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September 14, 2018

The Ho Hum Pavilion

Tides have been up the last day+ due to approaching hurricane Flo, and will continue to get higher. ALL the 25 foot pylons are exposed from totally to (close zoom views seems to me) maybe still in the sand a couple of feet. But that turkey is going down. Anybody who has been there who knows a screwdriver from a saw could tell you the roof was built way to heavy, like tons. I recall making this a major point in my letter. As the sea finishes washing away the base sand and leaves the pylons being battered by high seas, that top-heavy structure will list forward and fall head first into the drink – most likely within this current storm scenario. If so, it will have had a life of merely 2 years, with the sand being washed away almost from the day it opened.

Yet another boneheaded idea foisted on we taxpayers by our nearly octogenarian mayor and majority of the board. They cannot think straight at their extreme age (which is a normal fact of life) and those “folks” should resign and let some Millennials run this town’s public matters.

Will Struyk
Bellport Village



September 11, 2018

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Support Larry’s Latest Call for Ferry Access for Shoppe Keepers

I fully support the call for an Amendment to the Village Code to allow our Business Owners the right to buy ferry tickets at the Resident fee. The right should allow each Business Owner plus two of her/his employees the right to ride our Ferry and debark to enjoy the ocean whether or not there is a beach and/or a Pavilion there in 2019.

I argued for this at a Village monthly meeting in 2014. The 2 aggressive opponents were Trustee Rosenberg and His Honor da Mayor. Part time residents Bob & Pamela are steadfast against giving nonresidents who work in the shops 5.5 days a week— some 60 hours—year round any right to any amenity. I asked Bob why Eileen Green, Pam Learner, Tom Cornell, Tom the dry cleaner shouldn’t have the right to take an employee on a late afternoon ferry ride. Simple, Bob replied. They live in another town. I pointed out that Trustee Rosenberg was in NYC or BA, or LA, or Paris so often he resembled the Road Runner “Beep Beep”. But he argued he owned property here so he gets the amenities and Pamela and Tom et al can work here 60+ hours weekly all year but “out” when their shops close. The Mayor was bobbing his head in agreement adding those people would for sure be removed from his Golf Course. (Remember residents we cannot refer to that grass patch and Bldg as the Bellport Country Club because the Village gave that name to the Irish Coffee Restaurant in Islip when they got a decades long lease on the club house for ‘events’; a bloody mess I’ve asked Atty Rosenberg and the Town Atty (who doesn’t get a name plate) to reverse, but they just shrug.

Will Struyk
Bellport Village



September 6, 2018

Re: Mary Clancy's Letter, "Do You See What I see?"

In regards to Mary Clancy's letter- do you see what I see? I pass that way everyday and called Brookhaven town myself. They were no help. Truck after truck after truck. I go home for lunch and pass Stirz four times a day. From what I see, they are taking sand out of there. There's a concrete place in there. They also have a "live bottom" truck going in and out. I googled it and it can be gravel. Maybe. I wonder if the google photos will show what the heck they are doing. They should be up front with the residents but no one is. I heard that when they dump things t the dump, they do it in the middle of the night and warn the dump to look the other way. This was years ago when this happened.

If you think that Trump is bad...…….at least he is up front and communicative. haha What's going on over there? I challenge someone to stick with it and find out.

Thank you.

Lynn Marie Breinlinger
Bellport, NY



September 4, 2018

Bellport Fire Department’s 125 Anniversary

We so very much enjoyed the Bellport Fire Department’s 125th celebration. The parade, food, music and fireworks drew such an amazing crowd. Thank you for the Anniversary!

The BFD is such a credit to our community with their service, cooperation and diligent efforts to keep Bellport safe.

Thank you to all who gave their time and efforts on August 25, 2018 and for the 125 years of service by the men and women of the Bellport F.D.

Craig and Bree Nurnberger
Bellport, NY




August 31, 2018

Do You See What I See?

There is an influx of large dump trucks coming down Station Rd. and making a turn onto Beaver Dam Rd. I’ve counted sometimes 8-10 trucks down Station on one trip.

So I decided to follow, all the trucks turned down Stiriz Rd. (across the road from Bellhaven Nursing home). They dump what they have on board and turn around.

I called the town of Brookhaven and was told they don’t know where Stiriz Road is and “we are not dumping anything." They know nothing about it. I was then transferred from one confused department to another.

What is being dumped and why in Bellport? If you know anything I would love to know, are we all at risk?

Mary Clancy
Bellport, NY



August 29, 2018

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Docking Enforcement at Ho Hum Beach

I read your report on the village’s attempt to enforce boat docking at Ho Hum Beach. Even though there was a ruling against the Village concerning this matter—we all learned something about ownership rights and the ability to enforce codes set forth by the village. It wasn’t a loss at all. Now the Village can pursue what they have to in order to rectify this matter going forward. As a resident, I feel the village should have the right to enforce codes both in our village and Ho Hum. I do not think this boater was malicious or defiant as can be seen in his purchasing a boat sticker. But neither was the Village. I believe the village acted with the right intentions and should not be judged as being unfair with one of our fellow residents.

Charles Ferrara
Bellport Village



August 11, 2018

J Walking

Well boys & girls

I know I have been remiss in providing you the much anticipated Rog Rants....

Well tonight just sent me over the foxtrot edge! Had a great dinner at Catch (in Patchogue) & figured to cap it off with an ice cream cone from Carla Marla. After fighting my way thru the very unfriendly crowd (none of whom I knew) and leaving with a cone filled with deliciously cool ice cream. I headed down the "Lane" to hoop the D. That is when I encountered a group of "J walkers" in the street (a dark portion of the "Lane" at 10pm +/-). Now Bellport Code Enforcement has a pension for enforcing to the letter of the law, but apparently the letter of the law does not include "J walking".

When driving down the "Lane" I encountered a group of pedestrians walking in the street. When I stopped and asked why they were not using the sidewalk the response was " The sidewalk is unusable because it is uneven and we don't live here."

So if I run you over you in the street when there is a sidewalk available you will contact your City lawyer to sue me and Bellport Village. I will need to contact my Country lawyer and in turn sue the Village for not enforcing the "J walking" statute and only the Lawyers will come away with the $$$$$. Unless I run the whole mess of you over, creating another whole situation and then the estates will take over, more lawyers.....

Now lets go back to the "I am not from here" comment. So not being from here gives you the right to march down the road instead of using the sidewalk. MMMM guess the sidewalks are for residents only (with Village ID)? Well go the foxtrot back to where ever you came from and walk in the middle of the street there!

I also would like to inform the Village of Bellport that there are pedestrians not using the sidewalks in the Village in violation of the "J walking" statute. Having served this notice I will not hesitate to use the appropriate portion of the thoroughfare designated for motor vehicle traffic!

Roger Baker
Patchogue, NY



July 31, 2018

Accessibility, Again

I suspect that this letter won't get any more response than my last one but it seems worth a try. The latest indication that the organizations and powers that be in the village have little interest in residents with disabilities happened on Bellport Day. I was really looking forward to the exhibit at the Historical Society. Sadly, I never got to see if because there was no way I could get in with my scooter. A friend went to check and was greeted with what can only be described as indifference. Yes, there was a back or side door but all the doors other than the main entrance, the one with steps, were locked and nobody seemed the least little bit interested in letting me in.

There is a large sign in front of the building indicating that a Federal money was used during the restoration. This alone should require that the building be ADA compliant. If the organization has received any government grants the same applies. I will be contacting the appropriate agency . I am done with feeling like a second class citizen. The Village and organizations such as this need to be held accountable.

Johanna Green
Bellport, NY



July 30, 2018

Street Sign Saga

After returning home from Bellport Days, this past Saturday, I see a News 12 van and car parked right at the foot of my driveway on Country Club. I walk over to ask what’s going on. Is there a celebrity at the country club, a golf pro, did someone win the lotto? No it was all about the proposal to change the street signs.

I said “oh, that is a troublesome decision for the Village board”. I shared with them that at the last Village meeting, many people against the wooden vertical signs spoke at the “open to the public” session last Monday. These were our teachers, traffic experts and Bellport historians that spoke out. Nobody seemed to be in favor of it, well I guess except the Bellport Improvement Fund attendees in the audience. But they didn’t speak, they seemed just to be there to listen to any opposing view.

I watched this Saturday evening filler news clip on News 12, and lo and behold I couldn’t believe what I saw. A very strong spin on the debate, that favored the new style vertically written wooden toothpick pole.

I was astonished, and wondered who really called News 12 in to promote this slanted news feature and why wasn’t News 12 at the Village meeting to hear the opposing views from many of our residents.

Bellport Village Board Members, please listen to your residents and think safety first and stop chasing the almighty dollar. I am so angry at this issue, that I refuse to support the Bellport Village Improvement Fundraiser this year. Village Board, please stop dragging your feet and give yourself permission to just say NO!

Lorraine Kuehn
Bellport, NY



July 18, 2018

I Support Perry Gershon For Congress

I would like to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support I received from South Country voters in the Democratic Party primary election. In an election with Democratic turnout nearly twice as high as it was in 2016, you helped me receive the second most votes in a hard fought five-way primary. Perry Gershon won with 35% of the vote. As a result, all four of us who didn’t win are supporting Gershon against Congressman Lee Zeldin.

I would also like to address concerns regarding my candidacy for Congress on the Women's Equality Party line. Before the Democratic primary election, I accepted the endorsement of the Women's Equality Party and, as a result, I’m on the ballot in the November general election. If I can remove my name I will, but it may not be possible. I will not be actively campaigning on that line and I do not wish to split the vote to replace Zeldin. In the end, a vote for me on the Women’s Equality line would be a wasted vote.

Please join me in voting for Democrat Perry Gershon this November to be our next congressman.

Kate Browning
Former County Legislator, 3rd District



July 17, 2018

Safety Before Nostalgia in Street Signs

I live in an 1843 historic Bellport house, so I understand the emotional issue of wanting to revert to what some believe are historic vertical white and black street name markers. However, in a previous career I worked at Harvard University researching how people read and process text in all forms including while driving, and that understanding leads me to recommend strongly against the street markers proposed by the Bellport Village Program Fund. Research shows that vertical text is slower to read than horizontal text; all caps is slower to process than sentence style; non-reflective font at night is harder to see than reflective font. And drivers look first for street signs at height rather than on the ground, where they can be obscured by snow piles and privet hedges. The village has trouble now getting residents to trim hedges to 4’ at intersections; think of the problem if this street level prototype replaces higher street signs.

If street-name signs are to provide guidance while driving at village speeds, they must be easily detectable at a distance and immediately readable for anyone aged 16 to 106. There exists a boatload of research behind the state’s recommended street name designs that maximizes legibility and minimizes identification time during various weather and lighting conditions, and the village should pay attention to the state standards. Safety, not cost and certainly not nostalgia for horse and wagon times, should be the deciding factor in the street sign replacement decision.

Residents can do their own research: Ask an out of towner, not familiar with our street names, to drive as a passenger at night towards one of the three prototypes (So. Country/Country Club; So. Country/No. Howells Pt; Otis/Baycrest). Start counting seconds (1001, 1002…) when your passenger definitively identifies the street name out loud and stop counting when your seat passes the sign. Do the same thing on a different street with one of the green street signs and one of the Victorian street signs. Which of the three styles could your out of towner read most easily and fastest? I know which I would choose with evidence-based research but which would you choose based on your own experience. Email your results to the village clerk,

Barbara Flagg
Bellport, NY



July 15, 2018

How to Make Friends and Influence People

This morning I attended the Bellport Village Board of Trustees Meeting to speak in the “Open to the Public” portion of the Reports from Trustees; 2. Discussion: Street Signs. Thirty (30) minutes were allotted for discussion and the street signs were the only topic discussed by the public. I was the last person selected by Mayor Fell to speak, however I have previously addressed the board about their consideration to install costly signs that don’t meet current Federal or NYS guidelines.

The village residents that spoke today, and one who submitted a letter, were not in favor of the three proposed sample sign posts which have been in place since last summer. Since last summer the board is still in the process of conducting a cost analysis for each post sample. They have also not compared the cost of installing decorative metal vertical signs which could be purchased off Town of Brookhaven contracts to save village taxpayers costs. Being that this information was still being sorted out by various village committees, I was confused about the purpose of this “Discussion”.

Apparently Mayor Fell doesn’t include non-residents in the “Open to the Public” portion, even if one is volunteering their expertise and advocacy in the best interests of the village. Federal and State Manuals of Traffic Control Devices are updated periodically as a result of traffic studies and changes in traffic conditions such as speeds, sight distances, as well as day and night visibility. Given the villages increase in summer rentals and out of town tourists (Country Livings 10 Best Places) makes sign consistency a priory over distinction.

Decorative metal street name signs can be fabricated with breakaway posts, recommended reflectivity, and letter size to reduce potential accident and emergency response time problems.

I urge village residents to voice their opinions about the boards proposed vertical white street name sign posts.

Pauline M Dubick-Hazard
Bellport, NY



July 11, 2018

Why Vote For A Sure Loser

I was very interested see David Cox’s Letter last week suggesting we all hold our noses and vote for Perry Gershon, the Democratic candidate for Congress. Gerson is a sure loser and voting for him will absolutely guarantee Lee Zeldin another term in Congress. The Republicans have already pinned a nickname on Gershon a la Trump and are starting to call him “Park Avenue Perry.” That says it all about Perry. Kate can still win if we stand firm. We have three months to make that possible.

Elaine Hendrie
Bellport Village



July 11, 2018

Unify the Vote

One of the worst things that Democrats could do in this upcoming election is to split their votes between two candidates (and parties) so that each is weakened and the chances of the incumbent being returned to Congress are improved. I refer, of course to Kate Browning and Perry Gershon both Democrats and both in opposition to Lee Zeldin. I am disappointed that Kate did not win the primary, but she didn’t and that is spilt milk! Let’s focus on the real prize and all vote on the Democratic line. There is a real chance here to remove another Trump sycophant by being true to the objective of electing the Democratic candidate.

Graheme Williams
Bellport, NY



July 9, 2018

Re: Political Decision

Those of us who supported Kate Browning in the Democratic primary elections last month are understandably disappointed at the outcome, but we must move on and recognize that Perry Gershon won by a sizeable margin. I am afraid that to now vote for Kate on the Women’s Equality line in the November elections will split the Democratic vote and all but guarantee the reelection of Lee Zeldin. I would instead urge Kate’s supporters to overcome their disappointment and unite behind Perry Gershon. I do not think that there is any other way to defeat one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters.

David Cox
Bellport Village



July 6, 2018


I have lived in the Village since 1968 and have rarely missed "Artists on the Bay". This year was exceptionally enjoyable due to the decision to block off a part of Bellport Lane. However, my pleasure came to a screeching halt when I went in search of a nice lunch in an air conditioned setting. The experience served to reinforce how little the village does for its disabled residents.

I use a mobility scooter to get around and find it increasingly difficult to walk more than a few steps. Stairs are a real problem. Do you know that the only restaurant in the village that is easily accessible is Roosters? They also have an accessible bathroom . After a lovely lunch I did a quick survey. I cannot get into most of the village shops either. I cannot even get my beloved iced tea at the deli.

The worst offender is the village itself. A few years ago when the front of the Community Center was updated I had hopes that there would be a ramp included in the updates. It didn't happen. I am not even sure it was considered.
I read in this week's Advance that the village was given money to fix the ramp at the side of the building. Sounds good doesn't it? Wrong! In order to use that ramp someone has to make sure the door is open or someone is watching to open it and that there is a clear path from the door to inside, and you have to reverse the process to leave. It is frustrating and embarrassing. Some of the money could be spent for an automatic door opener. Even better, scrap the whole thing and build a nice ramp in the front. I won't even begin to describe what happens if you need to do business at Village Hall!

It is possible that some of the restaurants and businesses have alternate entrances but if they do it is a big secret. My immediate solution is to refuse to shop at any store or eat at any restaurant that doesn't treat all people with disabilities with respect. I didn't see any other scooters on the Lane but there were a fair number of wheelchairs and walkers. I have a feeling the population of the village is getting older and something needs to be done. I am not working much these days and am looking for ways to keep busy. Perhaps there are others out there who would like to get involved?

Johanna Green
Bellport Village



July 3, 2018

Political Decision

To all those who wanted to see a candidate with the background and the smarts to win against Lee Zeldin in November and so voted for Kate Browning but saw her defeated in the Democratic primary recently take heart. ALL IS NOT LOST! Kate is still running!

She will be on the ballot, running as the Women’s Equality Party Candidate. So skip the other candidates on the ballot and stand firm for Kate. It will be the best political decision you make all year.

Elaine Hendrie
Bellport Village



July 1, 2018

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

That Robo Call

Larry, I couldn't agree with you more! I was aghast to see that humungous, (that means ridiculously) large full-color poster, not in Bellport village but on the road to, in East Patchogue for 2 sitting village trustees who have spent "more-money-than-sense" this year than is warranted for our "small-village" election!

What is worse is we had to continue looking at it after that election!

Barbara Knowles
Bellport, NY



June 20, 2018

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to our recent editorial.

Regarding Your Recent Editorial About the Car for Sale

A picture is worth a thousand words..but in your case you provide both... Thanks for helping the Bellport Village to be the greatest..

Joseph Gagliano
Deputy Mayor



June 18, 2018

Kate Browning for Congress

I urge all Democrats to vote in the primary election to be held on June 26th to select the Democratic candidate to oppose Congressman Lee Zeldin, an ardent Trump supporter.

In order to defeat Zeldin we must pick the most electable candidate of the five candidates running in this primary election. I believe that Kate Browning is that candidate because she’s a proven vote getter.

Kate Browning is a Shirley resident who won election six consecutive times as the Democratic candidate for County Legislator. In Kate’s last election before being term limited out she won 63% of the vote compared to Trump’s 55% in the same district. In polling conducted by the Democratic Party, Browning was rated the strongest candidate against Lee Zeldin.

We live in a swing district were Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Browning’s strength is that she can attract Independent and Republican voters, not just Democrats.

Kate’s husband is a police detective and she has two sons in the military. She has done so much for the South Country area as our County Legislator to earn our support.

Kate is already on the ballot for November’s General Election as the Women’s Equality Party candidate but needs the Democratic Party line as well to win.

Please vote on Tuesday, June 26th and send Kate to Washington to stop Donald Trump from ruining our country.

Larry Tierney
Brookhaven, NY



June 10, 2018

Driveway at Rooster Luncheonette

Several weeks ago I sent a letter to one of the Trustees regarding a public safety concern with the proposed opening of the Rooster Luncheonette on Station Rd. Knowing what a popular business this would be in the community I suggested improvements to the sight distance exiting the driveway. The business has recently opened and the rear parking lot, which will be utilized due to limited village parking, has an exit with limited sight distance obstructions that have not been addressed.

I’m bringing this to your attention as I was retained as a traffic consultant for the Meritage Restaurant by a previous Bellport Village Zoning Board Commissioner. As part of this study it was determined that the bushes on the north side of the driveway severely limited sight distance to southbound pedestrians, and vehicles. Presently the bushes have overgrown and require trimming. Since this study a UPS box has been installed this adds to the problem and needs to be relocated.

After speaking with the Village Clerk on June 5, 2018 he informed me that my letter and study was forwarded to him, however no action has been taken to date to rectify this situation. Being that the village paid for my services I feel obligated to forward my findings to the current board, as they still apply.

I respectfully ask you to look into this matter and see that it is taken care of by the appropriate village agencies as soon as possible. Thank you.

Pauline M Hazard
Bellport Village



June 2, 2018

Let's Send Kate to Congress!

Kate Browning served ably as our Suffolk County Legislator (3rd District) for 12 years. She was able to work effectively with colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

Kate has a demonstrated ability to win elections, having won 6 straight times in a majority Republican district that includes Lee Zeldin’s home town. Kate has strong name recognition and an excellent reputation in the Town of Brookhaven, where the majority of voters in the 1st Congressional District live. Kate’s life story will resonate with CD1 voters: She is a military mother and the wife of a NYC police detective.

Kate Browning is our best Democratic candidate to defeat Lee Zeldin in November!

Marc Rauch
Bellport, NY