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"Downtown Bellport Village" Photo Contest

It's time for a new Photo Contest! This time we want your photos showing Downtown Bellport Village. People, shops, houses - they are all acceptable as long as the photos are taken near Downtown Bellport Village! Photos must be submitted by Saturday, October 31st. Happy Shooting!

Bellport Arts and FramingThe Prize? A good one! To help support our local businesses, is going to buy a $50 Gift Certificate from LuAnn Thompson at Bellport Arts and Framing, and donate it to the winner of the contest. At Bellport Arts & Framing, you'll find frame designs galore along with a fine selection of giftwrap, cards, gift items, and local art. They also offer fine art restoration, frame repairs, photo restoration, custom corkboards and blackboards, and more! Lots of great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays!



How to Submit a Photo

Submitting a photo is easy!

1. Select your best photo showing Downtown Bellport Village, and email it to For this photo contest, we are limiting everyone to
one photo submission per person.

2. With your photo please include:
- Your name
- Your city/town
- A sentence or two telling us about your photo

There is no need to resize your images before you send them to us. Please submit your photos in as large a pixel size as possible.

A word about copyright: By sending us your photographs, you are in no way giving us any rights to do anything with your photographs other than to display them here on We will not give anyone else any rights to your photographs nor will we use them in any other way without your permission.

However, you should understand that the internet, relatively speaking, is still the "Wild West" when it comes to maintaining control over your work. We've already had several instances of people copying material from and using it on their own websites. They removed the material when we politely pointed out to them that they can't do that, but the point is that you have to keep an eye out for abuses of the copyright rules. For this reason, can not be responsible for what other people do and how they use material they copy without permission from

You should only submit photos if you understand and agree to the above. If you have any questions about any of this, we'd be glad to discuss them with you.