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The Grand Prize

Cafe CastelloThe winner with the most votes for their photograph will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Café Castello. Café Castello is a family owned and operated restaurant in Bellport Village. They take pride in using only the finest and freshest quality ingredients in preparing each and every item on their menu. Their delicious pizza dough is prepared fresh daily and they use only the finest tomatoes and the best herbs and spices when preparing their sauces. Café Castello is open seven days a week for everything from a snack to a full dinner!


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#1 - Maximus and Reese
Photo Contest
Photo by: Mia Accardi

Maximus and Reese are both terrier mixes. Both are rescue dogs from Yorkie 911 Rescue Inc, and Proud Rescuers of Puerto Rico.

#2 - Loretta
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Dawn Barnes

This is Loretta enjoying a spa day.


#3 - Pippin
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Mary Falkowitz

Pippin is an 8 year old West Highland Terrier with Addisons Disease but continues to live a happy, active life. Pippin thinks he’s a baby and loves to nap in Daddy’s arms..


#4 - Comet
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: James Cullen

She is a rescue cat that we got 4 years ago. She likes to be called "Baby Girl."


#5 - Zipper
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Janilee Narducci


#6 - GiGi
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Robert Dahn

GiGi is a 5 year old rescue Yorkie who loves the finer things in life: Nap time, couch time, food time and bed time.


#7 - Mooshi
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Dani Betti

Mooshi is a 15 year old Blue Point Siamese and she is absolutely the most lovable mush ever. I adopted her when she was a few years old and she has followed me everywhere since… always looking for a lap to sit on. She likes to snuggle up with me and my sons for movie nights, and always sits on top of someone… keeping us warm and making it impossible to get up.


#8 - Isabella “Izzy”
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Kathy Duffin

Izzy is a ShihTsu/Bichon Mix and is 13 years old. “Baby it’s cold outside!”


#9 - Carl
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Mindy Munson Smith


#10 - Cornelius
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Agatha Wirth & Andy Rothstein

This is a photo of our new pet Cornelius. We first met him when we opened a very very small outdoor restaurant on our deck... he's our only far...


#11 - Molly
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Renee and Jimmy Lennon

This is Molly and in this picture she wanted her dinner. We were 5 minutes late.


#12 - Benjamin and Charlie
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Carrie Walsh

This is our old man Benjamin with his little sis, Charlie. He’s finally coming to terms with the new addition to our family!


#13 - Plurabelle
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Jennifer Vorbach

Recently adopted from Bide-a-Wee shelter in Westhampton, Plurabelle is named for the “eternal feminine” heroine of James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. Her DNA is a mystery, for the moment, so all guesses are welcome


#14 - Bubba
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Courtney Ficken

Bubba loves to stroll the streets of Bellport with his Aunt Dell.


#15 - Bailey and Corra
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Jenny Coffey

Bailey, our golden retriever and Corra our Newfoundland, are always together. We live right here in the Village and they love the marina and beach. Thank you for this wonderful contest to show off our furry children.


#16 - Alfia
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Nicole Brown

Alfia loves to wake up early to see the sunrise.


#17 - Pluto and Mickey
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Tina Vaccaro

Our two scotties are as inseparable as bookends. I found them sleeping like this one day.


#18 - Ivy
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Theresa Dalton

This is a picture of Ivy, my Gordon Setter, as a pup. She lives in Mastic, loves chasing squirrels, long walks, and as you can see, making herself comfortable on the couch!


#19 - Mars
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Jeff Korn

Mars was adopted from Last Chance rescue when he was 3 months old. He is as mischievous as a cat can be and can usually be found napping on a soft, warm spot or in a box of any size left anywhere in the house.


#20 - Sunny
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Amy Thomas

This photo is of Hunter Thomas with one of our new pet chickens. We decided no better time then to have a home farm than during a pandemic for fresh eggs at home. He is holding Sunny Side-Up (aka) Sunny. She is the sweetest chicken who loves to be held and hugged and they are both not sure of what is happening at this moment, but we feel the love in Bellport, New York.


#21 - Gryff
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Kerry Carson

Obsessed with playing frisbee is an understatement. Always ready, always willing...


#22 - Blackjack
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Erika Perna

12 years young and battling heart failure and bladder cancer. He is a warrior! 


#23 - Peekachu
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Diane Britch

This is Peekachu. She is a Puggle and was adopted from the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. Peekachu lives in Bellport with his mom and dad and his fur sister Mocha. Peekachu is very smart and can open a swinging gate by herself. She loves being covered with blankets! She has many different faces, and we always joke that she is a dog of a thousand faces!


#24 - Vedder
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Jennifer Satterley

Vedder doesn’t need to be comfortable as long as he can snuggle with his humans... even if it means he may fall off the chair!


#25 - Tucker and Trapper
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Ashley Conlin

We grew up in Bellport and recently moved to the sunshine state! We love cuddling, swimming and running around with coconuts in our mouths!


#26 - Beauregard
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Jenny Coffey

Beauregard is 15 and the best part of his life has been his morning walks at the pier and his second walks around the village. He’s a lover of Bellport and wants your vote (and a bone). Vote for Beau!


#27 - Leila
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Stephan Economou and Erena DiGonis

Leila loves the snow when she isn’t napping or stealing socks. She is gentle, loving, and an enthusiastic greeter.


#28 - Caden
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: The Pabst Family

Caden loves playing hide and seek with treats and going for long walks around Bellport Village. Despite his big and scary physique, he’s the friendliest, most loving pup (unless you’re the delivery guy).


#29 - Vivian
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Terri and Matt Palace

Vivian is our sweet rescue from the state of Texas. She is grateful everyday to have a loving home. She’s small in stature but big in attitude. #tongue


#30 - Miss Ginger
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Fran Katzman

In October, 2020, Ginger was found roaming the Bronx streets. She was rescued and now travels between Bellport, NY and Manhattan’s Upper West Side.


#31 - Stevie
Pets Photo Contest

Photo by: Lacey Donlon

Recently we just rescued Stevie about a month ago. She is 4 months old, an avid cuddler, super loving and filled with tons of energy. Forget it, if you're on the floor she will lick your nose forever.





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