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November 20, 2016

It’s Time to Support “Hyper-Local” News


EditorialYou may have heard the talk lately about how important it is for everyone to support their small, local, media outlets as they are an endangered species. Well folks, media outlets don't come any smaller or more local than We take journalism and our responsibility to inform you, our readers, very seriously. We may be small, it's called "Hyper-Local" news, but that's our strength.

The recent national elections we've all just been through have taught us how important unbiased news coverage is. Now, we can't say we keep our opinions to ourselves, but we can say that we express those opinions where they belong, on the Editorial page, not disguised as news. And, we back up our opinions with facts, usually in the form of unaltered, videos, audio recordings, and photographs to support what we have to say and better inform our readers.

While other local news media cover, Bayport, Bellport, Blue Point, Brookhaven Hamlet, Center Moriches, East Moriches, East Patchogue, Eastport, Farmingville, Holtsville, Manorville, Mastic, Mastic Beach, Medford, Moriches, Patchogue, Shirley and Yaphank, focuses on just Bellport, Brookhaven Hamlet, and East Patchogue. By focusing on this smaller area, we can take the time to do a better job. Sure, we can cover the big stories like the other media outlets, but by being Hyper-Local, we can cover the small stories like Bake Sales, Church Fairs, and local Parades too.

A good example would be our coverage of the Bellport Village "Meet The Candidates" meeting last June. Other media outlets wrote a few paragraphs about what each of the candidates had to say; videoed and published the entire meeting for you, our readers. It took a lot of time and work, but we think it was worth it.

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Larry Sribnick

Larry Sribnick