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January 5, 2020

New Year's Wish

Happy holidays to you & yours, Larry. Here’s hoping (against all odds) that 2020 is a happy and healthy year for us all. Also hope that some of the “over-the-top” political rhetoric of the last few years can be dispensed with, and we can all get back to caring about and for each other!

Matt Dominy
Bellport, NY



December 14, 2019

No Interest in Golf Club Improvements

To Mayor Fell and the Trustees,

I have taken the liberty of copying Jai Imbrey’s letter to you (below) as it succinctly and accurately represents Ronald’s and my views on the golf course project. I am unable to attend Monday’s meeting but would like you to know that many if not most of Bellport’s residents are very concerned about the financial impact that the golf course improvements would have on our taxes and on the community.

I’d also like to reiterate that the Village Board is responsible for keeping the village informed of all proposals for large expenditures and to remind you that we have a voice in how our tax dollars are spent. Any lack of transparency is a betrayal of our trust in you, our representatives.

We appreciate the time you devote to sustaining and improving Bellport.


Elisabeth Wingate and Ronald Kawitzky
Bellport, NY

1) No costly improvements for golf club paid from village tax dollars. Members should pay for golf club improvements. The company that runs the golf club should invest, not the community. Those who do not golf (80 percent of the community) do not wish to participate. Golfing is a luxury not a social right. Furthermore, with golf carts it is not particularly good exercise for the body. Try walking, biking, tennis or swimming. The club used to be a source of income, what happened?

2) Use tax dollars responsibly for important programs that benefit all: Please put tax dollars into good schools or more septic tanks for the village community and environmental upgrades especially regarding the bay and ocean rather than the golf club.

3) Transparency: Keep Bellport Village tax payers posted on expensive projects. I heard of this project through the grapevine.

Many thanks for your hard work in making Bellport a lovely village and a responsible community.



December 14, 2019

Golf Club Plans

Groundhog day came early to Bellport this year. The Mayor and Trustees after a failed attempt to hurl an expensive Golf Club upgrade came back with essentially the same plan minus a Driving Range. Once again, it includes no accommodations for resident who aren't members of the golf club. They announced it in the LI Advance as if it was a new plan -- and the paper ran with it. Let's hope there's not a repeat of that. Wake up LI Advance!

Copies of both the first and updated expensive golf course proposals had to be gotten via Freedom of Information Laws. Why do we have to do this over and over again? Why can't they make these plans available to the public before they announce them so the conversation can be collaborative rather than combative.

Why are they trying this again? Village residents didn't only dislike the Driving Range but the whole expensive plan. We don't like the attitude Fell and his Trustees continue to flaunt either. "We know better and we'll do what we want despite the costs or protest." Not anymore. Groundhog Day is over.

Why does everything repeat itself with the same result? They don't talk to constituents in advance; they throw out plan that is only good for golfers not voters; we protest; they withdraw it.

It's time to take Groundhog Day off the Bellport calendar. It's a waste of taxpayer dollars and all of our energy. Let's all tell them that -- over and over again and reclaim Groundhog Day for ourselves.

Ira Silverberg
Bellport Village



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Editorial.

December 14, 2019

Suggestions for Improvements

I like everything you (Larry) wrote, but I’d like to add:

Take care of the mosquito/green flies infested beach and make the marina on the town side more pleasant for people who just want to sit and watch the bay (good benches, no parked cars with engine on). Have some decent food at ho hum by the bay. Organize in a much better, friendlier way the sailing courses for kids in the summer. I have California grandkids who can only come for a couple of weeks a year who already hate Bellport because they are shut out of EVERYTHING except $$$/ an hour tennis.

I could go on but I'm running out of time.

Camilla Toniolo
Bellport, NY



December 9, 2019

Proposed Campaign Reform

In a Letter to the Editor in the Advance last week, Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R-Medford) made a partisan attack on State Democrats for proposing campaign reform which would include State funds to help under-funded challengers in our elections. I believe, it’s in society’s interest that our representatives be selected in elections that brings forth the best and the brightest, not the candidate with the most money. Incumbents like DeStefano enjoy a huge fundraising advantage over challengers and this proposed law tries to level the playing field. In addition, incumbents like DeStefano routinely mail taxpayer funded letters to their constituents touting what a good job they are doing. No where on these mailings does it state that it’s paid for by taxpayers, a lack of transparency. Perhaps Assemblyman DeStefano by example could start doing so in his mailings.

Yet, another example of incumbents abuse of taxpayers money was in the Brookhaven Town council elections this November. Earlier this year full page color ads started appearing in our local papers weekly picturing Brookhaven Town Councilmen Loguercio, Foley, Panico and Supervisor Ed Romaine, all Republican incumbents. These ads were unprecedented and it was clear they were prompted by the fact this was an election year. One of the many expensive full page ads let us know that we could get a free pussy cat at the local shelter. Another week it was don’t liter, followed by week after week of frivolous info we already knew. No where did it state that the ads were paid for by us, the taxpayers. Let’s stop pretending that distributing useless information in self congratulatory mailers and ads are a function of honest government, it’s not. Those that fill up our mailbox know exactly what they’re doing. They know they are campaigning with taxpayer’s money.

Larry Tierney
Brookhaven Hamlet