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May 17, 2020

Thank You

I am living in Arizona right now but lived in the area for 60 years and always enjoyed walking, riding, driving to the dock. I now have a daughter who lives in the area and is a tax payer. I so appreciate you writing the truth, especially in the political arena we live in these days where the truth is not respected.

Again, thank you for the “truth.”

Jean A Blakeslee
Lake Havasu, AZ



May 14, 2020


So, now President Trump refers to the United States Postal Service as, “a joke”, and refuses to use taxpayer money to “bail it out.” He rails about how it should quadruple the postage paid by companies like Amazon, which would ultimately hurt the Postal Service and the American people it serves.

I don’t get it. I know that the Postal Service is not a governmental department like Defense, Energy, Agriculture, or Homeland Security—all of which operate with multi-billion-dollar budgets funded directly from taxpayer dollars. The Postal Service is expected to be self-funded through postage stamps! No one would expect the Department of the Interior to quadruple charges to ranchers for grazing rights on federal lands or to charge Broadway prices for looking at Yosemite or Old Faithful. Should the Department of Energy sell spent nuclear waste to the highest bidders? Of course not.

But the Postal Service provides a direct service to our country, just as they do.

Postal workers are a fixture in every American city, town, and village. The Post Office is an American institution. Zip codes define our country. The Postal Service is one of the nation’s biggest employers of veterans and disabled people. Now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Postal Service becomes even more important to shut-in Americans. It is the original “delivery at home” service.

I urge everyone to support the Postal Service and thank its men and women who are on the front lines working to maintain some semblance of normalcy during this difficult period.

Richard Weissmann
Bellport, NY



May 5, 2020

A Visit to Bellport Village, 5/4/20

Yesterday I was headed to Bayport Flowers market, so drove through Bellport.

Just passing Gateway Theater is saw two older teenage girls walking with no face masks.

By the time I got to the 4-corners, I passed 4 more young women – non masked. I drove down Bellport Lane to Shore Drive, up the hill and onto Academy Ln., onto So. Country, down So. Howells, across Otis, back to So. Country past the golf course and out of Bellport. In total I passed 23 young people, 3 males (mid thirties} and 20 women (teens to late twenties I guess) and absolutely NOT ONE Bellporter was wearing a mask. Have all the fabulous Bellport Code cops passed on? Is the the Mayor aware of Gov. Como’s Executive Order issued April 15, effective yet until he withdraws it which requires all people in this state to wear a face mask when in public. NOT ONE Bellporter in public yesterday that I passed wore a mask. None.

Just on May 4th, Gov. Cuomo stated: If you do not wear a mask in public QUOTE: “ . . .you could literally kill someone” and also: How selfish of you to put other people near your at risk of death. The Gov. explained: “You don’t wear a mast to protect yourself—you wear it to protect the next person."

The Governor stated emphatically that “local police have the responsibility to enforce it” >>the State Order to wear masks. Furthermore, the Order gives local towns the optional additional right to “enforce a sanction [fine] for being in public without a mask.” per Gov. Cuomo.

Today's May 5 edition of the Times lead article states: the Trump administration “is privately projecting a steady rise in coronavirus infections and deaths over the next several weeks to 3,000 daily deaths on June 1. . . . . The White House raised its fatality projections on Monday to more than 134,000 American deaths from COVID-19 by early August.”

Also in Today’s Times page D7, in Jane Brody’s weekly Personal Health article, she states how its not “fun . . .wondering whether the next unmasked person who passes too close to me on the street or in a store will transmit the deadly virus.”

There are now 24 people in Bellport with the virus. Statistically, some of them will die.

The Mayor is hopeless I imagine. John C. Can you try to find the phantom-esk Chief Cop Don and get the Village Enforcement employees to do what Gov. Cuomo says they should be doing: If they see someone without a mask, stop them and hand them a mask. [Last weekend there were 5,000 NYC police in the many parks in all the City Boroughs handing out masks per Sirius news.] Like in an airport: “If you see something, DO SOMETHING” Village Hall’s nonchalant attitude about obeying the Executive Order is grounds for termination and/or recall for serious breach of duty in this old man’s opinion.

Will Struyk
Bellport, NY



April 27, 2020

Thanks For Helping To Get The Word Out About Our Food Drive

Thank you very much for advertising the food drive sponsored by COMPASS Unity. It was a HUGE success. We filled two trucks - one for Lighthouse Mission and one for Angels of Long Island. Without your assistance in getting the word out, we would not have had a successful event!

Lynette Murphy
COMPASS Unity Coordinator



April 22, 2020

Thank You

Thank you for your ongoing coverage. Like the days after Superstorm Sandy, is the place to find useful information.

Joanne Downs
Bellport, NY



April 18, 2020


We live in a quieter world now, and I am close enough to South Country Road to hear the ambulance sirens on a daily basis. Not hearing them would be worse, as we know that they are rushing people to hospitals and are performing a brave, vital, and great service. I thank and respect them for their work.

But I hear motorcycles more often than I hear ambulances. On a regular basis now, when the weather is decent, the air is awash with the thrusts of loud and large motorcycles. If you want to ride, God bless. But it’s clear that these motorcyclists are not adhering to the 25 mph speed limit as they round the curve on South Country Road into the village.

I was in the Community Center when the Village Trustees voted that groups of kids on bikes popping wheelies could be arrested, fined, or otherwise deterred. I understand why. Those young people are endangering their own lives and possibly the lives of others. Shouldn’t the same standard be applied to the motorcyclists who are breaking the Village speed limit?

Jennifer Vorbach
Bellport Village



April 15, 2020

A Point of Clarification

The CVS candy donation was a welcome Easter gift to add to the Grab and Go lunches that were dropped at the Patchogue train station on the Saturday before the holiday. The lunches I prepared included a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, a drink and a protein bar. This initiative happens daily, coordinated by soup kitchen volunteer Fran Koszicsky.

Susan Kahl, President
The Patchogue Neighbors Soup Kitchens, Inc
Member Patchogue COAD



April 14, 2020

Photos for Corona Updates

Thanks again for your wonderful coverage of the Corona Pandemic! It’s comforting to know we can get a daily summary of what to do and what’s been happening from one single source. In an effort to continue to lift spirits and raise hope, please consider changing the photo (of the virus) on your daily posts.

For us personally, we are inundated with this horrific image throughout the day that we could afford to see it one less time. Perhaps consider asking your readers to submit photos of “hope.” No prize or competition for this, just a community coming together to give each other a virtual hug and optimism!

Thanks again for your consideration and for all you do!

Cheryl Felice & Lorraine Kuehn
Bellport, NY



April 13, 2020

CVS Candy Donation

Although it might appear to be charitable, it is very unhealthy to give the CVS candy to the kids from underprivileged families. These families already struggle with underlying medical problems directly caused by sugar i.e. obesity and diabetes. Both conditions have been linked to underlying conditions putting them at higher risk of COVID-19. Lets not make it worse/more difficult at a critical time for them to be striving to lead a healthier life. Just a thought.

Mary McAllister, LCSW-R
Brookhaven Hamlet, NY



April 12, 2020

A Letter To The Editor, From The Editor: Another Good Thing!

I got a note from Anthony Liendo, Store Manager of the CVS Pharmacy in Bellport Village, saying he wanted to donate some of CVS’s Easter candy and wanting to know if we could “point him in the right direction” to find recipients for the candy. He said they “would love to give back to the community."

I had some ideas, but I also knew two people in our community who were sure to be able to help, Sue Kahl and Joann Neal. Sue helps out at many of the food banks and soup kitchens in the area and is giving out lunches at the Patchogue train station. Joann is very active with the Boys & Girls Club as well as several other organizations. Lately, Joann has been giving out lunches three days a week at the Boys & Girls Club so I knew she could help too.

Well, that’s all it took. Sue and Joann both gave Anthony a call and the next day they picked up four huge boxes of candy CVS was donating to the community! Sue and Joann had no trouble finding places that would appreciate the donation.

I’m writing this because although at times we see people ignoring the quarantine and only thinking about themselves, at the same time, there are also good people in our community looking out for all of us and only wanting to do the right thing.

Larry Sribnick
Bellport, NY



April 10, 2020

The Golf Course Decision

Just as I sat down to write this letter regarding the mayor’s use of the word “unfortunately” in describing the governors wise decision on closing golf courses, I read the message from Jennifer Vorbach which expresses my exact thoughts. Some golfer may think it’s “unfortunate” that they can’t play golf for now, but I’m sure most understand the importance of the governor’s action, and don’t see his decision to be an unfortunate move.

At his newsconference today (10 April), the governor made perfectly clear that he has NO problem with people walking the golf courses (he used the word “hike,” and in response to reporters, referred to “hiking” without carrying golf clubs!). So perhaps the village board will consider this, as it would open this enjoyable walking option.

Norman Pearlmutter
Bellport, NY



April 10, 2020

Closing of the Bellport Golf Club

I applaud Mayor Fell’s compliance with Governor Cuomo’s decision to close all Golf Courses.

Is there a contradiction in the Mayor’s decision to close all Board and Work Sessions to the public out of concern for public safety, early on, and yet wish to keep the Golf Course open until just now?

My attention was caught by the use of the word « unfortunately, » which is how Mayor Fell characterized the Governor’s decision. To my mind what would be truly unfortunate is if the golfers in our Village and nearby communities contracted C-19 on the course.

I am sorry that instead of providing us with the opportunity to walk the parkland, proper distancing in effect, the villagers have been proscribed from enjoying our our own lovely and wide parkland.

Jennifer Vorbach
Bellport, NY



April 8, 2020


Thank you for your constant updates and information. We so appreciate it...

The Fedge family
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Editorial.

April 4, 2020

Thank You Dr. McGuinness

Tonight, Bellport neighbors went to thank Dr. Julia McGuinness, daughter of Dr. Brian and Louise McGuinness (of Bellport). Julia is an attending physician at NY-Presbyterian in Manhattan, who is treating Covid-19 patients and we wanted to honor her bravery. Click here for the video.

Robert Judem-Cautin
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: We received the following letter from Dr. Berman and his wife Chantal. It brings home the fact that COVID-19 isn’t something way off in the distance, it’s right here in our community. Please read Dr. Berman’s letter and contribute if you can.

April 4, 2020

Donations for LI Community Hospital

Dear Friends,

The LI Community Hospital is facing an unprecedented emergency, as we all are, with COVID-19. The Bellport-Brookhaven area is as busy as I have ever seen it. All of us are hunkered down, both locals and our friends from the City.

We have over 60 very sick COVID-19 patients with more than 40 on ventilators. Our Drs, Nurses and Hospital Staff are heroically battling this problem. We need to help and protect them.

We constantly need to purchase PPE equipment and scarce medicines and equipment. This takes money, and lots of it.

Please, let’s all join together, NYers and locals alike, and help our Hospital save lives.

Please follow this link,, and donate generously.

Please also pass this email on to your friends.

Thanking you in advance.

Richard and Chantal Berman
Bellport Village



April 3, 2020

Thank You

I hope this finds you both well.

Thank you so much for your diligent and vital work, and for keeping us up-to-date.

Fond regards,

Jennifer Vorbach
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Editorial.

April 2, 2020

Re: Recent Editorial

I would like to begin by thanking you Larry for providing a forum for me to share some thoughts with you. Your advocacy and reporting is a terrific example of the importance of a committed and free press.

With a global pandemic capturing our every waking moment it is reasonable to understand how people can get consumed in events that threaten our lives. Television is filled with public officials from Washington generating incredible blather. There will be time for us to review their performance. This is not my purpose today. Remembering their day of reckoning will come.

I chose to focus on people in our community whose every action expresses values, character and mission. We should focus on Doctors, nurses and administrative support people who put their own well being ahead of the people they are serving, in many cases without the benefit of appropriate equipment. Included in my prayers of thanks are those emergency technicians, police and firefighters and civil servants who are there every day for us. Their efforts on our behalf express values that I respect so deeply.

One more word. Next time you are in a store grabbing goods required for your family. Let’s acknowledge with a smile or a wave of appreciation to people who fill the shelves. They to are an integral part of our life and as such we owe them our respect as well.

May God Bless our families and friends...

Stuart Levine
Bellport, NY



April 1, 2020

Thank You for's Daily Update on the Coronavirus

Just wanted to thank you personally for the daily updates on the "Coronaviras Page" that you provide. You provide so much good and direct information. What I especially like is that I can scroll down to review previous day's posting and get myself up to speed.

Thanks so much Larry!!

Kudos to you and

Best Regards and Stay Safe

John Hannon
Bellport, NY



April 1, 2020

Memories of Bellport in Tough Times

I just read the letter from Phyllis Hartmann about her great experience with Cirillo’s. I am happy to see that Bellport is as loving and caring as ever.

Back in the early 60s, when I was in eighth grade, my mother had a serious accident that left her with two broken legs. After she came home from the hospital, she lived in our living room. She was home alone all day and at first she couldn’t figure out how to be able to get groceries for our family. In those days, we used Wallen’s. And she knew Mike Wallen well. What they figured out together was for her to call her order in, they would shop for her, and then they called a taxi (the one familiar to us but can’t recall the name now) and the driver would pick up the groceries and deliver them to our house, even putting away the ones requiring refrigeration. Because of Mike Wallen and the taxi, she was able to help, very important to her.

I’m glad to hear that Cirillo’s is being so accommodating during this tough time. Bellport will always be my home.

Stay well blessings to all of you!

Martha Scott Phipps
Alvin, Texas



April 1, 2020

Great Job

Thanks for all the Community news. The information you are providing is very helpful! Thank you.

Rosemarie Mccarthy
Harmony Café



April 1, 2020

Thank You

What a fabulous job you are doing of keeping us all informed on this CV19 nightmare, and most of all how you stepped up so quickly to help get the word out about the local businesses and their needs. 'IT TAKES A VILLAGE" forever grateful.

Pamela Lerner
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Editorial.

March 31, 2020

Positive Event

I have a story.....I live in East Patchogue and it was my daughter's 14th birthday yesterday. She was sad because her friends and family couldn't be here to celebrate with us on this joyous occasion. Her dad and I tried our best to decorate the house to surprise her when she woke. She liked it. Two of her friends surprised her by dropping off a present for her outside our front door. She was so happy. Then my sister in law and her family drove by and sang "Happy birthday" to her from their car. She felt special. After eating her dinner and cake of choice, when it was bedtime, her dad and I asked her if she enjoyed her birthday and she said "yes" and smiled. Our hearts were full and I was appreciative for those who went the extra mile for our daughter. So this is our story about creativity at its best for the people you care about during this hard time we are all facing today. I hope I put a smile on all of your faces and you all felt the joy that our family felt that day of our daughters 14th birthday.

I hope you like our story Larry. Thanks.

Holly Negron
East Patchogue, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Editorial.

March 31, 2020

Look for the Helpers

I wanted to mention a beautiful person who is doing her part and reaching out to help those in need. Her name is Debbie Henriksen and she is a Teacher Assistant at Kreamer Street School. She has just delivered 50 homemade medical masks to the Long Island Community Hospital! Not only that, she’s getting ready to make 50 more to fill their needs.

Debbie is an incredible human being, selflessly reaching out to answer the call and providing masks to our medical community!!

Kariann Marziliano
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: The Village Board Fiddles While The World Burns?

I read this on the Village’s website a few days ago and I thought, “Na, they can’t be serious. They’ll be sure to take it down.” Well, today is Monday, March 30th, it’s still up, and we received the following Letter To The Editor today. If Village Hall is serious about this, “Are you kidding???” If the Village Board just hasn’t gotten around to taking it down, it’s time to.

March 30, 2020

Let Them Golf?

I just learned this morning, that as of April 1st our Golf Club is being opened. How can something as irresponsible as opening the golf course occur while there are hundreds of people dying in our state? Who would allow or encourage an opening, which could further spread the virus further into our community? Our local government should be ashamed of this unwise choice of allowing our residents’ health be jeopardized for the entertainment of a few fools. Wake up!

Russell J. Nardozza
Bellport, NY



March 24, 2020

Thanks to Cirillo’s

When I read about Cirillo’s new service on, I thought it was too good to be true. Their new service is for seniors who are not able to leave the house to do their food shopping.

When I called the store, I was delighted to learn how it operates. You call them with your grocery list and you speak to real person, in my case, it was Marina. She was very polite and knowledgeable about what was in stock or when it would be available. She also said that if they didn’t have something that I had ordered, she would call me back with other options. Finally, when the order was ready for pick up, she would call me, and I should call the store back when I arrived.

In fact, this is exactly what happened. The service was as advertised and very prompt and courteous.

This service will be invaluable to those of us in that “age range” who don’t have someone to do their shopping for them. Most importantly, it keeps us seniors and the whole community healthy and provides peace of mind, too.

Thank you to Cirillo’s for making this wonderful service available. I will be a loyal customer long after this pandemic is over.

Phyllis Hartmann
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to a letter received below about our recent Op-Ed.

March 23, 2020

In Response to Bonny Clark

Please inform me as to what facts I have incorrect. Could it be the bid results? My information comes from a FOIL response from the Village. Could it be the completion date? That was in the bid documents supplied by the Village. Could it be the work to be accomplished in the contract? Again, from the supplied bid documents.

Roger Baker
Patchogue, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Op-Ed.

March 16, 2020

Roger Baker Letter

I wish you had fact-checked Roger Baker's letter before you printed it.

Hope you are well.

Bonny Clark
Bellport Village



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Seen & Heard Article about the BBHS's Black History Month Program.

March 1, 2020

BBHS Black History Month Program

Thanks for the pictures and news on the February 25 issue. It was great to be able to listen to Dr. Grier Key's presentation for those who were not able to attend.

Nancy Marr
East Patchogue