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Coffee, Baseball, and Grief

Coffee, Baseball, and Grief

As the coming baseball season has approached, my thoughts have drifted to Coffee, Baseball, and Grief. Surely those three words have no connection, but yet to me, there will always be a genuine bond between those three words.

Our weekly coffee group was formed informally a dozen or so years ago. We were always an eclectic group. There were educators, cops, medical professionals, attorneys, engineers, shop owners, art experts, movie buffs......pilots, motorcycle enthusiasts, kayakers, sports fans, and couch potatoes . We were staunch Republicans and rabid Democrats. We discussed books, TV shows, movies, and could be as juvenile as middle schoolers......often. Our humor ranged from erudite to gutter. As crazy as it sounds, we lived up to the U S motto, "e pluribus unum," out of many, one.

Life rarely stands still, and the life of our coffee group underwent changes. Some people moved away from the area. My husband and I have settled in Port St Lucie, FL. Some leave for months at a time for warmer climates. Some are contemplating relocating. Sadly, we have endured losses. Years ago we lost Fletch, who probably was the biggest influence in making this diverse group feel united. This was a tough year for us. We lost Malcolm, our artist. We lost our moral compass, Rev Tom. Most recently we lost our kind hearted Irv. This was not an easy year.

Having grown up an oddity, a female die hard Mets fan, I immediately bonded with Angela, both of us former teachers and insane Mets fans. Angela is about to make her annual trip down to our house in Florida where we will gorge ourselves on baseball. We will laugh, tell stories, catch up on gossip, and we will grieve the loss of our friends. We will toast the ones who passed on. We will talk about the croissant crumbs all over Malcolm as he ate at The Sugar Loaf. We will laugh about how excited Fletch was to see all the antique tractors when he visited our log cabin in Vermont. We will get a little teary eyed over all the pastries Irv brought to Larry and Eileen's on Tuesday mornings.

So yeah, Coffee was what bonded us. Baseball forged a stronger friendship, but grief is that awful aspect of our lives which looms. It looms, but friends mitigate it all. So keep your friends, they make everything better.