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Maureen Veitch


Maureen Veitch  
All Points Party
Bellport Village Trustee

Tuesday, June 15, 2021



Why Am I Running?

I’m running for Village Trustee because I love our wonderful village and am confident that I will bring fresh, independent thinking to our local government. ALL POINTS: this name is indicative of my dedication to all residents, as well as a reference to the relationships I’ve cultivated throughout our village.

After moving to Bellport 57 years ago, I have watched this village change with the times, finding the balance between nostalgia and innovation. I enjoy working as part of a team and have spent my life successfully doing so in a variety of settings. I am excited to represent the residents of our community and actively participate in charting a path for our future.


What Are My Qualifications?

A well-functioning team consists of members with unique skills. What I bring to the table is a combination of professional experience and personal style that will directly benefit village governance. Throughout my career, I have held managerial positions, ran a human resources department for a 2,000-person organization, negotiated complex financial packages, and interviewed hundreds of individuals. In a nutshell, my career has been built on empathy, diligence, and independent thinking.

One of my personal strengths is my ability to navigate a disagreement of ideas while maintaining harmonious relationships. This is critical when working on behalf of our village. My approach to problem-solving is to first consider every facet of an issue with an open and curious mind, then to put in the hard work it takes to see projects through to completion.


What Are My Goals?

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been walking door to door, listening to you and what you care about. What I have heard overwhelmingly is that most people love this village the way I do. However, there are some themes that come up which I hope to address on behalf of the residents.

Transparency: I would like to introduce open forums, held both in-person and on Zoom, for interested residents seeking further understanding of financial matters. These meetings will focus on explaining what is behind the village budget and allow residents to learn more about the decisions that affect them.

Safety: The speeding problem in our village isn’t new and is universally held as an issue to be addressed. I will work hard to create actionable solutions, bringing fresh energy to ensure results.

Our Environment & Infrastructure: Whether it’s our Great South Bay, local streets and sidewalks, or keeping our village green, it is our responsibility to protect what we love about Bellport.

There are many other important issues you’ve brought to my attention, from establishing a workable rental policy to waste management, that hold my concern. I hear you and will consider all these points.

Most of the candidates agree on what needs attention in our village; the question is WHO can get the most accomplished, and that is why I suggest you vote for me.

I would look forward to serving you.


Maureen Veitch
Candidate for Bellport Village Trustee



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