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Summer is Here... It’s Time to Think About Anything, but Ordinary!

Simply Moroccan CuisineSimply Moroccan CuisineSimply Moroccan Cuisine

Summer means entertaining, but it doesn’t have to mean a lot more work. Would you like to do something different? Let Simply Moroccan Cuisine plan your next dinner party.

Or instead, maybe you’d like to use a little summer leisure time to try your hand at learning to cook something new? Again, why not try Simply Moroccan Cuisine!

At Simply Moroccan Cuisine, based in Bellport, we offer a bespoke dining experience for you and your guests in the comfort of your own home. Choose from a cooking class or simply have a meal prepared for you in a traditional Moroccan style.

Simply Moroccan CuisineSimply Moroccan Cuisine

Owner, Chef, Zakia Arrachidi-Thom grew up in Morocco, daughter of the owner of a spice shop and three restaurants in Casablanca. Surrounded by the flavors and fragrances of indigenous herbs and spices, native Moroccan cooking is in her DNA.

Moving to Bellport allowed Zakia to grow the herbs and spices she uses in her cooking that continues to evolve. Inspired by her rich heritage, she published a Moroccan cookbook and is currently sharing her expertise through her in-home catering business.

Simply Moroccan CuisineSimply Moroccan Cuisine



Simply Moroccan Cuisine

Bellport, NY

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