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From The Editor


More Questions Ray Fell Won’t Let Me Ask

February 10, 2020

As Residents are still not allowed to ask questions at Bellport Village Board Meetings or Village Board Work Sessions, here are some more questions I have for Mayor Fell.

Thanks to the Bellport Yacht Club’s video feed from the Marina, we’ve all been able to monitor the progress on the work being done at the Village Marina. So far, it appears that all of the work is being done on the bulkheading. Being that time is short to the contractual completion date of March 31, 2020 for the work being done on the Marina, wouldn’t it be wise to work on the Electrical System, the Fresh Water System, and the Drainage System at the northern end of the Marina at the same time as the work on the bulkhead is being done? I’m not an engineer, but I would think work on these systems wouldn’t interfere with one another. I also note that work doesn’t appear to be being done on Saturdays or on an extended workday in order to meet the deadline. Mr. Mayor, are you still sure the work on the Marina will be completed by your deadline of March 31, 2020? If not, what’s your plan? Are you sure you’re going to impose significant financial penalties on the contractor if the deadline isn’t met?

Am I correct that this initial contract for work at the Marina did not include work needed along Shore Road, on the Boat Launching Ramp and work needed on the Main Dock? If I am correct, will this additional work be sent out for bid rather than just being given to the present contractor working on the Marina?

A moveable Sunshade System, being used all over the world and on Long Island, costing 1/10th of what the “Pavilion” cost, was suggested to, and rejected by, Mayor Fell. That decision is going to potentially cost Bellport Village Residents hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. Is this going to be the “foot in the door” Brookhaven Town is going to need to take over Ho Hum Beach the way they did the Lifeguard Services at Ho Hum?

What is the REAL cost of the work planned for the Village Golf Course? I’m hearing about all kinds of ancillary expenses that potentially run into the millions. Is that true? I noticed that the bond being talked about for work on the Golf Course had an extra HALF MILLION DOLLARS tacked on, just in case. JUST IN CASE? You mean you can’t come up with a number that’s less than a half million dollars off?

Here’s my real concern. When you consider what’s being spent on the Marina, the Pavilion, and the Golf Course, not to mention the Village’s infrastructure of roads, drainage, lighting etc., we’re talking about some very serious money. At what point is Ray Fell going to potentially bankrupt Bellport Village and what are the Residents going to do about it?













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Larry Sribnick
Larry Sribnick
Editor/Publisher,, LLC