Useful Resident Information

This page is dedicated to being a central place for the most important resident information on Here you'll find everything from information about the Village Lost and Found, to recreation schedules.


Village Hall

Bellport Village Hall

Address: 29 Bellport Lane, Bellport 
Phone Number: 631-286-0327


Lost and Fouind

Lost and Found

If you lose or have lost any items in the Village or at the beach or tennis courts, please check with the Village Hall as they may have turned up there. The Village Hall can be reached at 631-286-0327.


Important Phone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers

Are you looking for the phone number for Bellport Village Hall or trying to contact the South Country School District? Click here for a list of important phone numbers for Village Residents.


Garbage Pick-Up Schedules

Bellport Village Garbage Pick-Up Schedules

Do you know when your garbage and recyclables are scheduled to be picked up? Click here to find the latest garbage and recyclable pick up schedule, as well as any updates or holiday changes.


LIRR Schedule

LIRR Train Station

Are you looking to find out what time the next train leaves from the Bellport train station? Click here for the current LIRR schedule from the Bellport train station on Station Road.


Bus Station

Bellport Bus Schedule

Do you want to know the latest local bus schedule? Click here for the current bus schedule around Bellport.


Mosquito Problems

Mosquito Problems

Are you having problems with mosquitoes? Click here to find out what to do about them.


Stop Delivery of Flyers

Stop the Delivery of Ad Flyers

A resident wrote us and said that if you don't want those pesky and annoying ad flyers dropped in front of your house, you can call Newsday/ Distributors Systems of America at 631-843-3973 and tell them that you don't want the flyers delivered to your home. Flyers piling up in front of your house are a sure fire sign that no one is home!


Ferry Schedule

Ho Hum Beach Ferry Schedule

Click here for the latest ferry schedule.


Bandshell Schedule

Bandshell Concert Schedule

Click here for the latest bandshell summer concert schedule.