your vote will make a difference.

A little about my background, I have been a member of the Bellport Fire Department for 19 years, served as Captain from 2006-2010. I have moved into an administration role since 2010 and was elected to the Bellport Village Board serving as trustee since 2016. My current term in the village expires in June of 2022 which I plan to continue my momentum for another 2-year term. This experience in the municipal world empowered me to make a run for Fire District Commissioner. I have the background and experience to excel the fire district into the 21st century and beyond.

Fire District Commissioner is a position I do not take lightly, many layman/residents have no knowledge of what the Fire District is or what they do. This position has only one requirement…..”A resident of the fire district. The Fire Commissioners are responsible for the administration of the district affairs, personnel, protective gear, apparatus, taxes to name a few. I feel that I would be a natural fit in this role.

I will be supporting Robert Paulsen for the one term to fill the vacancy; I would be honored if you would consider myself for the 5-year term. The 5-year term will be a contested one, the current commissioner has a long history on the board many years and has done a terrific job thus far. I feel its time for change, what was good 25 years ago and the saying “it’s been this way for 30 years” is no longer acceptable to me. The fact that we do not have terms limits in these elections is astounding to me…. We need to advance our thinking and look at the big picture. We need to evolve; we need to offer cutting edge technology and personal protective equipment to ensure our first responders are safe and make it home to their loved ones all the time. I have the knowhow and the ability to get the district up to date.

In closing I am asking for your continued support. I will be canvassing over the next few weeks and look forward to discussing the particulars with anyone who is interested. It’s your vote that can make the difference! Vote December 14th 6-9PM at the Bellport Fire House 161 South Country Road Bellport. You must be a resident of the Bellport Fire District in order to vote. If you are unsure contact me. If you need a lift on the 14th Ill have a service pick you up and return.

December 14th
Robert Paulsen 1 Year Term/Steven Mackin 5 Year Term

Steve Mackin
Bellport, NY



September 20, 2021

Paving Project

Dear Superintendent Losquadro and Councilman Loguercio;

I can’t thank you enough for finally repaving Station Road from Montauk Highway to Woodside Avenue.

I travel that stretch at least eight times a day. The conditions of Station Road were deplorable, and were causing much damage to my car. I am sure I’m not the only one whose car suffered damage from the severe road conditions on this neglected road.

It has been just two months since the road has been repaved. However, it seems that the road is back to being neglected. There are remnants of accidents that happened weeks ago still in the way of traffic. A car windshield is still wrapped around a tree from an accident a month ago. Sewer drains are getting blocked with rubbish and leaves. I ask that you keep this highly-traveled road on a regular cleaning schedule so that it doesn’t return to the nightmare that it once was.

Joseph Varsalona



August 29, 2021

Never Forget Those That Served and Died in Defense of Our Country


Our American Flag at Bellport High School at half staff represents the thirteen lost at Kabul. The monument represents six former students lost in Vietnam and another lost in Iraq. Never forget them!

Ron Kinsella
Brookhaven Hamlet