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The Village of Bellport, more than ever before, needs the support of the Bellport Village Program Fund and its donors to execute vital projects within the Community.

The BVPF was not able to host our annual fundraising party, so we are fundraising online. With the loss of the support generated from this event, and with the Village grants frozen by various governmental agencies, the Bellport Village Program Fund does not have the financial resources to continue to uphold our mission to back Community projects.

To ensure we are building towards a bright future, when we can come together again as a Community in a non-socially distanced manner to enjoy the many resources that the Fund has continually supported, the Board of the Bellport Village Program Fund is excited to launch an inaugural annual appeal, #BVPF4Bellport.


Let’s work together to keep these amazing projects alive!

o New! A/C for Community Center Recreational Space
o BITE BACK for Mosquitoes & Flies
o Community Center Bowling Alley
o With Village, Recreational Space at Community Center
o Ho Hum Red Flyer Wagons & Beach Ferry Umbrellas
o Mother's Beach Playground
o 1939 World's Fair Benches & Picnic Tables at Osborn
o Picnic Tables at Mother's Beach
o 9/11 Memorial at Osborn Park
o Cleaning Village Beaches
o Restore Pump House at the Golf Course


We recognize the challenging impact facing our entire Community – emotionally, logistically, and financially. However, we still need your support. Help your neighbors and your Village by joining us in making a gift to #BVPF4Bellport. To date, the Board is leading the way and has already pledged nearly $20,000. With your meaningful contribution, the Bellport Village Program Fund will be able to continue to support important Village projects now and into the near future.

To contribute, please click on the following link:

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The Bellport Village Program Fund

Bellport Village Program Fund


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