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November 25, 2020

Thank You

A BIG thank you to the Bellport Garden Club for the wonderful job they did on Main Street this week. The urns and window boxes look lovely! You are all so kind to do this. Let's all donate a little something towards their overheads.

Pamela Lerner
Pamela Lerner Home & Design
Bellport Village, NY


November 25, 2020

Wreath Decorating Contest

Kudos to Mary Lou and the entire staff of the Village office for coming up with the idea for a Christmas wreath decorating contest. Although only in its first year what started out as 27 wreaths has quickly gone to 54! The Bellport Village Program Fund was thrilled to financially support this contest, but the creative idea and talent rightly belongs to the Village Office. Thanks also to Jason Crane and the Highway Dept. for hanging the wreaths around town.

Jane Graham
Bellport Village, NY


November 9, 2020

Loop the "D"

Mayor and Trustees:

I was able to watch a portion of last month’s village board meeting and was very surprised to hear that a few Village residents are suggesting that the Tradition to “Loop the Dock”, especially during the summer months, be eliminated. This activity has been going on for more years than I am old and it would be a travesty to have it taken away from all of us who have enjoyed this privilege...and Tradition.

As a young girl, my Mom would tell me and my siblings that we had to go down to the dock to see if the water was still there... As you can imagine we were shocked that this could happen and we would question her. After the loop, my mother and us were relieved to see everything was in fact as it should be...the water was still there, and then she would smile. As a young adult and parent, I would say the same thing to my children...and now I continue to do so with the grandchildren. A Tradition.

When members of my family come home to visit they have already Looped the Dock before they get to the house...a Tradition.

Yes, it is busy at the Dock during the summer months with the Ferry, Playground, Sailing Program, Kids Camp and Concerts. This is a good thing and not a reason to eliminate or curtail this activity because nothing has changed in the recent years...the Tradition continues.

The fact that some cars park at the southern end of the dock and use their iPhones and play music...really? Other than the use of iPhones , that is yet another Tradition.

I would have to admit, unwillingly, that change is necessary in some cases or areas, but not this Tradition. It was suggested at this village meeting that perhaps it could be done as a trial to see if the residents liked this change. I will remind you that all of us were prevented access to the dock during the renovation/reconstruction and NO ONE liked it.

I am asking all of you to strongly consider NOT implementing this change that will affect all of us residents. I also feel that a proposed change by a few residents and a decision to move forward with it should be up to the majority of the Village residents and tax payers. Let all of us have the opportunity to speak and be heard at an “in person” Public Meeting.

A life long resident, Bob Lyons, was famously quoted many times, ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is a perfect example of leaving the Dock as it is...Tradition.

Pamela Hannon
Bellport Village, NY


November 8, 2020

Bellport Village Dock and Park

Dear Mayor Fell and the Board of Trustees:

I am writing in support of the letter Kathie and Rich Dallin sent addressing the proposal of eliminating the parking in front of the Bellport Yacht Club.

I have been a resident of the community in the Village and the Hamlet for over 50 years. The tradition of looping the dock was one of the first things I was introduced to. It was as if it were mandatory when returning to the Village after work, shopping or a short trip.

Before retiring, my career took me away from home frequently. The first thing I did upon returning was to loop the dock, then sit in the car at the end of the dock to “plug” back in. During personal crises in my life, I found inner peace sitting in my car at end of the dock, absorbing the view to clear my head. Other times I’d just sit to think, maybe catch up on the news without the interruption of household obligations pulling my focus.

I understand the necessity to keep our children safe, but as the Dallin’s pointed out, to my knowledge, there has never been any accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian in the park and dock area during my half century in the community.

To coin the idiomatic expression, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”. Surely the board can try to come up with a less aggressive action to address these safety concerns. Several were made during your October board meeting which seemed to be a good start. Perhaps a quiet - turn down your radio sign at the end of the dock as well as enforcing speed limits is all you need to do.

During the time I have resided in the community, we have had a steady influx of summer residents, many ultimately becoming year round residents. These folks were attracted to the Mayberry like quality of our town. Looping the dock and parking for a bit is the heartbeat of that quality.

Please let us not take away the very nature of the reason people come to visit, then stay for a lifetime. As Kathie and Rich pointed out, “there have always been lots of children there enjoying the playground, crabbing and fishing, the sailing program, the races, skating, boating, taking the ferry, and watching the amazing ice scooters. Nothing has really changed.

So…….. if it ain’t broke, why fix it.

Amelia Chiaramonte
Brookhaven Hamlet, NY


November 8, 2020

Veterans and COVID-19

Yesterday in front of CVS three veterans were raising funds and handing out poppies and flags. They were not wearing masks. I went into CVS and bought five masks and told them if they put them on I would contribute. One had a mask and put his on and I gave the others masks to keep. I asked them to promise me to wear them and they agreed, so I made my donation. Three of my family members were veterans so I make it a effort to donate every year. I took my poppy and flag and politely left. The flag was used to replace the one that was vandalized next to my “Vote for Kids” and “Vote for Honesty” sign. The flag staff broken in half and the flag was left on the ground.

Today I went to CVS and there they were again without masks! A Village Constable was in the parking lot and I asked if he could enforce this village violation matter and he said he would. Leaving the CVS drive thru I saw only one man wearing a mask and the other two didn’t. Now I was really upset and confronted them about disregarding the CDC guidelines. I’m a cancer survivor and my husband is scheduled for surgery and has to be COVID free. There is not excuse for this blatant disregard for the publics safety.

In the future the village needs a assure that this doesn’t occur again. Perhaps fines could be issued to violators, and/or permits requiring them to wear masks during their fund raising.

Pauline M Dubick-Hazard
East Patchogue, NY


November 3, 2020

The Real Issue at Village Hall

To The Mayor, The Board Of Trustees, And The People Of Bellport:

The mayor’s goal of enhancing access for the disabled at Village Hall is undoubtedly well- intentioned. The issue is how to do it. Since Village Hall is in the Bellport Lane Historic District and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places [click here for a tour of what makes Village Hall significant], the mayor has had discussions with the Historic Preservation Commission. No decisions have been made, but the mayor’s preference seems to be to use the front entrance. While a single entrance for all would be ideal, it is hardly possible at Village Hall without compromising its historic significance.

Most of us are aware that there are many buildings all over the country where, for various reasons, separate entrances for the disabled are common. In particular, many small historic buildings in America- just like Village Hall- cannot provide disabled access if they are to preserve what makes them significant. Congress understood this when it passed the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990, so it inserted a provision called “shifting services” where an adjacent building is utilized. In Bellport, the Community Center, which has access for the disabled, has fulfilled that function for the past 30 years without any difficulties. When asked at the Village Board meeting of October 26th if there had been any complaints about this arrangement, the mayor did not respond.

As background, the village has now obtained a grant to construct direct access. An engineer is working to see how access can be achieved. In spite of the fact that there are no legal requirements as to where a ramp must be placed, the mayor has pushed the Historic Preservation Commission to focus on the front. Ideas submitted by both the engineer and the chair of the historic commission, involve a front entrance. I would recommend other alternatives that would obviate the need to deface Village Hall, which would amount to a blatant act of vandalism. I also believe, and the mayor seemed to concur, that it would serve the village well to hire an architect experienced in adapting historic structures to the needs of the disabled.

Going forward the village should focus on all possibilities for disabled access. Such possibilities (as illustrated in the video) would include placing access in the east, rear side of Village Hall or, best of all, continuing with the practice of “shifting services” which has served us well for 30 years and can continue to do so, regardless of changing technology. Indeed, technology makes shifting services even easier. I fervently hope that the mayor and the trustees will recognize that it is not necessary to sacrifice Village Hall, a cultural landmark, and diminish what makes Bellport so distinctive and desirable.

Victor Principe
Bellport, NY


November 1, 2020

Bellport Village Dock and Park

Dear Mayor Fell and the Board of Trustees:

We feel compelled to write about the possible elimination of parking in front of the Bellport Yacht Club. We strongly oppose this suggestion.

This proposal appears to be generated by children's safety, environmental and noise issues?

To address safety, perhaps, a speed table can be placed on the west side of the Yacht Club to slow cars at that point? The speed limit has to be enforced, not only at the Dock, but throughout the Village. Perhaps, the new parking spaces, along the East side of the Dock, should instead provide a walkway to the benches in front of the Yacht Club?

Specifically, regarding children's safety in front of the Club, or anywhere in the park, it is the responsibility of the parents or caregivers to keep watch...especially near cars and the water. To our knowledge, there has never been any accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian in the park area.

As far as environmental issues from idling cars, most people turn their cars off when parking for more than a minute or two. Also, there are so many hybrid cars now which automatically go to battery when parked.

If there is loud noise coming from a car radio, the Village noise ordinance should be enforced by Code.

The area in front of the Yacht Club, as well as the entire park area, is for ALL residents and parking should not be eliminated or restricted. There are many older, or handicapped residents, who would not have access to this panoramic water view. In inclement weather, many residents would not care to park and walk to the front of the Yacht Club. The front of the Yacht Club is the PERFECT spot to view the bay, the Inlet, the races, the sunset, etc.

In addition, people have been looping the Dock and parking in front of the Yacht Club for 60 plus years that we personally know of. There have always been lots of children there enjoying the playground, crabbing and fishing, the sailing program, the races, skating, boating, taking the ferry, and watching the amazing ice scooters. So, nothing has really changed.

We were lucky to be "down at the bay" for many wonderful years, with our own children enjoying all these activities. So, nothing has really changed.

When I got my drivers license, well over 60 years ago, my first trip was to park in front of the Yacht Club. When our son and his family visit, we go from the airport directly to the Bay. As many know, it's a tradition to loop the bay and park just to be sure the bay is still there. So, nothing has really changed.

People, of all ages, have been walking, biking and driving around the Yacht Club and stopping to admire the view for years. This is the very essence of our magical Village.

So, nothing has really changed.

During the Covid crisis, we parked in front of the Yacht Club every single day. It brings us hope, peace and clarity. We realize change can be good...but not when there isn't any good reason for the change.

Please don't take away this iconic tradition.

Rich and Kathie Dallin
Bellport Village, NY