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RNS Cleaning

Disinfecting Solutions for Your Commercial & Residential Needs

Ryan Schaeffer, son of Christine Schaeffer at Eileen Green Realty, has started a residential and commercial cleaning business, RNS Cleaning Service, LLC. Locally owned and operated, RNS Cleaning Service focuses on "Disinfecting Done Right." We utilize Bioesque Botenical Disinfectant Solutions, a solution capable of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing in a single step. Bioesque's Botanical Disinfectant Solution is the natural solution for a wide range of cleaning challenges.


Recommended for Use In:

Crawl Spaces
Public Buildings
Common Areas
Multi-Family Housing
Residential Housing
Commercial Real Estate
Hotels and Motels
Athletic Facilities
Retail Stores
Veterinary Premises


ECO Friendly

Our electrostatic sprayers give an eco-friendly approach to disinfection by spraying up to 65% less chemicals per square foot.


Touchless Application

There is no need to touch or wipe the surfaces (dependent on solution spraying). This provides for fast and effective application method.


Liquid Adhesion & Coverage

We use an electrostatic sprayer which enables a quick and effective chemical application. As fully­charged droplets hit the surface they create an even spread. Particles hold their charge for approx .. 2-3 seconds-preventing drips. This allows the solution to cover hidden and shadowed areas.


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