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October 27, 2016

The October 24, 2016 Village Board Meeting


EditorialThe October Bellport Village Board Meeting was held on Monday, October 24, 2016 in the Village Community Center on Bell Street in the Village. It was a relatively quiet meeting lasting about 90 minutes. There were however, four note worthy points that came up during the meeting. I’ll mention them here and then you’ll be able to listen to them yourself and make up your own mind as to the importance of each of the points.

Raise the dock area by 2ft...
I was stunned when the Mayor almost casually mentioned that the Village Board is thinking about raising the Village dock by 2ft. This was the first I’ve heard of this proposal and the financial cost of such a project is staggering. The Mayor did mention that the Board is pursuing grant monies to support the idea, but I sure hope a lot of thought is given to the project before any tax payer money is spent on it. Click here to listen to the Mayor.

The Golf Course has finally stopped losing money...
If you follow my editorials, you already know that for years I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to determine if the Village Golf Course is in the Red or the Black. Through multiple administrations I’ve been trying to get an answer to a very simple question. “Are the tax payers supporting the Golf Course or are the golfers supporting the course?” The response to my question has been a lot of bobbing and weaving, but never a straight answer with numbers to back it up.

Well, at the October Board Meeting, Mayor Fell announced that the Golf Course has in fact been losing money. It wasn’t entirely clear, but he seemed to be saying that, starting six years ago, for a four year period the golf course was operating in the Red to the tune of $150,000 for each of the last two of those years. He didn’t give a number for the first two of the four years. He then went on to say that the Golf Course has been in the Black for the past two years; $35,000 in the Black two years ago and $75,000 in the Black last year. I applaud the Mayor for finally providing this information and like him, I hope this trend continues. Click Here for the first part of the Mayor’s statement and Click Here for the later part.

The Gateway’s Haunted House is making the neighbors nuts...
During the first “Open To The Public” portion of the Board Meeting, Village resident Bob Morris got up to ask for the Village Board’s help in solving a problem that seems to have been going on since 2009. Bob, and another resident of the area, claimed that the Gateway’s Haunted House attraction goes on way too late, well after midnight, and is way too loud keeping the residents and their children up until after the Haunted House finally closes down at almost 1am.

I’ll let you listen to what Bob had to say for yourself and how the Village Board responded to him by Clicking Here. However, I’d like to point out that in my opinion; the primary role of the Village Board is to protect the residents of the Village. It’s that simple. The Village Board can’t throw their hands in the air and say they’ve done all they can. Bottom line, if a decision has to be made as to who wins and who loses, the residents win. Changes need to be made to remedy this situation immediately.

One last point. About eight and a half minutes into the recording, you’ll hear an exchange between Bob Morris and the Village Attorney, Dave Moran. I think Mr. Moran’s attitude stinks. I think he’s way out of line speaking to a Village resident, or anyone else for that matter, that way. The mind set of every Village employee, and that’s what he is, a Village employee, should be, “How can I help you?” This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this kind of attitude from Mr. Moran. I hope the Village Board sits him down and explains to him that everything he does reflects on the members of the Village Board and the residents of Bellport Village. This is a nice place... Be Nice!

Finally, Bed & Breakfasts in the Village...
This section is the longest at 25 minutes and I’ll let you listen to it by Clicking Here. The key point is that there will be a Public Hearing at the November Village Board Meeting to be held on Monday, November 21, 2016 in the Community Center. The key points to be discussed at the Public Hearing will be: Should B&B’s be allowed in the “Professionally” zoned areas of the Village and the “redefining” of the term “family” ”In a contemporary way.”

Click Here for a copy of the meeting’s Agenda.



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Larry Sribnick

Larry Sribnick