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Superbowl Catering by Cafe Castello


Super Bowl Catering Specials from Café Castello

1st Down... $269.00

· Half Tray Chicken Parm

· Half Tray Eggplant Parm

· Half Tray Sausage & Peppers

· Half Tray Meatballs

· Half Tray Baked Ziti


2nd Down... $130.00

· Half Tray Penne Alla Vodka

· Half Tray Meatballs

· Half Tray Tossed Salad

· 2 Dozen Garlic Knots


3rd Down... $300.00

· Full Tray Penne Alla Vodka

· Full Tray Chicken Francese or Chicken Marsala

· Full Tray of Wings

· 2 Dozen Garlic Knots


Full Tray of Wings... $75.00




Café Castello

141 South Country Road
Bellport Village
Phone: 631-803-8369

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