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May 21, 2014

An Embarrassing Village Board Meeting


EditorialThe May 19, 2014 Village Board Meeting was embarrassing for the Village of Bellport. Many of the Village Residents who spoke at the meeting forgot everyone is simply trying to make Bellport a better place.

Recently, the Village Board quietly and correctly reversed their position and decided to allow more open discourse at the meetings. Along with this new openness came a responsibility for the public to behave properly and civilly at these meetings. Simply put, saying the same thing over and over until the people in the audience start rolling their eyes isn’t going to help you make your point. Saying something louder than anyone else isn’t going to help you make your point. Ignoring the answer the Mayor and Trustees give you isn’t going to help you make your point. Turning your back and walking away while the Mayor is speaking to you isn’t going to help you make your point. Speaking over the Mayor and Trustees while they are trying to answer you isn’t going to help you make your point and speaking in a contemptuous way as if you know better than everyone else on this planet isn’t going to help you make your point either. None of these speakers would have allowed anyone to speak to them the way they spoke to the Mayor and Trustees. What makes them think it’s alright for them to speak that way to someone else, no less the Mayor and Trustees? You may not agree with the Mayor and Trustees, but they are our elected representatives. They were elected to the positions of Mayor and Trustee and should be treated accordingly. If you don’t like what they’re doing, vote for someone else the next time the position comes up for a vote, but in the meantime, treat the positions of Mayor and Trustee with the respect they deserve.

Decide for yourself if the speakers were out of line. When you listen to our recording of the meeting, pay particular attention to speakers who wanted to give free or almost free access to the Village Dock and Mother’s Beach to private, for profit, companies to conduct business, which happens to be against State law. Listen to the speakers who didn’t seem to understand why the Village Board wanted to charge people who drop off their guests and kids by private boat at Ho Hum Beach for the day and then expect the Village to give them a free ferry ride home. The fact that these extra free riders are taking seats from beach goers who paid for their ferry ride to and from the beach didn’t seem to matter to the speakers. Listen to the speakers who argued that the engineers hired by the Village to design the repairs to the Main Dock didn’t know what they are doing. The Board heard you. Did you have to tell them five times? And finally, the legality of the Docks at Ho Hum Beach... enough already. It’s time to move on.


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Larry Sribnick

Larry Sribnick