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Postponed Until August 18th Due to Weather


Ocean Awareness Series

Ocean Awareness

August 18th and 25th at 1:30pm at the Ho Hum Pavilion

The Village of Bellport and the Bellport Village Program Fund bring to you this summer the first "Ocean Awareness Series" at Ho Hum Beach. The head lifeguard of the Town of Brookhaven, along with our lifeguards at Ho Hum Beach, will be conducting two "Ocean Awareness" sessions at Ho Hum Beach. The topics covered will include:

- Meanings of color flags
- Understanding beach conditions; rips, sweeps, high tides, etc.
- Tired and distressed swimmers
- Understanding rescue equipment
- Prohibited items; use of umbrellas, facemasks, inner tubes, etc.
- Beach hazards; swimming in a wilderness area (e.g., Ho Hum)
- Fishing
- Natural hazards: jellies, sharks, horse flies, etc.
- Thunder and lightning

All Bellport Village Residents are invited. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.



The Bellport Village Program Fund

Bellport Village Program Fund


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