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Why Submit a Classified Ad on

Placing a classified ad on can be far more effective than placing one in a local newspaper. Why? Because when you place an ad in a local newspaper, the potential buyers are limited to the those few people who buy that particular issue of the newspaper. When you place a classified ad on, you're advertising to the world!

Here's what people are saying about their experience with Classifieds:

" is everywhere! Some time ago I put a free classified ad in hoping to buy the locomotive part of a Tumbling Loco toy railroad Joe and I had bought in Washington D.C. many years ago. I really never expected anyone to answer that ad but a few weeks ago I got a call from a lady in Norton, Ohio whose husband had seen the ad. Not only is the locomotive now on its way to me, but she is sending me the whole rest of the railroad too. Unbelievable! What a website. You really do cover the whole map.Thanks. Elaine Hendrie."

“How great was that! I advertised in craigslist and did not sell it. On a whim, I thought, try Within one day, I had several inquiries and finally a sale. Many thanks. Colleen Michael."

"Recently, I bought a new computer and had to decide how I would sell my old laptop. I considered advertising on e-bay, but the hassle didn’t seem worth it. Then I found out that advertising on was FREE: I thought, how can I go wrong? Within a week, the computer sold to an East Patchogue resident who came to the house to pick it up and pay for it. Plus, two other potential buyers saw the ad that same day. No need to pack and ship, no costly fees, no waiting for payment. Hassle-free. Thank you so much, Rich Weissmann."

"Please remove our ad for Yard Help....found a great high school helper through your classifieds. Also used your classified ads to locate someone to remove old metal equipment. Not only is a terrific local news and info source but it certainly produces results.... Many thanks. You have no idea how much we all depend on"

"...Please remove our ad for the free Surdiac stove from your very great website. A person saw the ad and drove all the way from Harrisburg, PA to get the stove! Thanks for your help. John and Connie A."

How did someone in Harrisburg, PA know that John and Connie even had a stove? They did a Google search for a "Surdiac Stove" and found!


Cost to Submit a Classified Ad

The charge for submitting most Classified Ads, including Garage/Yard Sale ads is $35 for up to 50 words for a three month period, plus $10 for each photo you’d like included. Please contact us for pricing for longer ads.

"Free Item" ads are still free.

However, Supporters receive this service of posting ANY type of Classified Ad, including photos, for FREE.



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Please fill out the following form and click on the "Send" button when you are finished. Be sure to write out your ad exactly as your would like it to appear in the Classifieds. Please check your ad carefully before submitting, as will not be responsible for errors in submissions for Classifieds ads. reserves the right to reject any advertisement at our sole discretion. If your ad is rejected we will refund your payment.

Ads should be posted within 24-48 hours of being received. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours confirming that your ad has been posted, please email us at


Please Note has no responsibility or control over what kind of responses you receive for Classified Ads placed on If it "sounds too good to be true" it probably is. Be sure to exercise caution and common sense when responding to an ad or entering into a transaction. makes no representation as to the validity, completeness or accuracy of the information submitted or contained in these Classified Ads. does not check or verify the information submitted. shall not be liable for misinformation, typographical errors or misprints in the Classified Ads.


Add a Photo

Photos can be added to your Classified Ad for a one time $10 fee per photo. Photos must be submitted via email. Please email us at if you would like to include a photo with your Classified Ad.


To Remove Your Ad

Send an email to and include the text of the ad to be removed.


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If you choose to put your email address in your ad, please be advised that putting your email address ANYWHERE on the internet may result in spam. This is the case with any website, not just For this reason, you may want to use a secondary email address in the ad itself, or just use your phone number.


BEFORE YOU CLICK "SUBMIT": Be sure that your contact phone number or email is included in your classified ad text. Your contact name, phone number and email will NOT appear in your ad, unless you have included them in your classified ad text.