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March 2, 2021



EditorialI’d like you to know how lucky we all are to live here surrounded by absolutely wonderful, anonymous strangers.

This evening, we put out paper and cardboard at the curb for recycling as we always do. A short time afterwards, we noticed that the wind had blown over one of the bags of papers and papers were starting to be blown around in the street. My wife and I went out and started picking the papers back up, but then I bent over a little too far and over I went, right onto my right hip and arm.

I didn’t break anything, but I then discovered that at 76, I’m not as “spry” as I used to be and it was going to be difficult to get back onto my feet. That’s when I discovered how lucky we all are to live here.

Seeing me go down, three cars had immediately stopped on South Country Road to see if I was hurt and if I needed help. Five anonymous strangers piled out of the three cars, asked me if I was alright, and helped me to my feet. If that wasn’t enough, they refused to leave until I was back safely in my home.

I’m a little sore, but I can’t begin to thank these wonderful strangers enough for their help and I wanted to share with you how lucky we all are to live in a place where, when needed, absolute strangers still have your back.

Thank you, guys!



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Larry Sribnick

Larry Sribnick