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Mother's Beach Automated Gate - Spring 2022

The gate at Mother's Beach has always been a manual gate. Over the years, Village employees were not available to open and close the gate during the winter months. Luckily, the Bellport Village Program Fund has solved this problem!

Thanks to a Village and BVPF partnership, a new automated gate is now operational at the entrance to Mother’s Beach. It is programmed to open at sunrise and close at sunset 365 days a year! If you are caught in the beach area after sunset, the gate will automatically open to let you out. There is a button to push if you are a walker or biker.

Stop by and see the wonderful transformation of Mother’s beach by the BVPF! With new playground equipment, 280 tons of sand, a new sand rake to keep the beach clean, and a reconfiguration of the playing space, it has truly become an inviting spot. In addition, the Bellport Village Program Fund continues to spray for bugs with horticultural oil at Ho Hum Beach and Mother’s. Enjoy the beach!



The Bellport Village Program Fund

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