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Bellport Village Program Fund 

Bellport Village Program Fund Website


About The Bellport Village Program Fund

The Bellport Village Program Fund started operation in 2010. The projects that we have undertaken have been made possible by your continued support. Click here to see all our projects. Below is a summary of our current projects and future projects that are in process:

No Mosquito

Bite Back at Ho Hum and Mother's Beaches Started in 2012 and Ongoing - Our first project, the mosquito spraying program using natural oils at Ho Hum and Mother's Beaches, is our single largest expenditure each year. This project also includes buying and deploying green and black fly traps at both beaches. Residents have been delighted with the success of this project. It has made a huge difference!

Beach Cleaning

Beach Cleaning - Started in 2014 and Ongoing - Industrial strength machine beach raking at both Mother's Beach and the Marina playground beach at least twice each season has proven to be very successful and popular. This effort to clean and strain the beaches of all debris by a professional beach cleaning service continues.

  New Projects Underway Now...


Bellport Village Goes Old School: New Old Street Signs - To help replace the aging street signs in the Village, the BVPF has proposed a partnership with the Village to replace all the street signs in the Village with new replicas of the old style signs used here many decades ago (see picture of the current prototype).

The BVPF and the Village will work together to develop a final prototype sign and logical time line to implement the project. The BVPF intends to fund a percentage of the costs. We are in the early stages of developing this exciting new project with the Village and will keep you posted as it progresses.


Community Center: Exciting Restoration of the Antique Bowling Alley and Game Room- The BVPF has proposed to the Village that it would like to lead the renovation and restoration of the downstairs bowling alley and play room. The BVPF would contribute significantly to this renovation.

This project will include:

- Restoration of the beautiful antique bowling alley
- Renovation of the entire space, bathrooms, and kitchenette

This is anticipated to be started in the fall of 2018 and a grand opening in the spring of 2019!

Please donate to keep these projects and programs going strong! 100% of your funds go towards funding these BVPF projects since all BVPF administrative costs are borne by the Board of Directors.

You can make a donation via our website, or simply mail a check to BVPF, PO Box 215, Bellport, NY 11713 




Bellport Village Program Fund
P.O. Box 215
Bellport, NY 11713

Or contribute by credit card on our website below: