Historical Walking Tours

Walking Tours

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The Post-Morrow Foundation, the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society and the Village of Bellport have joined together to offer a cell-phone tour of the Bellport-Brookhaven Hamlet area. This tour has been developed to inform and educate local residents and visitors to this area about the historical, rural and cultural character of the hamlet of Brookhaven and the Village of Bellport.

This tour includes stops on open space and agricultural land, as well as historically and culturally significant properties and buildings that reflect the rural and historic character of the Bellport-Brookhaven area.


How it Works:

1. Call the main number (631-866-7049) to begin your tour.
- To start the Post-Morrow Foundation tour of Brookhaven Hamlet Dial 1.
- To start the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society tour Dial 200.
- To start the Bellport Lane tour Dial 250.

2. As you move through the neighborhood you will notice small green signs (fig. 1) indicating a stop on the audio tour.

Walking Tour Sign

If you have remained on the call you may simply punch in the number on the sign or you may redial at any time and punch in the desired number.

If you have any questions you may call the Post-Morrow Foundation at 631-286-0686.



Brookhaven Hamlet Audio Tour

Walking Tours

Click here for the map

Phone number: 631-866-7049 (Dial 1 if prompted)

Stop #1 Welcome to the Post-Morrow Foundation
Stop #2 Mrs. Morrow’s father was James H. Post
Stop #3 The trail head for the woodland trail through Post-Morrow property.
Stop #4 The trail along the banks of Beaver Dam Creek.
Stop #5 Fireplace Marina
Stop #6 Clover Lane.
Stop #7 Edgar Avenue Preserve.
Stop #8 The Rose Cemetery on Jared’s Path
Stop #9 Burnett Lane off Beaver Dam Road
Stop #10 Burnett Lane at the Horse paddock (or on the w. side of Burnett La.
Stop #11 Burnett Lane South at the south and west end of Burnett Lane
Stop #12 Tookers boat yard
Stop #13 The east end of Beaver Dam Road.
Stop #14 Squassux Landing:
Stop #15 Old Stump Road and Longmeadow Farm
Stop #16 Long Meadow Farm in the HOG farm
Stop #17 Brookhaven Free Library
Stop #18 Azel and Selah Hawkins Family Cemetery
Stop #19 David Hulse (aka King David) family cemetery
Stop #20 The Miller family cemetery.
Stop #21 Brookhaven Elementary School
Stop #22 Memorial Triangle
Stop #23 Triangle Park
Stop #24 Brook Store
Stop #25 Miller House
Stop #26 Chapel House
Stop #27 The Brook House
Stop #28 St. James Episcopal Church
Stop #29 Beaver Dam Creek
Stop #30 Old Southaven Church
Stop #31 Washington Lodge
Stop #32 Deer Run Farm
Stop #33 Oaklawn cemetery
Stop #34 Elvira on Newey Lane



Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society Audio Tour


Click here for the map

Phone number: 631-866-7049 (Dial 200 - 208 when prompted)

Tour the BBHS's 8 sites and buildings on their grounds. Begin at 31 Bellport Lane and enter #200 to start. The tour ends at their 12 Bell Street Brown Building.



Bellport Lane Audio Tour

Bellport Lane

Click here for the map

Phone number: 631-866-7049 (Dial 250 when prompted)

Enjoy 14 stops along Bellport Lane, to and from the dock. Start at Porter’s on the Lane and enter #250 to start.