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Jason Crane Landscaping


For over 25 years, Jason Crane Landscaping has been the "local" landscaper for the South Country area. We specialize in the Bellport Village, Brookhaven Hamlet, and East Patchogue areas. Our work is satisfaction guaranteed and the highest level of service is our foremost concern.



Our Services



Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Full Service Design Work: Whether your beds need new vigor or you want an entirely new design, a complimentary consultation will show you the possibilities for your yard. We'll turn your yard from a dull "before" into a beautiful "after."




Lawn Maintenance: Mowing, edging, blow down.

Fertilization Program: Customized to fit your needs and budget.

Mulching: Choices of mulch color, delivered and spread in the areas you specify.

De-Thatching: Removes dead grass which gives new growth plenty of "leg room" for healthy development.

Aeration: Removes plugs from your lawn which loosens your soil. This allows better root development for your lawn and this means... well you get it.



Hedges and Shrubs


Hedge & Shrub Trimming: Shapes up your yard! Creates proper air circulation and allows for healthy growth and improved density.



Seasonal Yard Clean-Up

Yard CleanUp

Spring Clean-up: Prepares your yard for the warmer weather. Leaf and branch removal encourage vigorous lawn growth.

Autumn Clean-up: Fall cleanups keep your property clean and neat and saves you from raking. Clean and healthy lawns discourage mold growth.



Personal Attention for Our Customers

Great ServiceWe are proud of our office. When you call you get to speak with a real person, not just a cell phone's voicemail. We encourage your questions and we are eager to help you in any way!

Wendy will answer any questions you have and arrange for a free estimate, too. Give us a call at 631.286.7011.



Call Us Today For Your Fall Clean-Up Needs

Autumn is upon us. The nights are cooler and the days, well, you know, this isn’t your first trip through the calendar, is it? And, if you remember correctly, soon you’ll be cursing the leaves on the ground.

They’re wet. They’re heavy. They stick to the ground with the frost. And where do you put them while you’re waiting for someone to pick them up? In short, the autumn leaves are a real pain in the neck.

Jason Crane Landscaping will be glad to help spiff up your yard.

We’ll remove all your leaves (even the ones caught in your bushes), pick up the twigs, and give your yard a final cut. Want your perennials cut back? We’ll do that, too. And don’t forget to contact us for that all-important final fertilization. You know, the one that lets your lawn wake up nice and healthy next year, ready to greet the sun.

We don’t give your yard some slap-dash once over. When we complete our task, your yard will look impeccable. That’s quite a statement and we’re confident that you’ll agree.

Call our office and talk to a real live person... assuming you call when we’re open. Wendy will answer any questions you have and arrange for a free estimate, too. 631.286.7011.



Jason Crane Landscaping

Hours: Open Monday - Friday

Phone: 631-286-7011

Mailing Address:
Box 256
Bellport, NY 11713

Our Office Is Located At:
2515 Montauk Hwy
Brookhaven, NY 11719