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We would like you to consider joining

We don’t have to tell you that it’s tough being in business these days. At times like these, you have to take good care of your existing customer base while at the same time try to figure out ways to bring in new customers. One way to bring in new customers is advertising, but advertising can be expensive and, if you don’t place your ads wisely, you can waste a lot of money. Advertising on can an effective and affordable option for your business.


Quick Stats on

  • was started eleven years ago, in 2005.

  • is visited nearly 70,000 times a month, with over 15,000 unique visitors.

  • We receive over 2 million hits a month.

  • Over 2,500 households have asked to receive our weekly "email blast," The Village News. With about 2 point something people per household, that means about 5,000 people wait each week for our "email blast" to arrive on Tuesday mornings.

  • Our target audience, and visitors to the site, live in the area between Brookhaven Hamlet and East Patchogue, or they are Manhattan residents with a weekend or vacation home in the area. They are relatively affluent and well educated and even in these difficult economic times, they have discretionary money to spend.

  • We are an integral part of life in the area and our calendar is THE source of information regarding what’s happening. Local organizations tell us that they don’t schedule an event without first consulting the Calendar in order to avoid conflicts with other groups.


What can advertising on do for You?

It can give your business, products, and services the much needed exposure they need in this highly targeted market. Unlike print newspapers, you’re not paying for circulation which is unlikely to produce results for you. Like it or not, we now live in an electronic world where people reach for a “mouse” rather than a printed newspaper or the yellow pages when they are looking for information regarding a product or service. Our advertisers tell us that print newspaper advertising is expensive and produces very little in the way of tangible results. One local business recently told us, “We spent $700 on a print newspaper ad and only ONE customer responded to it.” Rather than having only one chance to be noticed, as someone turns the page in a print newspaper, your advertising is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What are my advertising options on

Advertising on generally takes the form of one of three different programs, but we understand that every business is unique. One size doesn’t fit all so we don’t have a rigid set of advertising rules that you must conform to. Instead, we’ll be glad to discuss your unique needs and tailor a program that will give you the most for your advertising dollar.

The Enhanced Listing gives you a chance to tell the public a little about your business and a link to your own web site, should you already have one. For a Full Page Listing advertiser, we actually create a web site for you on If you don’t already have a site of your own, this is clearly the easiest and least expensive way for you to have a “web presence. However, even if you already have a website of your own, a Full Page Listing will drive targeted traffic to your site. And finally, your third option is to buy advertising space on as you need it for specific Ad Campaigns.

For a more complete description of each of these programs, please see the information below.


But what if I already have my own website?

You may have a site of your own, but chances are the traffic to your site doesn’t come close to the traffic on We can act as a “funnel” guiding valuable new customers to your site. If you don’t have a site of your own, taking a Full Page Listing on is clearly the least expensive and least time consuming way to have a web site of your own.'s Highly Effective Marketing Tool: "Ad Campaigns"

Having a presence on is only the start of what we can do for your business. Enhanced Listings and Full Page Listings also include, at no extra charge, a unique feature, Ad Campaigns! Our advertisers tell us that these Ad Campaigns are extremely effective in promoting their products and services.

Let’s assume that your business has something special coming up that you’d like everyone to know about. It might be a special event, sale, product, service, or anything else that needs to be publicized to the community. As part of a single Ad Campaign, we would...

  • Include the event on our Calendar as soon as we receive the information from you.

  • One week prior to the event, we would add the event to our “Home Page” in the What’s New On and This Week’s Featured Events sections.

  • We would add the information to our highly traffickedLate Breaking News” page.

  • The event would be publicized in the emailing which would be sent out the Tuesday prior to the event.

  • If appropriate, and assuming that you took some digital photos at the event, following the event we would post your photos and information about the event on our Seen & Heard page.

  • We would link to the Seen & Heard information from our Home Page.

  • We would include information about the event in the emailing that would be sent out the week following the event.

  • The information on the Seen & Heard page would remain there for at least a year.

As you can see, your event receives a huge amount of exposure over and over again rather than the single exposure a newspaper ad would give you.

One Ad Campaign is included in the price of a one year Enhanced Listing. Six Ad Campaigns are included in the price of a one year Full Page Listing. If you find that you’d like to purchase additional Ad Campaigns during the year, as a advertiser they are available to you at special reduced rates. Full Page advertisers pay only $200 per additional ad campaign. Enhanced Listing advertisers pay $250 per additional ad campaign. Non-advertisers pay $350 per ad campaign.


Consider the options listed below to be only suggestions. Together, we’ll come up with a flexible plan that will work for you. Just give us a call at 631-286-8014 or send us an email at


Enhanced Business Listing For One Year - $500 For The Year

An Enhanced Business Listing presents a lot more information about your business along with web and email links and a map showing the location of your business. More importantly, it includes one of our Advertising Campaigns for use during the year.

It would include...

  • Your Company Name, Address, Phone Number

  • A Photo or Logo and 50-60 words of text about your business

  • A Website and Email Link

  • A Map showing the location of your business

  • A Banner ad on at least two pages

  • And, One Advertising Campaign Package during the year

Click here to see some typical Enhanced Business Listings on the Shops & Businesses page.

A Full Web Page On For One Year - $200 Per Month, Paid Quarterly

A step up from an Enhanced Business Listing is a Full Web Page on With over 50,000 visitors and over two million hits a month, we can direct a lot of traffic to your business. All of those people either live in or visit the Bellport area.

A Full Web Page includes all of the above plus a lot more room to tell people about your business. More importantly, it includes SIX of our Advertising Campaigns for your business for your business to use during the year. It’s clearly our most effective program and it would include…

  • An Enhanced Business Listing (above) on the Shops & Businesses Page

  • Your own web address and page

  • Your Company logo and up to 20 photos on your web page

  • Up to 500 words of text on your web page

  • A link to your company website

  • A link to company email address

  • A Map showing the location of your business

  • A Banner ad on at least three pages

  • And, up to Six Advertising Campaigns during the year


Here are links to some Full Page advertisers...

Pamela Lerner Antiques & Home

Village Yoga

Eileen Green Realty

The Bellport Restaurant

Additional Services Available

  • Additional web pages
  • Photographic services
  • Writing services
  • Video inclusion
  • Audio inclusion
  • PDF File Inclusion
  • And much more!