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Ambling Around Brookhaven


“Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet”

In 2014, a wonderful book, “Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet, Self-Guided Tours of Our Historic Hamlet and Its Hospitable Habitat,” was created by some wonderful people, Anita Cohen, Martin, “Marty,” Van Lith, and John Deitz of The Fire Place History Club. The book has been updated, added to, and is now, 2017, in its Second Edition. It should be noted that the project was made possible by a grant obtained by Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning for the First Edition of the book.

When we learned of the book, we approached Marty Van Lith and asked if we might reproduce the book, in serial form, on and share it, free of charge, with our readers. Marty gave us an enthusiastic go ahead, as that was the whole point, to get information about Brookhaven Hamlet into as many hands as possible.

So dear reader, here is the introduction to the project and the first Walking Tour. Over the next few months, we’ll publish each of the five Walking Tours for your summertime enjoyment.

Our Historic Hamlet

Walking Tour 1:
Discovering Beaver Dam Road from the Brookhaven Free Library to Squassux Landing

Walking Tour 2:
Exploring Old Stump Road from Eastern Beaver Dam Road to Bridge Street

Walking Tour 3:
Blazing a Loop Trail!

Walking Tour 4:
Visiting the Burying Grounds: Family Cemeteries and the Oaklawn Cemetery

Walking Tour 5:
Walking the Post-Morrow Foundation Trail System

*Tour 5 includes maps of Brookhaven Hamlet