Take a Virtual "Loop" of the Dock



We have been hopping on our "company car" aka- our Vespa motor scooter, and taking "looping the dock" videos for you! Now, regardless of the weather, or how far you are from Bellport, you can loop the dock anytime that you want! If you haven't taken a Virtual Loop of the Dock yet, go ahead, it's fun. If you have taken one, go ahead and do it again. Bellport residents have to Loop The Dock at least once a day!



January 2008 "Loop" Featuring Ice Boating

In 2007, we had great ice and a lot of iceboating on the bay. We shot lots of video of the iceboating, but we didn’t have time to edit the footage. Well, with the cold weather the entire country has been having, it’s time to make “lemonade” from all these cold weather lemons we’ve been getting. Let’s start thinking about iceboating and we can’t think of a better way than to finally show you the video we shot last year “Looping The Dock” while the iceboating was going on. Enjoy!



September 2007 "Loop" - An Aerial View

It's been a while since we posted a new "Looping The Dock" video, but we think you'll find this one worth waiting for. Some of you have said that you "Hoop" the dock while others "Loop" the dock. Either way, we all do it at least once a day. The trick for us, is to find new ways to do it!



January 2007 - A Snowy Virtual "Loop"



December 2006 "Loop" - Featuring Station Road



October 2006 "Loop" - Featuring South Country Road and the First Signs Of Fall



September 2006 "Loop"



August 2006 "Loop" - Featuring Brown's Lane, Livingston Road, and the Music Of Toby Walker



July 4, 2006 - Artists On The Lane "Loop"



The "Maiden Voyage"- The First Virtual "Loop"