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Lion Joins LION Publishers!

LION Publishers is an association of over 150 online news media publishers in 37 states around the country. LION Publishers, Local Independent Online News Publishers’ mission is to foster the viability and excellence of locally focused independent online news organizations. The members share a passion for quality journalism and a determination to focus their energies on the health of online publications as businesses, whether for profit or nonprofit. They believe that independent online publishers are establishing the template for successful local digital news organizations in the future, just as independent publishers of print newspapers did in the 19th century.

Of the over 150 LION Publishers members, fewer than 10 had started publishing online news prior to 2005 when started. We knew there weren’t many organizations like when we started, but we had no idea of how few.

With your help, our readers, we’ve evolved and grown over the years. We’ve tried to be responsive to the needs of our community and we hope to continue to do so in the future. is proud to have been chosen as a new member of LION Publishers.

Click here to visit the LION Publishers’ website.