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Re-Elect E. Anne Hayes to Board of Education


Anne HayesDear South Country Community,

We’ve all served on the South Country Board of Education with E. Anne Hayes who is now running for re-election to the Board. Anne has been Board President since the first day she joined the Board in 2019. She has helped us become better Board members and function better together as a Board.

Anne has listened to us and enabled us to establish a balance when we hadn’t agreed. Her leadership has kept the Board intent on our primary goal: Exceptional educational opportunities for all our children provided in safe learning spaces for students, faculty, and staff.

With a new Superintendent starting in July, Anne’s experience and determination are needed to foster this new relationship and improve Board governance. Her ability to recognize the difference between Board governance and the role of District administration is crucial for a smooth and effective transition.

Individually, we are supporting Anne for Re-election to the Board of Education. We urge everyone to vote for E. Anne Hayes on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 (7 am – 9 pm) at Bellport Middle School Auditorium, 35 Kreamer Street, Bellport, NY.


Gena Ancona
Melissa Aruta
Lisa Di Santo
Cheryl Felice
Jack Nix
Clyde Parker
Chris Picini
Cameron Trent