All Good Things Must Come to an End

Unlike most business and municipality websites, for almost 20 years, provided a unique mix of local news that included local bake sales, local organization and club news, local politics, local entertainment, community events, and most importantly, news that affected the health and safety of the residents of the South Country area of Long Island whether it was a hurricane, or COVID.

When we started, there wasn’t a name for what we wanted to do so we called ourselves an online, “Paperless Newspaper” covering the South Country (Greater Bellport, Bellport Village, Brookhaven Hamlet and East Patchogue) areas of Long Island. Today, what we’ve done is called, “Online Hyperlocal News.” was an integral part of the fabric of our community and we’re proud of what we achieved. When we started, we had no idea where we’d be almost 20 years later. We wondered, “If we build it, will they come,” and they did, but it was now time to slow down and bring to a close at the end of 2022.

Here are some of the letters we received from our readers when we announced our closing. We can’t begin to thank them enough...



I read with sadness and appreciation the news of your retirement from Over the almost 20 years, you've done so much to make our South Country area a real community. By alerting us to community and school events, by your thoughtful editorials and letters to the editor, by sharing local business news and ads, and especially in your coverage of COVID numbers and news you helped us to know what was happening and to see our relationship to each other. You’ve shared beautiful photos of the bay, landscapes, seasons, local parades, concerts, protests, neighborhood kids and dogs. All of these have helped us to appreciate this part of the planet that we call home.

Thank you! And may your next adventures be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Darcy Stevens



It is with great sadness for me to say goodbye to

Although I am not saying goodbye to you, my friends, saying goodbye to comes very hard. You have been part of my daily life for over 18 years. has been a staple in this community; bringing the best of Bellport to us, both with stories, news of the week, and images of our daily lives. You captured the very essence of Bellport and its people, its charms, and brought them all to us for more than 20 years.

I am going to miss saying to my friends and clients, "Hey! If you want to know what's going on, it's all there on! Events, news, where to shop, village hall updates."

Thank you for the enormous effort you invested in keeping us abreast of the COVID situation - brilliant coverage.

Now to my business side... I will miss the experience of a potential client calling to say, "Hi there. I saw this chair, lamp, scarf, candle on and I want to buy it."

I wish you good luck, health, happiness, peace, and last, but not least, one thing I know for sure, to quote you Larry Sribnick, 'YOU WILL NEVER BE BORED!"

Thanking You, with love.

Pamela Lerner



Wow, I'm very sad.

Marilyn Supon



You have kept us all informed for so long. We will miss you terribly but enjoy your family and your retirement.

Dorothy Raines Terwilliger



Thank you Larry and Erin from the bottom of our hearts, for your sense of community, integrity in reporting, and pleasure of being a next door neighbors. You made your mark in this village, forged the path of innovative local news online, and left shoes that will be very hard to fill. Happy Retirement.

Lorraine Mazza Kuehn



Well deserved retirement to you Larry!

Marilyn Reich



This was my go-to place for accurate information. Thank you for your time and dedication in providing all of the services. May you and your family enjoy the next chapters in your adventure. You will be missed.

Rio Cat



When we first came to Bellport, we didn’t know anyone and was a lifeline for events, Village meetings overview, where to eat, what to do. Periodically, they were nice enough to even publish my letters to the editor. They even gave our Beauregard a special day for winning the pet photo contest a couple years ago. I’m sad to see the end of this site, but I also understand - I’m so grateful for keeping us in the know, making sure we knew the issues to support our village. Thank you.

Jenny Coffey



Thanks for your service to the community. Without it we could not have brought some of the less savory elements of government to light.

Lee Snead



Oh no! So sad to hear! Larry and Erin, you've been a wonderful and dedicated resource for our community for so many years! Your presence will be sorely missed! Wishing you and your family the best!

Nancy Poulos



Congratulations Larry! It has been a pleasure working with you, your wife and Erin. I hope someone recognizes your hard work, virtual community infrastructure, buys it and continues the mission and you enjoy a few fruits of your labor…. well…at least one delicious apple or orange!

Doug S.



I guess it was inevitable but what a loss we will all feel! Will anyone else take up the mantle? How will we know what’s going on? Purely selfish reasons I realize, but I guess I had hoped Erin might take over. My very best to you! You have created a wonderful paper and service for Bellport. See you around the Village (seasonally).

Jane Graham



WOW!!! will surely be missed, thank you for everything over the years Larry!!!! I wish you much well deserved rest and relaxation and a lot of "smelling the roses."

Alison Buck



Congratulations and thank you! Your hard work and innovative minds created something out of nothing that has followers all around the world. Thank you for the help you have provided to us and the countless other businesses, residents, and visitors to the Bellport community. Your title was perfect "All good things must come to an end" this is not a goodbye! I am sure I will see you sooner than later. Thank you again.

Robert Stapleton



You have provided an amazing service and resource. Thank you. will be missed, but I hope the smell of roses is gratifying for you!

Sue Kahl



Larry, I read your letter with mixed feelings. Your retirement is understandable. Having said that, the Village benefited greatly from your commitment to decency and transparency. You and Eileen were tireless in attending organization meetings with the sole purpose of ensuring hygiene and ethics.

Please know that Harriet joins me in extending to you and your family deep appreciation for the service you rendered. All communities that you touched are better for your presence. It our hope that your future is filled great health and happiness.

With deep appreciation,

Stuart R Levine



I just wanted to thank you for all your effort for the 20 years of! I know it has been a lot of work for you and yes, it’s time for you to enjoy and smell the roses!

But I will very much miss it …. I’ve been a supporter for many years and was constantly on your site to keep aware of local happenings …. It has been a source of very informative, helpful information as well as fun, interesting and very thoughtful timely articles.

I am very sorry to see it go, but I sincerely wish you the very best.

Pam Esposito



Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this! We really depend on this site as a great resource.

Lynn Mercado



I'll miss reading (as I always called it). For many, many years I was a faithful reader. I know I how demanding it was for you and I certainly understand you want to have more time with Eileen, your daughter and grandchildren. Hopefully next summer I'll come to Bellport to spend some time with my daughter and grandchildren and if you will be there we could get together. All the best and thank you for all those years!!

James Goren



You will be missed. Thank you for all the years of information and dedication.

Patti Kelly



Sorry that you are closing down. Sad to see you go. Wish you every Happiness as you continue to pursue your dreams.

Khem Fatimi



Thank you Larry. Well done.

Mindy Munson Smith



Sorry to see you go. A job well done and so appreciated.

Thank you and my best,

Jean Blakeslee



Thank you for a wonderful (and sad) farewell letter. I will miss it very much, because for all those years, I shared it with all my friends and relatives that were ever visiting us in Bellport from different countries in the world, like Germany, Sweden, Austria, as far as Brazil and Mauritius. And of course my sons in Texas, Idaho and New Jersey, to keep them up-to date. You will be sadly missed in my IPad and in my heart.

Herge M. Jansen



I just received the email that will be shutting down. Thank you for all the work that you did to keep the community connected and updated on local happenings. It will be missed.

John Rogers



I will be sorry to see you go.

Joann Neal



Thanks for all you did with You provided a voice of reason and helped the community in so many ways. Enjoy your retirement.

Jo Howell



Sorry to see this go! I have enjoyed reading. Best wishes to all.

Cathy Petillo



So sorry to see your little paper go. I grew up in Brookhaven but moved away after high school. It was so nice to keep up with the beautiful area I grew up in. Thank you for allowing me to do that all these years. Enjoy retirement.


Julie Silver



My father died when he was 77 years old. I decided to retire at 75 so I'd probably have a couple of years to travel. COVID-19 cost a couple of years, but we made up for that this year with trips to Portland (OR), New South Wales and Queensland, Franklin and Brookville Pennsylvania and Swansea, Wales and Portugal. I turned 80 this summer, and the effects of age get clearer and clearer! So at 78 it's probably a good time for you to retire, at least some.

Thank you for You know well that I followed the COVID-19 data for the area through your updates. (My dad may have died at 77, but my mother made it to 102 before COVID-19 got her.) I've enjoyed the roundtable interviews, and it was that brought the happy news that John Deitz won the Pelletreau award.

Best wishes for your next years.

Curtis Jones



You have provided the local folks a valuable service which I certainly will miss. You and Eileen deserve some fun and relaxation. Be well.

Will Struyk



I'm really sorry to get the news that is closing down. I think that you and Eileen and Erin have created a wonderful asset and resource for us all and i am sorry to see it go. Of course i understand the need for a somewhat less hectic life since I'm just a tad ahead of you. But i also know there's fire remaining...

Enjoy the future! Best wishes.

Graheme Williams



Sorry to see it end. It’s been so helpful to get brief local news and events from Wishing you all the best.

Patty Reich



So sad to see you leave. Enjoyed your paperless newspaper and especially your editorials. You gave so much more information than the LI Advance. Best wishes on your next adventure. Will miss you!

Frances Darrow



That’s quite some news about! What a loss for our community, and thank you for the years and years and years and immense effort. has been invaluable on so many levels, there can be no doubt that it will be sorely missed. On the other hand, I applaud your decision to smell the roses! May they be ample and fragrant.

With warm regards,

Jennifer Vorbach



I just would like to thank you for all you have done for the community and for CEED with . You will be sorely missed, I always looked forward to catching up on the community- but I also know how important it is to give time to yourself. I hope you and Eileen are able to enjoy some time together and travelling. We look forward to seeing you hopefully at our festivals and gatherings!

All the best,

Sally Wellinger



Congratulations on your retirement. You can (and should) be very proud of what you built! You have provided a venue for the open expression of views and concerns, which has been validated by the number of subscribers you have. For those of us residing a long way from our hometown, your weekly dose of Bellportiana has been a great way to keep up with the going-on in the village!

I'm only a couple of years behind you, age-wise, so I get the urge to "smell the flowers." Trust me it's a worthy goal.

Best of luck in your retirement! You'll be missed.

Matt Dominy



So sorry to see this valuable message come to an end! Thank you for all you’ve worked so hard for these many years! Best wishes!

Laura Terwilliger



Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jane Tierney



We can empathize. Sorry to see you go, given all the service has provided, but we hope future years are still productive and fun!

Barbara and Charles Flagg



I was sad to read your announcement about’s December 2022 final posting. At the same time, I totally understand the need to stop and smell the roses.

We first met in 2016 when I was President of Playcrafters Theatre Company and you introduced the idea of South Country Radio, offering us the opportunity to post on-line radio shows in your Fun Stuff section. It was a true pleasure for me, John Hannon, Matt Palace, and Lisette - our Radio Committee - to work with you. South Country Radio has grown over the years, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.’s service to our community has been invaluable, especially your weekly postings during the Pandemic which not only gave us priceless up-to-date information at our fingertips, but a sense of security in having that knowledge. As you said, “All Good Things Must Come to An End”, but I have learned that all endings lead to new beginnings.

I wish you and your family the best during your transition, and hopefully we’ll still see you this summer performing your South Country String Band presentations down by the bay.

Good Luck to you.

Amelia Chiaramonte



I am writing to you from Palm Desert, California. Palm Springs Life Magazine is looking for a digital online editor if you want to get in out of the cold!

I am very sad to hear that you are closing down . My parents and I lived there until I turned 7 years of age and it is a sacred place in my mind. You were my last remaining link. You have been my hero!! Are you leaving because the town has changed so much, climate change, politics, or you needed a change in your life? A different pace? Would I recognize Bellport anymore? It was such a quiet, tranquil little town.

All my best to you,!!!!

You worked so very hard!

Shivaun Manley



Thank you for all you have done. I moved here a few years ago and a friend gave me a subscription as a welcome gift. I learned a lot.

Susan Salamack



WOW - big news! has been a wonderful outlet for the local communities served and will be greatly missed by many. I greatly appreciate the detailed coverage of COVID news and insights into Village operations, as well as giving voice to the public through its Letters to the Editor, and of course the local coverage of events. Congratulations on your major decision and Best Wishes for whatever your future holds!

Michelle Santantonio



Congratulations on a more than very well done for these past years You have been a true blessing to Bellport and the environs. I have been happy to have known you from the beginning and hope to continue our friendship.

Laurie Fosmire



So sorry to see you go, but do enjoy your retirement years! I hope someone picks up on your years of keeping us informed on local events with another information website. Good Luck.

Marie Gocs



Sorry to hear that will close. It has been a great run as you say and I wish you all the best as you approach 80 years. Thanks for all your work on it. It was a humongous effort.

Tom Williams



So sad to hear that you will be closing down and what a shame! I was hoping there was a plan for secession, but, of course, plans don’t always work out. Needless to say, your brainchild will be missed terribly. I can’t help but hope for an eleventh hour rescue.

Victor Principe



I stepped down from being the Democratic District Leader last month for many of the same reasons you shared. That said, I hope someone will step-up and continue, which has been a great part of Bellport over the years. With all the spare time you will be having soon, maybe we can go to Bingo together sometime!

Larry Tierney



I've only received this for a few months but enjoyed very much and learned a lot from it and I will miss it. Thank you for your time and work to put this together and for all the beautiful pictures.

Sheila Larocci



I'll be sorry to see you go! I only lived at Bellport for two years, 1964-1966 in fact, but I and my family developed an affection for the place and I have enjoyed your news and musings for a long while now. But as you say I suppose the time has come for you to slow down and smell the roses. I hope you enjoy your years to come.

Best wishes,

Brian Clancy



I wanted to send a kind note to say that I’ve admired how you created While we never spoke at meetings or gatherings, I remember one of my first assignments for the Advance covering a student art exhibit at the Community Center and you told me how you started it. I wish you good luck and health and hope you get to go on some trips. Be well and God bless.

Linda Leuzzi



I just wanted to reach out and say I'm sorry to hear that is going away. I definitely understand the decision but it will be missed not just by the residents but those of us who serve this great community. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into it through the years.

Sean McDonald



Hearing that is closing up shop saddens me. For many years you have provided valuable and informative news to our community. You have provided a forum for people-like me- to submit our ideas, stories, gripes, and memories, as well as space to sell our products. You kept us informed about the daily life of the village during the lonely early days of Covid. Winters in Florida felt less remote when I could turn to the weekly news from home. As a long time resident of Bellport there are a few things that come to mind that I miss: the closing of Wallen’s market, the loss of the restaurant and bar at the country club, and, maybe, the old 18th hole at the golf course. I put at the top of that list.

Thanks, Larry…

Richard Weissmann



Thank you for your service to the community. I have only lived in Bellport for a few years. I moved in right before the beginning of Covid. I’ve looked forward to Tuesday each week, when my “paperless paper” would be in my inbox. It gave me insight into the little village that was now my home. Please enjoy your retirement.

Kim Valsamis



Heartfelt thanks for your good work! We’ve come to rely on to shine a light on local issues and keep us informed! I hope someone steps up to continue what you’ve created! Regrettably, while we’ve been part of the weekend/summer community for over 30 years - and feel like we’ve raised our now-adult children on Ho Hum beach (the loss of our wonderful lifeguards from the Village still stings…), we’re not in a position to fill your big shoes.

In gratitude for your thoughtful and insightful coverage about this unique place and it’s equally unique governance,

Deborah Malden and Michael Donovan



I was sad to hear that is coming to an end. I have been reading it every time in comes into my email to find out what is going on in the Village. I have always greatly appreciated your editorials and how you tried to keep the workings of the Bellport Board transparent to the residents. That was a great service that you provided to all of us.

I hope you will continue to be active in the Village and that you will continue with your music. We all greatly appreciate the South Country String Band and the entertainment it provides.

Best of luck for your future endeavors what ever they may be. I hope we will see you and Eileen from time to time.




Just got word about and wanted to send you a quick thank you note. Your site provided tremendously helpful, timely and accurate information for us over the years - and coming from librarians that says a lot! We also always appreciated your assistance in getting the word out about what we were offering the community. We're sad to see the site close up shop but we're happy for you to hopefully enjoy a lot more free time! Good luck to you and I'm sure I'll see you around Bellport.

Best wishes,

Patrick O’Leary



Thank you, thank you, for your wonderful community based newsletter. It has been just excellent, and I wish you all the best! Congratulations. You should be so proud of how much you have done for the world through your wonderful sharing, caring We will miss you!

Holly Haff


For myself, I am sad to hear that you will be ending For as long as I can remember after moving to the south shore in 2007, has been my number one source for all local information. You and Erin (and Eileen) have provided an invaluable resource for all local residents. I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated your unbiased reporting, your advice and wisdom. You will recall me encouraging you to run for office and I still wish that For you and your family, I wish you the best in whatever endeavors or situations the future brings for you. Always I wish you JOY, PEACE and LOVE.

Sadly and fondl

Beth Beyer



Congratulations on your retirement! Well deserved. And thank you for keeping us informed for all these years. We’ve enjoyed your coverage of village events, pictures of parades and people and everything else you’ve reported on. We will miss you and

Connie and John Albin



Thank you Larry and Erin. I have always enjoyed your page for info.

Maureen O'Connell Sawyer



Thanks for ALL your efforts and enjoy the years ahead.

Bob Crowley



This is so sad. Thank you for all that you have done through the years. Can we find anyone who will be willing to continue this page? I love this page!

Margie Mrozowski-Panasuk



Enjoyed the many years you gave us. Enjoy your retirement.

Ron Kinsella



Enjoy your retirement Larry and Eileen!!! I will always be proud that Rudy was the winner of the first Bellport com photo contest!!!

Penny Rudy Arthur



I will miss you.

Ali Maria



Will miss you!

Betsy Vanderzalm-Schmidt



I will miss you...thank you!

Carol DeNicola