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Hiking on LI

Hiking on Long Island
by Rich Weissmann

Many areas on Long Island offer a wide array of opportunities for people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are a couch potato, or a kid; a seasoned athlete or a senior citizen, there is a place to enjoy a walk, a saunter, or a fairly serious hike within a short drive of Bellport.

Over the years, Rich Weissmann has covered many miles walking the back trails of the pine barrens, climbing the glacial hills that run down the spine of our island, and skirting the shorelines of its rivers, bays and oceanfront. His new column on will be a series of articles describing the walks, saunters and hikes that almost anyone can enjoy. Click here for more information.



Medicare Cap Repealed


As we get older, or due to injuries, physical therapy, yoga and chiropractic services are often the way back to our normal lives. Click here to read the articles.




Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet

Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet

In 2014, a wonderful book, “Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet, Self-Guided Tours of Our Historic Hamlet and Its Hospitable Habitat,” was created by some wonderful people, Anita Cohen, Martin, “Marty,” Van Lith, and John Deitz of The Fire Place History Club. The book has been updated, added to, and is now, 2017, in its Second Edition. It should be noted that the project was made possible by a grant obtained by Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning for the First Edition of the book.

When we learned of the book, we approached Marty Van Lith and asked if we might reproduce the book, in serial form, on and share it, free of charge, with our readers. Marty gave us an enthusiastic go ahead, as that was the whole point, to get information about Brookhaven Hamlet into as many hands as possible. Click here for more about the book.



Low n Slow

Low n' Slow
by Larry Sribnick

I think every pilot will tell you that they yearn to fly the way it was in the early days of aviation, “Low ‘n Slow,” hence, the name of this column. Rather than flying at 10,000’, we’re talking about flying at 1000’ or less and instead of 175 mph, we’re talking about, at times, flying at 50 mph or less. My purpose will be to bring you along on the trips I take, Low ‘n Slow, and show you parts of Long Island and the world that you can’t see any other way. Click here for more information.




Mets Spring Training
by Marilyn Supon

To say that Marilyn Supon is a "Mets fan" is a gross understatement. Marilyn is a true believer in anything and everything Mets. So much so that she, and her husband Bill, bought a house in Port St. Lucie, Florida so that she could be near the Mets for Spring Training. When Spring Training is over, they move back up here to be near Citi Field for the regular Mets season.

Knowing this, and knowing that many of you are Mets fans too, asked Marilyn if she'd be kind enough to share her Spring Training experiences this year with all of us.

2019 Spring Training Column

2018 Spring Training Column

2017 Spring Training Column




Thoughts, Ramblings & Other Absurdities
by Angela Giannotti

Welcome to an erstwhile column. And to all those who are too old to blog and too young to not express your feelings, this is a place where you too can expound. I wrote a column for the Moriches Bay Tide for several years and for Dan’s Papers for one. But that was in the early 90’s. I loved having a column and began to hone it to a nice, neat 400 words or so." Click here for more information.




March 8, 1963 Remembered

The following article appeared in the June, 1963 issue of Fire Engineering magazine, who has graciously given permission to include it here. We are all truly thankful for all of those who helped avoid a true disaster on March 8th, 1963 when the Bellport High School caught fire. Click here for more information.



Isabella Rossellini

A Visit with Isabella Rossellini

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the nicest, most down to earth people you’re ever going to meet, Bellport’s own Isabella Rossellini. The occasion was a special limited showing of her newest film, “Late Bloomers,” at the Plaza Cinema & Media Arts Center (Plazamac) in Patchogue. Ms. Rossellini stars, along with William Hurt, in this wonderful and quirky new film. Click here for more information.



South Country Oral Histories

South Country Community Oral Histories

As part of an effort to alleviate the effects of social isolation for high-risk residents during the COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to invite you to reach out to "high-risk" residents in the South Country community who may need someone to talk to during these tough times. Sharing a summary of these conversations on can inspire us and will also add to the oral history of our community. Click here for more information.



Long Island Stories

Long Island Stories

Long Island Stories is an opportunity for local authors, or authors who write about Long Island events and places, to share their work with our local community. There are no restrictions so let your creative juices flow! Click here for more information.



Mother's Beach

Sure Miss Bellport

Take a trip down memory lane with ex-Bellport residents as they remember growing up in the Village. Click here for more information.



The Gripe Vine

The Gripe Vine

Do you have something you'd like to complain about or share with your friends and neighbors in a humorous way? We'd love to hear from you. We might even add what you have to say to The Gripe Vine column! Click here for more information.



Cooking with Linda

Cooking with Linda
by Linda Davis

Do you enjoy cooking? Then you’ll love our new column, “Cooking with Linda!” Join Linda as she shares her extensive knowledge and love of cooking with us. You’ll learn to see cooking as she does, as art! Click here for more information.



Adventures In Art

Adventures in Art
by Chris Taylor

We asked Chris Taylor of the SBAA (South Bay Art Association), to write a column for about herself, her art background and her art itself, as well as how she got started. Get ready for some "Adventures In Art!"  Click here for more information.



History of your home

Researching the History of Your House

Sharon Pullen, from the Historic Documents Library at the Office of the County Clerk gave a talk on "Researching the History of Your House." Click here for more information.



Gianni Cerri

Gianni Cerri
by Larry Sribnick

Giovanni Cerri, Gianni, or better yet “Johnny” to his friends, moved permanently to Bellport about three years ago from his home in Milan, Italy. Now at 84 years young, and in Gianni’s case we do mean young, he is an artist, musician, and avid tennis player.

When we first visited Gianni’s home, we were taken by his unique architectural pieces which depict places he has known both in Italy and here in the United States. These large pieces, some three or more feet in height, demonstrate Gianni’s skill as an artist and at the same time his sense of whimsy. Click here to read about Gianni and enjoy his artwork.




Road Trip
by Larry Sribnick

Scottsdale, AZ to Bellport: 2,700 miles, 11 states, 42 hours, 64 miles per hour, and 48 miles per gallon! Click here to read about our Cross Country Road Trip in a Toyota Prius.