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11th Annual Cocktails by the Bay Celebrates Bellport Village Program Fund


Over 200 guests gathered for cocktails in the garden at the bay-front home of Roger and Sava Thomas on Saturday, August 13th to celebrate the generosity of all those who contributed to the highly successful projects launched by The Bellport Village Program Fund. Michael Foster, Chair of The Bellport Village Program Fund, joined guests to thank hosts Roger and Sava Thomas and to express gratitude for the continued generosity of our donors supporting all of our projects.





The Bellport Village Program Fund (BVPF) partners with the historic Village of Bellport to execute selected projects in the Village to preserve and enhance the town’s exceptional amenities for the benefit of Bellport residents.

The Bellport Village Program Fund executed a record of 4 significant and major projects this year: (I) Operation Clean Sweep, the purchase of a large industrial-strength Barber Beach Rake allowing the Village to regularly sweep both Mother’s Beach and the Marina Beach of seaweed and debris, (II) purchased and installed 2 new pieces of playground equipment at Mothers Beach, (III) purchased and deposited almost 300 tons of new sand to accommodate this new equipment, (IV) together with the Village purchased a new and attractive automated gate at Mother’s Beach to ensure 365 day access for all Bellport residents.

The BVPF’s first and very impactful project, Project Bite Back, has, for the last 10 years, effectively controlled mosquitoes and abated green flies at Bellport’s Ho Hum and Mother’s Beaches as well as at the Bandshell Park. These locales would be all but unusable if not for this project.

The Bellport Village Program Fund, a private not-for-profit New York State 501(C)3 organization, is dedicated to executing projects that contribute to the beautification and cultural awareness of Bellport Village and the education and engagement of its youth. All contributions are tax deductible and go 100% directly to projects, with the BVPF Board funding all operating expenses. All the projects are done in cooperation with the Village of Bellport and demonstrate the power and benefit of public/private partnerships.

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