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July 20, 2018

A Bellport Village Zombie!


EditorialEvery now and then the Bellport Village Board gets an issue in their teeth and just won’t let go no matter what their common sense and the Village residents are telling them. It was that way with sewers for the Village, the Pavilion for Ho Hum Beach and now for the changing of street signs in the Village. These Zombie issues just wouldn’t die.

Almost a year ago, in September of 2017, I wrote an Editorial regarding the then proposed new street signs for the Village. Meetings were held and the issues were thoroughly discussed. The Village Board seemed to have found a graceful way out of the hole they had dug for themselves by shelving the issue for future review and everyone thought that was the end of it, but it wasn’t. For some inexplicable reason, the Bellport Village Board is once again wasting our and their time and money on an unimportant non issue and it forces us to ask why? Who has a horse in this race? Why won’t they let it die? With so many obviously negative aspects to the project, who is going to benefit from it? It’s time to let it go.

Here’s my original Editorial published on September 16, 2017.



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Larry Sribnick

Larry Sribnick