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February 12, 2017

Snowed In, Again

I paid $100 to have my driveway & walkway cleared, like I do every string since I've lived here, because I have to be able to get in/out. I'm a single care giver for my 89 year old Mom who has dementia.

Last night, I went out & saw that, as usual, your plow trucks left a wall of snow, blocking me in. This is the same thing they did last year and were very nasty when I called to complain.

Last night I tried to drive my Rav 4 back & forth to get thru the blockage, but it stuck. I called village hall (?)631-286-0327 last night about 10:30 and left a voice mail message with my issue, my address & phone number. It is now 2:22 on Friday afternoon and I'm still stuck!

I really appreciate the services offered by the village.

Suzanne Ball
Bellport Village



February 3, 2017

Lee Zeldin Protest Coverage

It was heartening to see your article about the sizable protest outside Lee Zeldin’s “Man of the Year” award ceremony in East Patchogue January 28th. I was one of the protesters. Your story was fair and informative, and your photos gave the reader a good feel for the character of the protest, which was entirely peaceful but buoyant and sometimes vociferous (despite the cold).

In these days of fraught politics at every level of government, it’s critical that the press take seriously its obligation to present all sides of contested issues so that citizens can make informed choices about their political leaders. Your coverage of the Zeldin “Man of the Year” event and the “Not My Man of the Year” protest it inspired fulfilled that role admirably for the citizens of Bellport, Brookhaven and East Patchogue.

Marc Rauch
Bellport Village



January 8, 2017

Thank You to the Highway Department

All morning today, I heard my people talking about how efficiently the Highway Department in Bellport Village had cleaned up after yesterday's snowfall. By early afternoon, I was able to persuade my people (well, I did bark incessantly until they consented) to take our usual walk around the Village. The streets were clear and we were even able to walk along the sidewalk at the bottom of Bellport Lane so I could check my pmail. I saw a number of my friends with their drivers who were riding around and sight-seeing, as well as some neighbors who were walking.

On behalf of all the 4-footed residents of the Village and their companion people, I want to thank the Highway Department for their work. Their efforts are appreciated in so many ways.

Bellport Village



December 31, 2016

I Say Thank You

As the year comes to a close I for one Village resident taxpayer want to commend the planning, work effort/ethic and accomplishments of our Village Highway Dept. headed by Jason Crane. In the two years Mr. Crane has been head of the Hwy Dept. more roads have been repaired, storm drains installed, dead trees removed, new trees planted, Harbor park beautified - - on top of routine timely snow and leaf piles removal and garbage collected with our barrels not just tossed anywhere. Jason Crane is a “We Can Do That” employee. I’m glad my taxes help pay him and his able team. I believe he has a sense of responsibility to all 1150 households here - not merely/predominately 77-ish. I will write in Jason Crane for Mayor at the next election.

Compare that to what we witnessed from our Board of Trustees and Mayor who spent/wasted much of 2016 trying to push down on us an ill-conceived batch of new Village ordinances to let the Village Board and staffers control what we house owners can or cannot do as to renting a room or the house on occasion in this seaside community. They sought to require invasive registration forms, inspections, money fees and fines, and EVEN required degrees of blood relationship among the renters in any given house -- can you even fathom the chutzpah? They should each and all of them return their salaries we paid them in 2016 to the Village treasury.

I am sure Mr. Crane already has an ambitious agenda of substantive projects and Hwy Dept. goals for 2017. I hope the Mayor and Board will try to not spend more on one’s pet project of pushing rent control, and try to function much more meaningfully in 2017; as Eliza Doolittle sings in My Fair Lady: “Oh Wouldn’t it be Loverly!!”

Will Struyk
Bellport Village



December 18, 2016

Proposed Village Rental Registration Law

Thanks for posting the Village’s notice regarding their proposed rental registration law. I’d urge property owners to read it and attend the meeting set for the 19th.

I’ve paid my mortgage, I pay my taxes, I maintain my home in good order, and I feel I am good neighbor, but I have a problem with the Village of Bellport telling me who I can or can’t host or under what circumstances I may do so in the privacy of my home or a property I own.

Once again our Village Board has come up with a “solution in search of a problem” largely instigated by a very few residents who are seemingly terrified their neighbor may opt to offer their home for rent either in the long term or even worse, the short term. Apparently no one seems to remember that ever since there’s been a Bellport, there have been people coming here to visit, vacation, and spend their money here. In fact many who were once ‘visitors’ here are now property owners.

I find the Village Board’s claim dubious that among other things, they need to enact these laws to ‘manage the effect on Village amenities’. Rentals or not, there only so many residences in the village, therefore only so many people looking to use our amenities. The weekday demand for the village ferry has been so low for the past several years that the village elected to close the beach on Tuesdays. Thank goodness the ferry sometimes must shuttle on weekends, otherwise its’ revenues would be even lower! Likewise, we’ve all heard that Golf Course has at least until recently, been operating at a loss. And much discussion has been bandied about how to ‘revitalize’ our Main Street and bring customers to Village businesses. So let’s think about this…Who might want to play a round of golf, take the ferry to the beach, or spend some money in the Village? Gee, I don’t know, but maybe people who are here on vacation for a week or month?

As for neighborhood blight or deterioration, not likely either. The fact there’s a good number of homes available for short term rentals means there’s competition. It’s in the owner’s best interest businesswise to keep their home attractive, well maintained, and operational. Vacation renters paying good money to visit are not at all shy about posting reviews of their stays and the last thing a property owner wants is a bad review.

The current proposed rules are an overreach and an attempted Cash Grab on the part of the Village Board, and will in some instances actually lower property values. We already have numerous rules on the books pertaining to parking, vehicles, noise, condition of property, etc. to address most of the ‘quality of life’ issues that may occur in our neighborhoods. Let’s try enforcing those rules if they need enforcing.

Brooks Dermont
Bellport, NY