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South Country Radio

In 1960, Playcrafters Theatre Company was founded with a mission to promote theater of the highest quality and production values by non-professionals; encouraging interest and participation in the performing arts throughout the community. Playcrafters Theatre Company is thrilled to partner with in their launch of South Country Radio with an “Old Time Radio Show."


Dead Duck Caper

Dead DuckDead Duck

With memories of mystery and intrigue from radio shows of yesteryear - The Shadow, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade - Playcrafters chose the detective genre as their first offering for South Country Radio. Their premier performance, “The Dead Duck Caper”, features the typical hardboiled cynical American detective Mr. Mac Steel; Mac’s likely to be found in shady all-night bars or on the streets of 1920’s Los Angeles. Join us while the mystery of “The Dead Duck Caper” unfolds.

Dead Duck

* This production of the Dead Duck Caper is an interpretation of the original material produced for radio in 1947 which is in the public domain.

South Country Radio
Click here to listen to " The Dead Duck Caper."


Cast and Crew:

Ted Fleissgarten as Mack Steele
Meg Sullivan as Essy Bell
Judy Perfido as Mrs. Bell
Amelia Chiaramonte as Lola
Manny Buckvar as Ducky Morton
Peter Morrison as Dennis O'Rourke
Annette Maillard as Jenny the Juke/Guest 2
Matt Palace as Salty Hawkins
John Hannon as the Announcer/Guest 1
Vincent Rasulo as Goon 1/Goon2/Bugsy/Bundy

Produced and Directed by Vincent Rasulo
Assistant Producer--Lisette Ruch
Assintant Director--Amelia Chiaramonte
Recording by Larry Sribnick
Music by Des Burke
Foley by Vincent Rasulo

Special thanks to Rohr Auto Werkes for the use of their space for our rehearsals.