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April 11, 2021

Support for

I am happy to support this paper as it has kept me going throughout this COVID experience. Not a week goes by that I do not look to this paper for information on the virus and the toll it has been taking on my fellow community members. Myself and my family have been kept safe with the information on these pages and I urge everyone to get vaccinated in order for us to beat this thing.

Joann Neal
Bellport, NY


April 4, 2021

Bring Back Honest Government

Kate Browning (D) is back and running for her old seat as County Legislator in Suffolk's 3rd District, which stretches from Bellport to Center Moriches. After serving honorably for 12 years as our Legislator, Kate stepped down in 2017 under Suffolk County’s term limit law, which states: "No person shall serve as a County Legislator for more than 12 consecutive years.”

Note the word “consecutive.” Two elections for that seat have taken place since Kate left office, which means she can legally run in Suffolk's special election on Tuesday, May 25th.

The vacancy that Kate is seeking to fill was created when Legislator Rudy Sunderman (R) resigned days after he pleaded guilty in a plea deal with prosecutors. Suffolk District Attorney Timothy Sini said in a statement. "As a result of today’s guilty plea, the defendant is a convicted criminal who is disqualified from holding the position of trust that he betrayed through his actions,"

Suffolk GOP chairman Jesse Garcia has claimed Kate Browning can’t run because of the term limit law. This is nothing more than the Republicans wanting to distract voters from their record of corruption and knowing that they can't win on their own merits.

Again, the law reads: "No person shall serve as a County Legislator for more than 12 consecutive years". If Suffolk’s voters had wanted to prohibit a previously elected candidate from ever running again, they would have specified that.

Kate Browning has a record of controlling spending, holding the line on taxes, cracked down on illegal housing and protected our precious environment. Kate is proud of her two sons who are serving in the military and her husband Steve, a retired NYPD decorated detective and Army National Guard member.

Kate's return to the County Legislature would bring back an honest and tireless champion for all Suffolk residents. Please help ensure that this happens by voting for Democrat Kate Browning in Suffolk's special election on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Larry Tierney
Brookhaven Hamlet



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our new "Pay-It-Forward, Give An Ad" Program for Small Businesses and Non-Profits in Our Area

March 19, 2021's New "Pay-It-Forward" Program

Great idea! I can’t thank you enough for coming up with innovative ideas to help businesses. This reminds me of the old Cash-Mob days! Thank you for working with us to help the businesses.

LuAnn Thompson
Vice President
Bellport Chamber of Commerce


March 14, 2021

ARB Meeting for 14 Shore Road

Last Thursday night I, like many other Village residents, watched the 5 hour ARB Zoom meeting to discuss the cottage at 14 Shore Road. This topic was very important to me as I grew up in Bellport, and now as an adult, have been drawn back to raise my sons here. I, like so many others, love the charm and quaintness that makes our Village unique. And to so many of us, this cottage represents all that is Bellport—a combination of charm, elegance, quaintness and history.

This cottage brings happiness to walkers, ferry riders, kayakers—everyone enjoying the marina area. Although most of us could only dream to own the cottage, its very public location makes it part of the fabric of the Village we all cherish.

It is not only the potential destruction of the cottage that makes so many of us residents sad. It is also the words used last night by some who support the project. This cottage is so beloved, that a grass-roots effort produced 50 letters and a petition signed by 330 residents to plead with the ARB to ask the owners to reconsider their plans.

I watched as some residents tried to call this "politicized." Politicized?! I take personal offense to this, as I do not even know the owners of the cottage, or any of the neighbors involved. I also take offense to similar comments that the neighbors only care because of their view. This is clearly not true as hundreds of us who signed the petition can not see any water view from where we live. I find these comments to be completely dismissive, and are being used as tactics to discredit hundreds of us residents who love this cottage. An email was even sent to one of the neighbors during the ARB Zoom accusing him of being racist! How Horrifying!

I am hurt that my thoughts, and the thoughts of hundreds of my neighbors, are being discredited as politicized. There is no ulterior motive to how hundreds of us feel. It is clear and simple.

I will state it very simply below:

1. Almost everyone in this Village loves this little cottage and does not want to see it destroyed.
2. The proposed structure does not belong in this very public space—both from a style and size perspective.
3. We feel we need the ARB to help the owners and the neighbors work together to find a compromise that maintains the character of the cottage and repairs the Village-wide sadness this project has caused.

Hopefully, with a compromise, we can go back to being the respectful Village we all love.

Cathy Wilson
Bellport Village


March 14, 2021

Architectural Review Board Meeting 3/11/21 re #14 Shore Road Proposal

For over five hours last night we Zoomed together with those in attendance at the Architectural Review Board and listened to many letters re the efforts of Maria Alataris and Vishaan Chakrabarti to build their house at #14 Shore Road.

My letter to the board was not read so I would like to share my thoughts and questions here.

These do not concern the physical appearance or construction of the building, which is an unbelievably beautiful effort, but what might be the longterm-after- effect on the ground it would occupy. This narrow piece of property now houses an old, treasured, grownup sketch of a Bellport-type cottage much beloved by many long-time residents as the meeting last night indicated. (Our family has been here only 30+ years.)

In my letters to the board I stated I was more concerned about the future of the land under the proposed building and its attributes. There will be a swimming pool with the appropriate amount of water and a semi-tower. There will be a car parked in the driveway. The adjacent land of Osborne Park is vulnerable also as noted previously in my letters.

So where should I send my concerns re this proposed major change to a little plot of land now housing a little, ancient cottage?

Barbara Knowles
Bellport Village



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Seen & Heard piece.

February 25, 2021

Fairy Doors

I saw one today outside IGA. It just made me smile. Thank you! :)

Kim Taylor
East Patchogue, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Seen & Heard piece.

February 24, 2021

Fairy Doors

How refreshing!! I just read about Fairy Doors and thank Pauline and Jim Hazard for their efforts to bring some cheer and whimsy to...not only children in the area...but to all those who are young at heart! I'm headed out for a walk and hope to discover a bit of magic on my way! Thank you!

Kathie Dallin
Bellport, NY


February 16, 2021

Thank You

…for a new week of comments in "”. I start my week refreshed from reading the intelligence within them!

Barbara D. Knowles
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Editorial and Seen & Heard pieces.

January 28, 2021

Boat Slips

My wife and I are long time Bellport residents. We have never owned a boat or leased a slip from the Village. But we're somewhat surprised that there are no terms and conditions related to resolution of disputes regarding availability of the leased slips. Most legal agreements specify how disputes are to be resolved. Do you know what's in the lease agreements about this?

Thanks for your efforts on behalf of Bellport and its residents.

Paul Ames
Bellport, NY



Editor's Note: This letter is in response to our recent Editorial and Seen & Heard pieces.

January 27, 2021

Boat Slip Controversy

I read your editorial regarding the letter that was sent to the boat slip holders and then watched the video that you posted from the January 25th meeting. I was really disturbed at what I consider an attempt by Mr Moran to bully a resident. As a former Mayor, I do understand how difficult the job is and how frustrating it can be to navigate through controversial subjects. That said...the Mayor and Trustees roles are to listen and find solutions to legitimate concerns and should never allow the Village Attorney or any employee for that matter to try intimidate residents simply because they don’t like who or what is being said.

I don’t have a boat slip, I no longer live in the Village and until now have not commented on how the current administration manages the business of Bellport. I do know Mayor Fell and most of the Trustees, I believe them to be honest, fair minded and decent people. In this particular instance it appears as though there is an attempt to avoid dealing with a very difficult issue by offering a “take it or leave it” solution. From my experience, that plan simply will not work.

Last comment, I would urge Mayor Fell and the Trustees to do a better job of managing Mr Moran. He is after all paid by the residents and if unwilling to represent himself in a more civilized manner, then maybe it is time for a change.

Will Veitch
Brookhaven Hamlet, NY



January 19, 2021

Comments Regarding Rep. Zeldin

I have only one comment concerning the articles I agreed with about Rep Lee Zeldin... REMEMBER... BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLY TOGETHER...

John D. Langfeldt
Palm Beach Gardens, FL



January 13, 2021

We Are All Americans First

Congressmen Zeldin,

I have read your letter. I humbly submit that your thoughts are rubbish. For four years, you and certainly many others, have enabled President Trump to saturate the body politic with lies. On January 6, 2021 you along with 120 House members and 6 senators were determined to contest certified Electoral Votes. Your action and that of those who joined you are inextricably linked to the violence that occurred at our nation’s Capital. I say this because all 50 states had certified their Electoral Votes. Moreover, there have been over 50 lawsuits and 2 Supreme Courts that concluded that there was no fraud. Additionally, former cyber security chief Krebs has gone on record that the 2020 election was the most secure and fair in our history. Yet, you and 126 other members of Congress decided not to accept the overwhelming evidence cited ( briefly here ). Instead, your decision to proceed with a totally political charade links you to the insurrection on the 6th.

Your letter is inadequate. It informs myself and many of my neighbors that your relationship to the President has absolutely influenced your judgment. Like many you have heard from I strongly urge you to resign.

Farrell Decker
Giovanna LaFace
Brookhaven Hamlet, NY


January 11, 2021

The Assault on the US Capitol

Last Wednesday was a shocking and tragic day for all of us, as we saw mobs attack our beloved US Capitol and threaten our legislators and our election. As if that weren’t horrific enough, we then witnessed a minority of elected officials side with the insurrectionists and persist in trying to overturn the Electoral College vote.

Sadly, our own Rep. Lee Zeldin was one of the naysayers who has sought, since the Election, to nullify the results of our free and fair vote. He is complicit in misinforming constituents, stirring division and hatred in our community, and instilling unreasoning fear among his followers.

On the morning of the Electoral College vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, one of the leaders of Mr. Zeldin’s own party, made an impassioned plea saying, "If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral. We’d never see the whole nation accept an election again."

But that didn’t stop the renegades. Even after the mob violence and destruction of the US Capitol that afternoon, Mr. Zeldin persisted in going on the floor to try and subvert the Electoral College vote and defend Trump's repeatedly discredited claims of fraud that have been repeatedly debunked by the courts and state election officials of both parties.

Mr. Zeldin must be held accountable. For the sake of unity that he now professes to care about, he must declare Biden the choice of the American people. He must urge his radical supporters to stand down and tell them he was wrong. He must ask them to fully cooperate with the FBI and law enforcement.

Sue Hornik
Bellport Village, NY


January 8, 2021

Zeldin Has Lost His Way

Dear Congressman Zeldin,

Ever since pledging your allegiance to Trump, you have clearly lost your way and do not deserve to represent the constituents of Congressional District One (or any constituents of a 21st century democracy.)

You lost your way by voting to roll back environmental protections that would improve the air quality in our district, the worst in the state. You lost your way by voting against the environment 86% of the time. ( League of Conservation Voters.)

You lost your way by voting against universal background checks for gun sales and by championing legislation that would allow out of staters to pack their guns when visiting New York.

You lost your way by voting to keep dark money in the election process and voting against election reform. You voted against equal pay for equal work, and against protecting seniors from age discrimination.

You lost your way by voting against lowering drug prices, against funding to combat the opioid epidemic, against research and development to better respond to pandemics and biological warfare, against promoting vaccinations and combating anti vaxx misinformation.

You lost your way by voting for draconian cuts to health and human services, education and labor and against reducing methane emissions by oil and gas companies and against investing in America’s infrastructure. I could go on and on.

But most egregious of all: You lost whatever moral agency you could cling to on January 6, 2021 when, due to your absolute fealty to Trump, domestic terrorists felt emboldened to storm our country’s most hallowed halls. Many of the thugs who broke into the capital were homegrown terrorists from our congressional district, avid consumers of Trump’s authoritarian rhetoric and deliberate disinformation that you parroted on your social channels and during your FOX News appearances. Five have died.

Even more remarkable, within a few hours of this attack on our democracy, you joined fellow Trump zealots in the House and Senate and voted against certifying the election results in Pennsylvania and Arizona. A stunt that reveals who you now truly are : A hack partisan who will do anything to protect his political power and political future. Ironically, an official member of the “swamp,” Trump vowed to drain.

Mr. Zeldin, you have lost your way. But be assured that we, your constituents, will help you find your way back — out of Congress and back full time to Shirley after your next campaign in 2022.

Betsy Craz
East Patchogue, NY


January 3, 2021

Enough with the Nonsense

Regrettably, Congressman Lee Zeldin signed on to an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court that tried to invalidate the election results won by Joseph Biden. I’m appalled that Zeldin would support a frivolous lawsuit that asked the Supreme Court to throw out the certified voting results of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia (battleground states) to keep Donald Trump in office.

The suit contained many false and ridiculous claims, and didn’t present any credible evidence of voter fraud in an election Joe Biden won by wide margins in both the popular vote and Electoral College.

The Supreme Court dismissed the suit, just as many lower courts rejected dozens of other Trump court challenges based on crazy conspiracy theories. Enough with the nonsense. It’s time for Zeldin to stop undermining our democratic process and get to work responding to the needs of his constituents.

Larry Tierney
Brookhaven Hamlet


January 3, 2021

Zeldin Survey

Representative Lee Zeldin has recently emailed a survey to at least some of his constituents asking them whether they believe that Members of Congress should object to the Electoral College results on January 6. This despite the recent Supreme Court dismissal of a lawsuit that would have given one state the right to object to the election process in another state and numerous court decisions rejecting false claims of voter fraud.

Asking his constituents whether Members of Congress should decide the election rather than the American people helps fan the flames of delusion rather than the ideals of our democratic republic. Not only does this offense to the Constitution border on a violation of Mr. Zeldin’s oath of office, it tears at the social fabric that has enabled our CD-1 community to exist, prosper, and care for each other.

Phyllis Hartmann
Bellport, NY