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March 14, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Your Editorial About the Traffic Study

Having lived in Egypt for several years earlier in this decade, I’ve come to believe that speed bumps (ubiquitous in Egypt) are the only effective solution to speeding on local streets.

Speed bumps are simple, cheap and easy to maintain. They are effective because they work on the principle of enlightened self interest: slow down or wreck your own car! Given those two options, the vast majority of drivers instinctively make the right choice.

Some say that speed bumps create their own kind of traffic noise as cars slow down, traverse the speed bump and accelerate again. However, compared to the typical roar of cars speeding by on South Country and Station Roads, speed bumps would be quiet as church mice.

Marc Rauch
Bellport, NY



March 14, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Bellport Village Automobile Traffic

The problem with cars speeding in the Village has probably been around since they were invented… as for enforcement forget it… When we went with Suffolk County Police, the Village gave enforcement away. Bellport Village is not a high crime area, Suffolk County Police are in high crime areas…not in Bellport Village to enforce speeding cars. There has never been an effective means to enforce speeding cars. The only system that was put forth years ago and would most likely work is this ……. Put traffic lights on all cross streets to South Country Roads in the Village, making sure to time each one differently.. I am sure this will slow traffic down.

John D Langfeldt
Palm Beach Gardens, FL



February 28, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Traffic Study

The only real solution to the traffic problem on South Country Road is enforcement.

Joe Varsalona
Bellport, NY



February 27, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Traffic Study Editorial

I enjoyed your article. What I think they really should do is...

1) No parking on Station Rd (between S Country and the middle school).
2) That will open up the road for easier access to the parking lots behind Roosters etc.
3) Combine Roosters, IGA/CVS, and those offices parking lots (maybe even combine the Library’s parking lot???)

The area behind Papa Nick’s Pizza and Roosters and unutilized. The village is in desperate need of parking, especially the businesses on the north side of S. Country. They really should connect the parking lot of Roosters to IGA/CVS and then run an entrance or exit between Roosters and Papa Nick’s / Rice Realty.

Traffic study

David M Duffy
New York, NY



February 25, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Make Bellport Country Club More Than Just a Golf Club

I, too, am opposed to building a driving range at the Bellport Country Club for many of the same reasons that have been stated in the previously published letters to the editor by Carlos Aparicio and Jennifer Vorbach. However, I think there is a bigger issue at play than improving the golf course and adding a driving range.

What I find most upsetting is the way this proposal for the Bellport Golf Club Masterplan was initiated, reviewed and voted into acceptance by Mayor Fell, the Village Trustees and the Golf Commission. The Bellport Village Country Club is designated as municipal parkland which, as taxpaying residents, we all bear the burden of fiscal responsibility and liability. This entitles all residents to representation with regard to any and all plans, especially a Master Plan. Yet, decisions regarding management, capital improvements and planning are made by a committee of golfers based on a survey of resident and non-resident golfers. What about the residents of this Village that do not play golf? How were they represented in this master plan which addressed only one, albeit the largest, component of the Bellport Country Club? Was the general voting population in the Village ever consulted about exactly what amenities other than golf would fit their needs? Was a survey ever sent to Bellport Village Residents asking what they would like or be willing to pay for?

The Bellport Country Club, for years, has functioned as a private Golf Club. After questioning many Village residents regarding the Master Plan and what they envisioned for the future of their Country Club, the overwhelming response was to build a community pool. Additional suggestions included expanding Peter’s on the Green, swimming lessons, lifeguarding instruction, family community events, and extended tennis court hours. Seniors expressed a need for designated walking periods on the course paths as a way to safely exercise.
What an opportunity the Mayor and Trustees have to be inclusive and serve the entire population of Bellport Village, not just residents who play golf. Let’s give opportunities to residents who cannot afford their own private pools now that we face issues with the eroding beach, the safety of the pavilion and rebuilding the dock.

There is an entire population of Village Residents that have had zero input when it comes to The Bellport Village Country Club. If one does not play golf, one does not appear to have a voice, a vote, or representation.

If the Mayor and Trustees truly represent all residents Bellport Village, I implore them to stop, step back, and reexamine the Golf Master Plan. Hold open town meetings, create a commission representing a cross section of the Village residents and allocate funds that represent the needs of all.

Let’s work together to create a true Bellport Country Club Master Plan and ensure that all residents are represented.

This country is suffering from political divisiveness. Let’s be proud of a Bellport that is inclusive, not exclusive.

Louise T. McGuinness
Bellport Village



February 17, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Prospective Golf Course

Attached you will find a perspective that has been constructed over an actual photo taken from my property looking towards the DRIVING RANGE, as THEY very carefully never refer by its name. The net depicted is a 40' net, I decided to portray the lowest net possible, since even at 40' it is so outrageous it certainly did not need any extreme height. (some driving ranges go up to 60-70) The second one will give you an idea of what they are talking about.; it will take couple of readings of the Master plan to envision it, as they have worded is such a condescending way as if we are somehow stupid. LOL



As you can see it is simply a monstrosity that will absolutely destroy the character of our Village.

The delicate balance of historical and nature that attracted me to Bellport is under attack by an irresponsible Mayor and trustees that in my view should be out of a job.

That us educated and reasonable human beings are put in a position that we need to fight our own government over building a driving range 120 feet away from homes, in a historical village abutting an incredible sensitive ecosystem of wetlands where wildlife and inhabits along with plants of all kinds.....sincerely leaves me dumbfounded.

I have read the Master Plan, the way that it has been carefully worded as to appear to be sensitive and considerate.

It is again an insult to anyone that completed 8th grade.

We have named it:


An excerpt from the master it for yourself.

"All of the recommendations are made with respect to the existing site conditions and the traditional design style to ensure that renovated or additional features blend compatibly with the golf course and compliment the overall setting."

We need to kill this!

Carlos Aparicio
Bellport, NY



February 17, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Bellport Country Club at Risk

I draw your attention to the below, which headlines the Bellport Village website.


The idyllic description is apt. It describes Bellport as it is today, and explains why so many of us have chosen to make it our home. Bellport is quiet, low-key, friendly, and just lovely.

The serenity of our community is now under threat. The surreptitious plan, which unveiled, puts a proposed driving range, with attendant 40 foot nets, adjacent to the wetlands on the eastern boundary of the Country Club. This plan, if executed, will irrevocably change the tone of our historic Country Club, and the Village that harbors it.

The Bellport course was designed by legendary golf architect Seth Raynor, and is touted on the village website as one of the oldest and most beautiful courses in the country. Adding a driving range to this majestic landscape is akin to building a Superdome in the Grand Canyon. Unthinkable.

Board members have stated that down-the-road revenue from the Country Club may eventually repay the debt to the Village. But it’s we, the taxpayers, who would be fronting the money and assuming all the risks and liabilities. The Board acknowledges that, at best, their scheme may break even. Who in their right mind would invest in a such a weak business plan?

Bellport has pressing issues: the foundering docks, the drowning Pavilion at Ho Hum, road repairs, and general maintenance. With our tax dollars at stake, let’s get our priorities straight and make sensible investment decisions.

It has been said that golf is a good walk spoiled. What this plan proposes is a golf course and a village spoiled.

Jennifer Vorbach
Bellport Village



February 6, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Golf Course

I met you a few summers ago with Harriet and Stuart Levine, I have been building my home at 20 South Howells Point Road for several years.

The situation with this driving range, is simply a nightmare. As a Harvard trained architect, I am shocked that this insensitive, outrageous idea has gained any kind of hold in our village.

The way this Mayor and his group have gone about this project in the most of clandestine of ways leave not only speechless , but incredibly angry.

The impact that this low class, transient, short sighted development that completely ignores the aesthetics ( the 19th century sensibility) , property values, and quality of life for us residents that will be directly abutting this crap, is too large to even begin to comprehend.

We are getting ourselves organized as residents of South Howells Point Road and the many friend that are simply outraged at this monstrosity.

I wanted to thank you for writing the piece from the bottom of my heart. I am presently working on a perspective of what this RANGE will look like.

Insulting us (the Mayor) by changing the name from a driving range to practice area (for it to go unnoticed) is a disgusting move.

All resident of this village that love Bellport, should scream to the top of their long We Don’t want this!

A Mayor that is willing to hurt village residents and the village as a whole this way is hard for me to comprehend.

Again, thank you and we can see all the help we can get….

Carlos Aparicio
Bellport, NY



February 6, 2019

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Practice Area/Driving Range

When I moved here 28 years ago I didn't have much time for golf but I would play here occasionally. It was a nice course, in pretty good condition, and as a resident the price was right. I would go down as a single in the morning and the starter would join me up with a few other players and we'd enjoy a few hours of golf together. I didn't know if they were residents, members or the very rare I would come to find out "resident member".

I started to play more often over the years and I was noticing the decline of the courses conditions. The greens that were perfect were becoming beaten up, fairways bare, bunkers unplayable and yet people were paying a premium price to play here.

I started referring to the course as an example of the law of diminishing returns. Members were spending thousands to play there only to see their money be used to offset the residents taxes. Less money was spent on the course, conditions suffered, membership declined steeply and it was a whirlpool of failure. Membership had fallen from over 650 to less than 300 over a twenty year span. I had become a "resident member" as my free time increased and spent more time on the course. Most of the people I played with were non-residents and they were appalled at the declining course conditions. It got so bad that I joined another club that was 15 miles away and more expensive, but I'd rather do that than play here. It was a dump.

I stayed away for five years but then three years ago I returned to find the course in fabulous condition. I had played here over that time but it took a while for the course to respond to the care and attention given it by the new maintenance crew that was hired. I rejoined as did many of the member friends that had left over the years.

Your op-ed seems a bit misleading. I've attended the golf commission meetings and there are no lights mentioned for the range, not to mention "tall" night lighting. There would be no increase in traffic, as only members, guests and residents would be allowed to use the range. Traffic light? Decrease in property values? They have increased dramatically the last few years so any decrease would probably be normal economics.

You refer to when the course was created as a reference to membership and use. It was built in 1890 something and it was probably used by the wealthy homeowners at the time. Over the last 125 years it has morphed into today's semi-private club.

I don't understand the position on non-resident members. It seems that the course has always had a majority of those members, that's what makes the course survive. If you want a golf course then you need members who will pay double the membership fee of what a resident pays. They all do that as well as spend money in the restaurants and other village establishments. The course wouldn't be affordable without them.

Most golf courses I've played at have driving ranges/practice areas and adding that to the BCC would greatly benefit the membership. The membership was surveyed if they wanted a range and how they would pay for it, they will be paying for the range with an increase in dues to cover the cost. There was no Electoral College and the majority vote wanted it and may get it...

Mike Mislin
Bellport, NY



February 6, 2019

Running for Library Board

I’m running for the South Country Library Board of Trustees! For nearly 5 years I worked at South Country Library. I started as a page, moved up to clerk, and then began running the Outreach Program delivering books to our homebound residents. My time as an employee taught me the power that libraries give to communities. I am running for the Board of Trustees position to ensure South Country Library maintains it’s positive impact for the people of our community, and to advance it onto new horizons. I hope to have your support on Tuesday, April 2nd!

Jack Nix
East Patchogue,