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Acoustic Jams started the “ Acoustic Jam” in 2008. Over the years the Jam has grown and spun off the “ Acoustic Blues Jam,” and the “Longwood Library Jam.” Groups have formed, most notably “He Bird-She Bird” and the “South Country String Band.” The Jam has attracted world famous artists such as Toby Walker. But above all, the Jam is fun!

The Acoustic Jam is held on approximately the 1st Friday of the month at the South Country Library located at 22 Station Road in Bellport Village. The Longwood Jam is held on approximately the 2nd Friday of the month at the Longwood Library, located at 800 Middle Country Road in Middle Island. Individual dates can change so please check the schedules below. We play from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and you should plan on arriving at 6pm to tune up and get settled before we start playing at 6:30pm sharp.

Acoustic Jam

Now, are these Jams right for you?

YES! Absolutely YES! No matter what your skill level, from beginner to professional, you’ll enjoy the Jams and meet some great people.

Acoustic JamAcoustic JamAcoustic Jam


What instruments are welcome?

If you’ve got a pot and a wooden spoon to beat on it with, come on down! Seriously, the only real issue is volume level. Because, with only a few exceptions, we play acoustically, if you’re too loud, we’ll simply ask you to take it down a bit. At the South Country Library Jams, we have a Baby Grand Piano available for you. It’s even in tune!

Acoustic JamAcoustic JamAcoustic Jam


What kind of music do we play?

It all depends on who shows up at a particular Jam, but it tends to be “Traditional” music. It can be Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Light Rock, Dylan, or the Beatles. Naturally, the Acoustic Blues Jam features the Blues, but there’s always some flexibility.

Acoustic JamAcoustic JamAcoustic Jam


Can you just come down and listen?

Sure! Musicians long for the day when the audience out numbers them! And bring the kids, we’ll get them involved too.

Acoustic JamAcoustic Jam

Acoustic JamAcoustic Jam


Enjoy the music and lend a hand to those in need!

Everyone from beginner to Pro is welcome. Foremost, the Jam is a place to have fun and experience the joy of playing together with other musicians, but it’s also a place to learn and hone your skills. The Jam is a place to experiment and not worry about making a mistake. How else are you going to learn and get better?

Here's What Toby Walker had to say about the Acoustic Jam...

Toby WalkerI've been to many jams before, but this one is truly unique on many different levels. The audience, for one, gets to sit up close amongst the musicians and watch them interact with one another in a very casual way.

There's no stage, no sound system, no special lighting; thus no separation of audience and performers. It's just one big group of people enjoying playing, or just listening to music together, in a very special kind of way.

You can't find this sort of thing anywhere... except perhaps after hours in a small town general store in North Carolina, but that's another story. As a professional musician and entertainer, I find this experience fascinating and enjoyable to no end.

For the musicians, this is a place where they can relax, knowing that they are among fellow players who are completely supportive of them no matter what their level of expertise. Everybody joins in on the song and does what they can... and in the process, can take away quite a bit of new musical knowledge. I have to admit to stealing a few choice "licks" on the nights I've been able to take part in the jam. Then again, I'm a musical thief by nature.

Finally, the Acoustic Jam is a place where you can meet others who enjoy what brought everyone together in the first place... good music, fellowship and a chance to make new friends or visit with some old ones.

And, it's all free! My goodness, this is the stuff that makes life wonderful. Honestly, visit the Acoustic Jam yourself and see (and hear) what you've been missing. You'll have a ball.

Toby Walker


Here are the upcoming Jam dates...

**Cancelled Until Further Notice Due to COVID-19"


Here are some recordings made at a recent Jam...

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