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In a nutshell, planning ahead is good. It’s good outside of a nutshell, too.

Early this year you had a plan. You were going to get out in the yard and make it look as good as that annoying guy down the block. The one with the next to perfect lawn and the great shrubs. But, weather happens. And school stuff. And family stuff. And the hot weather.

So, you decide to wait until the cooler weather. Besides, in the Summer it’s easier to actually see what’s wrong with your yard: an old, over-grown shrub over there, a lack of color in that spot in that bed, boring yews across the front of the house, a weak lawn.

At last, the weather breaks! Then comes back-to-school, dance classes, sports, holidays, snow and, before you know it, you’re waiting for Spring so you can get out in the yard and finally DO something.

Or, you could consult us at Jason Crane Landscaping NOW and work up a plan. Pick our brains and see what your yard may need. Once you have a few spare minutes, give us a call to set up a free consultation. Let us show you how your vision of a great yard could become a reality.

Now is a great time to beef-up your lawn, plant a few shrubs, or design a whole new landscape. There ARE ways to plant a great bed AND keep the deer away. If you want to know more, call us. We’re a friendly bunch and we’ve been in business for 24 years.



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