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April 17, 2020

Cirillo’s Market, A Very Special Member of Our Community


EditorialTimes like these can bring out the very best in people. That is certainly the case with Cirillo’s Market right here in Bellport Village.

Let me tell you about our shopping experience at Cirillo’s this week. We wanted to use Cirillo’s “curbside” pickup so we called in the morning hoping to place an order. Our call was answered promptly, but they explained that they were very busy with other customers and they would have to call us back. They took our phone number and asked if we were “Seniors.” They explained that because of their limited staff, they were limiting their curbside pickup service to Seniors, which at 75, we are.

Sure enough, about 2 hours later Cirillo’s called us back and took our order. They said they’d call us back after they pulled our order to let us know if there were any substitutions that they’d suggest because they were out of an item.

Again, as they promised, about an hour later we got a call and there were only two substitutions necessary, both of them were just fine with us. We were then told they’d give us a call when our order was ready for pickup.

About 20 minutes later we got a call that our order was ready for pickup and we should give them a call when we were out front. We were also asked to describe our car.

We drove down and parked in front of Cirillo’s, but before I could call, they had spotted us and a nice young lady was on her way out to our car. Every Cirillo’s employee we saw was wearing a mask, gloves, and taking great care to maintain at least the required 6’ distance from everyone.

I popped the trunk and without my leaving my car, she loaded everything in and then closed my trunk. I handed her my credit card and in a minute or two, she returned with it wrapped in paper.

I want to make one last point. I tried very hard to give this young lady a “gratuity,” but as hard as I tried, she refused it. I chose the word “gratuity,” rather than “tip,” very carefully and deliberately. My wife and I are truly grateful for the help and neighborliness extended to us. Everyone we came in contact with at Cirillo’s was sincerely trying to help us and make things a little easier for us. For that, I can’t thank them enough and we are truly grateful.

Cirillo’s Market is located at 115 S Country Rd in Bellport Village and their phone number is: (631) 286-2772


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Larry Sribnick

Larry Sribnick